Season 1 Episode 11

The Stand

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2013 on NBC

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  • weak weak

    I really don't care if Danny bites it or not, like some other reviewers. But in one moment, he became Danny, Lord of the idiots. Not sure how much longer I'm watching this...
  • well well

    just finished watching this episode and i got reminded Charlie was the only reason i followed the season! She s cute!! i gladly look pass the fact that shes young with no skills but shes bossing everybody around

    Other than that ,there are so many things going wrong on this show ,i wouldnt know where to start(smh)

    Thank you for killing the brother,he was kinda useless .I guess now the real revolution wonder how many people will be involved since the militia has the same agenda

    note to the writers ;dont quit your day job if you did dont worry UPS is hiring
  • when writers fail..


    as other have said the first 10 episodes made it all about one young man a brother a we find out he's a frickin mule for some flashing light pill/tablet key to something ?

    so it's not powerfull enough to activate other stuff... but an amplifier is the size of a stereo system ??

    yet they only use one amp for two choppers ??

    oh and we also have to believe all this tech is still good, oh and there's a rocket launcher with out a spec of dirt or dust in a basement ??

    and suddenly a guy can make a sonic blaster from scraps ??

    oh and then randall decided to go to the one guy no one wants to have did he go then not before ??

    of course it's shark week... and this ep jumped the whole f'ing lot of em...
  • Spectacular return!

    I've been impateintly waiting for Revolution's return for many months now, and this did not disappoint! What a breathtaking episode to get things started back again! There was so much action and so many unexpected developments hre - not least of which was what happened with Neville and his son.

    Some interesting scenes in the battle as well! Very interesting now that they can use power once again.

    My favourite character is officially Rachel, the mother. She is just really mysterious and also extremely fierce.
  • And we're back

    Ugh, just the last time on Revolution sequences makes me remember how bad this show was.

    Our heroes start where they left off, in a field about to fight a helicopter.

    Now I've never flown helicopters, but I feel like it's something that you might need to practice continually to stay good at.

    Like you haven't flown anything in 15 years and it's just like riding a bike? Really?

    Somehow, they miraculously survive by using a bomb proof walk-in freezer. At this point I'm already thinking to myself, well obviously they survive, it's not like they're going to kill of a main character. DUN!

    Back at camp, Bass is berating Neville again, it really seems like all Bass does is take the piss out of Neville. And we have our plot for the second half, eliminate the rebels and then ThE WORLD!

    It only took half a season, but we've finally mentioned the other Republics, it's almost like the story is progressing.

    Our heroes are escaping via the old casket trick, and Charlie's brand comes in handy. The uncredited extra guards are SO CLOSE to being competent! Almost had them random guard at gate. But they make it through with what is clearly four caskets.

    In those caskets are one dead guy, Aaron (alone), Danny (alone), and I guess Miles and Rachel sharing one? Poor random guard, done in by a convenient plot device that made him pick the one casket without a live body in it. Miles and Rachel must have been awfully cozy.

    Everybody wants answers (audience does too!) but Rachel has none to give. Unfortunately, Rachel is going to spend the second half of the season not saying anything, because we need to drag another 12 episodes of plot that Rachel could fill in a 10 minute speech.

    So I guess her reason for not talking is going to be that she doesn't feel it? That's going to get old.

    Aaron's helpful hint, 'you can't explain it, it's complicated'.

    You've got to give it Monroe, for however many years he's een keeping choppers and tank and whatever else in pristine shape, ready to go at a moments notice. That's how you run a militia. And we all get to see what happens when you bring primarily non speaking role extras to a helicopter fight. Our heroes arrive on the scene and vow to make things right, fortunately in a country of about 4M sq/miles and only 12 pendants, Rachel knows a guy within walking distance who, not only has a pendant, but also makes surface to air missles as a hobby.

