Season 1 Episode 13

The Song Remains the Same

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2013 on NBC

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  • Power Is Power

    Revolution, first, is based on a real a world suddenly without power there's no order except by violent rule, and, if possible, the re-gaining of the electricity an advancing civilization depends on. It seemed the first half of the season was hobbled by sometimes clumsy character development and back stories. With this second half now well into things have markedly improved. The lines are clear and there isn't the petty side stories as it is all action oriented. The further character development is much more concise in providing just what is relevant to the both Monroe's and The Rebel's motives. So, what at first was quite shaky is firming up with each episode. The show still seems a bit less than the excellent premise deserves, but is a lot closer and just may have something yet to unfold that will vault it into a great science fiction series.

    Things that were right included Tom's final separation from both his son and Monroe. The way this played out was well written and executed. Rachel's dilemma with what she was a hand in, her relationship with Charlie, and what she is driven to have to accomplish is also depicted quite well. The revelation regarding how these nano computers ran amok to absorb all the power is inspired science fiction writing. If Miles and Rachel's past was already revealed due to a lapse in my personal viewing (I'm catching up after the first half, but I thought Miles was Charlie's uncle?) was unknown and it is a mystery of sorts as it infers Miles could actually be Rachel's father? If that was known I sure missed it earlier, wow. Plus, even Aaron who was annoying, if adding diversity, is becoming likeable, even somewhat compelling. The direction of Revolution has seemed to be righted and moving well. As the episode ends Rachel sets out for "The Tower" which was revealed as the origin of the power problem. She says she can restore power. This is huge and will, if possible, be a game-changer with myriad problematic changes of it's own. Deep, and getting deeper keeping all of our "hooks" set for more.

  • The Song Remains the Same

    The Song Remains the Same was an exciting episode of Revolution. I really enjoyed watching because there was great character development for Charlie, Rachel, Jason, Neville, and Randall. It was great to learn more about what caused the black out and its definitely intriguing. I loved the scene where Neville was jamming to music and they are caught off guard. Also the father and son scene was excellent. The ending was god and leaves me wanting to know what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Reasons Revealed

    This episode really pushed the show forward. With a completely sensible and intriguing explanation for the blackout, the show could go many directions from here!
  • slowly building

    great episode, its slowly building to something spectecular i hope. We are slowly learning the reasons for the blackout, and if its possiible to get the lights back on
  • The plot thickens!

    The storyline of Revolution is getting better and better! While the first half of the season was excellent, it was genearlly focused on getting Danny back, but now in the second half of the season, the storyline is much more multi-faceted.

    The stuff that heppened with Neville was very intense and really well done. Jason is becoming a much more interesting character.

    Then there is the mysterioud 'Tower' place... which seems to be far away and outside the Republic's borders. But I wonder what it is... it is quite bizarre for sure.

    Overall, the storyline continues to entertain and I impatiently am awaiting the next episode!
  • Getting better!

    Since comeback its getting better and better,the plot is more structural but...... i think it still didn't reached it's full potential!And i hope it will be renewed for its second season mainly because i got hooked up,i can"t wait next week! REVOLUTION CAN'T BE STOPPED!
  • lamers

    I mean, the creators must be aware of the cliche level on this show.

    With all that budget and PR - don't they like to do something more meaningful, with even little value?! Something to be remembered or set the bar just a tiny bit higher?!

    What a waste.
  • Less silly, but still

    This episode made it even more problematic for me. The acting is still bad. 'Monoface' Charlie irritates the hell out of me, being slapped in the first scene was the highlight of her performance. Some of the lowlights of the week: Being in that cement factory, the presence of two nuclear symbols seemed to be enough to think that a nuclear bomb was made (anyone knows you need a little more); Tom Neville getting back into the well defended city (ok, except for the tunnels) without any problem; Flynn obviously taking another (very quick) route to the cementfactaory than Tom did (or was the scout network down?); light signals so fast that they were able to get the information to the rebel camp half an hour before the cars would arrive. How did they know it was convoy 995? How do you open so many locks with a large nail. In other tv-series at least they use a much smaller one that will fit in the opening of the chains. Etc. etc. etc.

    But, it was better than any episode in the first half of the season. If they continue I will not be able to hate watch anymore. I'll have to judge it for its quality alone and that might not be enough.

    For some reason I like Jason. And, oh yeah, loved the scene with Lionel Ritchie singing. So happy the flash memory of the IPod hadn't degraded in 15 years.