Season 2 Episode 2

There Will Be Blood

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2013 on NBC

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  • LOLROF Best Line in the show

    Preacher: "God has touched you

    Aaron: " Yay"!!!!
  • Hope all the other episodes are as good as this one.

    Great suspenseful episode, this is so much better than last year, lots of action, surprises, drama and shocks, new characters and storylines. Hope all the other episodes are as good as this one.
  • Titus and Tom's Blood Letting

    Meet Titus, a new character, who seems a personification of evil itself, plus he has zealots who are under his spell. Monroe was a megalomaniac, but Titus is much more sinister. Everything's now "infinitely blacker" (no pun intended, but fits) since Randall pushed the nuke button. There are quite a few things afoot at present, none of which are entirely clear save for the ever present struggle to survive which become harder for all who have a shred of humanity left. The slight return of the, supposed, US government is spearheaded by a shadowy female figure. Is she who she purports to be? The revitalized Tom sees this as his path back and in his signature heartless fashion sets up a patsy as a assassinator he conveniently kills. Tom is now Edgar Crane and the look his son peers his way says it all. This is a time of deadly chess and Tom, uh Edgar, intends to regain power.

    Meanwhile Charlie finds Monroe, but just can't complete the mission as she is captured by the same bounty hunters holding Monroe. There's some good interaction between one of the hunters and Charlie and her warning to them is spot on as Monroe escapes, killing the elder of the two as they attempt to collect their claimed reward. Charlie is just behind them and attacks Monroe in order to save the lone bounty hunter. In the melee Monroe escapes to which we suppose Charlie may team up with her new "friend". Charlie as a glazed eyed woman on a mission is good and this keeps that story line going. Rachel has convinced her father Miles must be rescued, but there's mysterious complications as on their trek they come upon, literally, a sea of dead rats. Speaking of which, what does this mean? Aaron, back from a 2-hr tour of death, has also ran into a single dead rat after which he had a vision of Ben practically dying in his arms. The vision is real to Aaron and he is totally confused as to how he has survived and is now not entirely lucid. He thinks it had to be the nanobots which seem to be programed to elicit, perhaps, outcomes yet to occur?

    This episode had some great Mile's monologue, witty, funny, and prescient too. And as for Miles he's in a particularly bad spot with this Titus character. Titus has a use for Miles and whatever it is it isn't going to be pleasant for Miles. Just a good continuing of the revamping of Revolution here. This one didn't waste a minute with backstories as it just plowed ahead with the blood letting all around. So much chaos everywhere as no one is to be trusted and so much is unfolding with great mystery. Season one's faux pass' are a distant memory. A really interesting revamping so far!
  • Getting better

    This is getting better and better. It's nasty, gory, cruel and violent. Exactly the world we would expect and it even makes this adult of 40 wince at times!

    Titus strikes me very much like Ben Linus from Lost. Smart, charming, polite but at heart is a twisted, violent dictator who is is a very nasty little s**t. I hope we get to see more of him and what drives him/his past because I think he could turn out to be one of the new stars if they can continue his progression (or add an extra level of hate between Miles and him). The subitle way he had one of "his boys" break Miles' hand just sums things up perfectly. This is how Munroe should have been in season 1 and was not.

    Aaron's story intrigues. He and Rachel think the Nannites saved him - why who knows. Was it something he did in the tower when he turned the power on or as he struggled and failed to get it off again in time? Was it to do with "the crash" that let the bombs fall and do their dirty work? I wonder if they are becoming self aware and using the fireflies to try and talk to their creator. Whatever it is they (or whatever brought Aaron back) really seems to have something against the rats as we saw near the end. I would not want to swap places with Rachel there!

    Munroe/Charlie's storyline could be interesting depending on how they let this play out. The bounty hunter I am assuming will team up with Charlie now due to a common goal/enemy - especially with his partner now dead. Could be an interesting side line but I do not think it will be much more.

    Then there is Tom and the "US Goverment". There is obviously something wrong here (the secret message from one of Titus's boys in what looks like an Arabic style script show that). But I am struggling to care much about this. Tom while not a nice person, never overly interested me and was more of a constant thorn in the side rather than a good character with substance. Perhaps once we know more about this government band, who they really are and how the old US government was disposed and died/fled my interest in this arc may increase. But for now I am not bothered by this side of it.

    Over all a great episode and a very true revolution compared to season 1. Let's hope it keeps up the momentum.
  • Good but not perfect.

    I feel like there are three different storylines going on. Charlie and Monroe and everything happening there. Neville and his son and the US government that has reappeared. And the scenes in Texas.

    Two of the three storyline are brilliant. Very fascinated to see where things will go with Charlie and Monroe. And I am loving the stuff happening in Georgie too.

    What I don't like is the scenes in Texas. There's no reason why Miles, Rachel and the others should be there. It would be a better use of time to turn the lights on or something that actually supports the major storyline.

    I'm just not interested by this mob that's taking over the town, since we hadn't been t o this town before and it had no significance to us 10 days ago.

    That's why my score is 8.5. I feel like the two storylines in the Plains Nation and the Georgia Federation are extremely interesting to follow, and yet the scenes in Texas are rather pointless.

    Overall, 2 out of 3 isn't bad, is it? Let's hope things get better on the hwole!