    Meanwhile, 1 year before the blackout, Rachel and Tim Guinnee (no clue what his show name is), are about to put their kid through the mysterious procedure Randall offered. I'd like to see Tim's contract, 2 lines of dialogue and a bit part doesn't seem worth it.

    As usual, Elizabeth Mitchell is acting like a champ, and single handedly would have made the first half of season much more tolerable with an increased presence. Why was only in this show for like 40minutes in first 12 episodes? So our two most interesting characters go off on their own, leaving 4 tools with no one to carry their storyline.

    So help me god if they start trying to find each again I will lose it.

    Please follow Rachel and Miles..... Well, not Rachel and Miles but I'll take it. Giancarlo plays up the sadism and looks very subtlely psychotic. Really good interaction with his son. I'm actually pretty impressed with Jason in this scene as he manages to actually look torn about what they're doing.

    Jason might just put on his big boy pants and stand up to daddy. If only there was something to push you over that edge. DUN!

    Ah crap, we're back with the 4 horseman of the suckpacolypse. They look for and find the rebel base, with a decently humourous line delivered by Aaron. In summary, the rebellion is over and we're all boned.

    Miles and Rachel! They proceed to talk about things that the audience doesn't know about, but they know about it, so they don't need to explain it and it's super annoying. Also, Rachel is a Zombie!! Consider my interest piqued. It also seems like Miles has a hard-on for his sister in law.

    Miles you are no Josh Holloway, I thought that you were being underserved by your co-actors who are all terrible, but it turns out you're not that great either. Alternatively, Elizabeth Mitchell is just that much better. Did she have any scenes with Giancarlo in the first half?

    And there's those big boy pants! Neville and Jason argue about what it means to be a soldier, and get into a nice little scrap. And Neville proves that daddy can still kick your ass without faking a heart attack. Solid effort though Jason.

    Jason gets shit-pumped and kicked out of family. DISPWNED!

    Miles and Rachel make it John's house, and Rachel and John don't talk about anything either.

    I don't understand why we're keeping the backstory a big secret. I suppose NBC needs this to go for 7 seasons.

    In the basement, there's a really nice weapons stash, but you know what we really need? Is some fucking rope! Love Boondock Saints.

    Jason tracks down Charlie wandering in the woods for whatever reason. And Jason tells her that they have 12 hours. Annapolis to Pennsylvania and back in 12 hours? I believe that's like 300 miles. If they're report by foot that's much to short, if they're already got a chopper then what the hell is taking 12 hours?

    Miles jerks off to a bunch of weapons and John has doublecrossed us! He's on Randalls side! Which it seems is NOT our side. But its not Monroe's side either DUN!

    Randall checks in with Grace, who's trying to fix the elevator to level 12. And we find out that Randall has his very own Strausser. I must admit, this guy doesn't seem like an animal.

    Back in the rebel camp, there's a crappy patriot speech. I dunno, is it just because I'm Canadian, do Americans really go for that crap? Also, they suggestion is to GO OUTSIDE TO FIGHT HELICOPTERS!?! um, maybe find a halfway secure building with a basement? Or maybe

    spread out into a bunch of buildings, and make them come inside to fight you? I feel like a helicopter might offer less of an advantage if you were fighting in a basement? I don't think they could level every building in town. This seems like a REALLY BAD PLAN.

    Miles and Rachel are poorly tied to chairs, and Rachel and John have another conversation that only the two of them understand. And we find out that level 12 is in "The Tower". I hope Roland Deschain is on level 12 waiting for him.

    Neville reports back to base, 300 miles away, after walking? there. And tells Monroe his son is dead, and that they can proceed with the attack.

    Speaking of attacks, in a flashback, kid Danny can't breathe and kid Charlie takes care of him, expertly curing his asthma by telling him to breath properly. Seriously though, kid Charlie and Danny are much better actors than there adult counterparts.

    And their scene is more emotionally moving than the one it segues to, where Danny tells Charlie he's got to fight for everyone who died trying to save him DUN!

    Btw Charlie, you don't get to ask anyone for anything because of "what you did" the first half of the season. Getting punched in the face, and being rescued by Miles aren't things that people owe you for.

    Again, no history of military training, but I'm guessing that a helicopter range is a hell of a lot further than an AKs? Why exactly aren't they just dumping missle into the outdoor courtyard they all nicely gathered into for you. The militia as an army has go to have more missles than God at this point no?

    Thankfully, just as it seems the battle is unwinnable, Rachel and Miles show up in their horsedrawn buggy.

    If you have a pendant, maybe take a car? You're telling me buddy didn't have a car? Also, are the Amish just killing it in this world? They've probably been so fucking cocky about it for the past 15 years.

    Miles almost takes out the helicopter but a helicopter sneaks up on him like a velociraptor in Jurassic Park. Clever girl!

    Thankfully, Danny jumps in to save the day and takes down the amped chopper. Unfortunately, because of his asthma, he never played hockey as a kid and didn't learn that he shouldn't stand and admire his shot because you're going to get creamed and proceeds to get creamed by a row of bullets in the chest. DUN! (There was actually a solid amount of foreshadowing, see previous DUNS!, leading

    up to his death.

    And to the Revolution writers I say, Thank you! Now everybody can acknowledge the first twelve episodes were a waste of time and Danny was only a plot device.

    RIP plot device, I mean Danny. You will not be missed.

    And as your final act as a plot device, you set the more interesting characters of your family onto the course for the second half of the season, good way to go out. Rachel and Charlie decide to avenge Danny and take down Monroe.

    Back in Pennsylvania, because as an audience we can't possible track more than two groups of people (good guys and bad guys), Randall joins up with Monroe. Or I guess more aptly, Monroe joins up with Randall as he can no longer drive the plot by himself as the main antagonist. And while I was complaining before about the vaguaries in this episode, I can handle more than two camps of people.

    Finally, Rachel says a heartfelt goodbye to her son and gets back her Ipod nano that swallowed when she was pregnant.

    All in all, pretty solid episode for Revolution. Plot progressed, and no one needs to find Danny ever again.

  • here we go again....

    You would think the writers would re-group after their abysmal last 10 episodes but no they have to be consistent I guess. Mr Bigshot hero, hesitates, gets blown away well almost till he see the young buck wanting his title, then miraculously awakes to shout Noooooo. But young buck feels its all on his shoulders, does the deed and stands all so tall to allow himself to be ripped into, oh by accident of course coz they were losing control of the chopper. Oh cummon, get real will ya! Oh and almost forgot, hundreds and hundreds of bullets going at the choppers to no avail but the one she she makes (our local heroine) and she takes out the gunner . Abysmal.
  • Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?

    Warning: Spoiler alert.

    Ten episodes! Ten flippin' episodes they go running after that kid. One episodes after finding him, and he gets killed off. Just ridiculous. I loved the concept of this show, I loved how they followed through with the idea, but him dying like that makes the plot just go ca-phlump. At this point the 'baddie' (I can't remember his name) has so much of an advantage that the rebels not being steamrolled within two weeks will simply be because the good guys always have to win in some sense, as illogical as it in this case will be. Not to mention because they need them not to all be slaughtered for the show to actually be able to continue...

    Don't get me wrong, I have no attachment to Danny, but dude, in the end trying to get him back seemed like it became a plausible story for how the girl gets involved in this whole thing, but upon reaching her objective, the writers discover that they don't have any use for Danny and he would just get in the way. Bleh!

    Honestly so rubbish a choice I'm not sure I want to even continue watching this show. As said, I adored the concept, everything about it, up until that absolute flop. It was fairly childish, to be honest, on their part. A kid who needs some reason for the story to be created, without any foresight whatsoever as to how it will pan out. At this point the writers would have been better off just making it so the girl found out her mother was alive when her dad was killed, and went for her, and just drop the 'brother-angle' altogether
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