Season 1 Episode 8

Ties That Bind

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2012 on NBC

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  • Why put effort into writing an entire episode when you can fill 30 min of crap and 10 min of relevance

    Okay. I wish I had turned the episode on with ten minutes left. It would have been the best of the season. You got me revolution. I thought Randall was working with Monroe. Touch. How he got Grace to fermilab (that was a particle accelerator?) in Illinois from Pennsylvania so quickly I don't know. Isn't Illinois in the plains nation? Can we make an actual crime to underuse actors? Raver and Espo were SMOLDERING in their scene together. And let's give Elizabeth something more exciting to do. All told, the best 10 consecutive minutes of revolution since pellegrino left us. Unfortunately it was preceded by 50 minutes of crap and commercials.

    Firstly, I don't automatically care about a character just because they're related to someone. Writers you still need to develop the character. And secondly, I can't feel betrayed by someone we just met. So zero points for impact. Maybe if I cared at all about Nora? I don't know. Their back story was terrible. It has to be really tough to write children lines and be a child actor. Because Jesus titty-fucking Christ those girls were awful (the last scene bordered on decent, credit where it's due). But man, sit a kid down in a room and tell them their mom just got shot, then tape the reaction and show it to the actor and tell them to copy it. Do you scar a kid for life? Maybe. But you'll get a good scene out of it. I just don't believe that's how a 10 and a 6 year old would react.

    Thirdly, what the hell was the point of the first 50 minutes? Lets cross the bridge, no it's a trap (good thing bad guys in tv as well as movies and we can outrun 4 guys with automatic weapons and later Nora can take out the entire unit with one gun and four shots. How do you even manage a single shot with an automatic rifle? But I digress). Another bridge? Too far. Okay there's a ferry, nope it's blown up (bet that guy is thrilled with miles). Okay, let's just swim. It will take 30 seconds and our clothes will be dry two minutes later. Wait.....swimming's an option?!? What the fuck have we been doing for the past 30 minutes? Filling time in an episode? okay then. You can't expect explosions and sword fights and last minute reveals to save the show every time. You need coherent plots as well.

    Oh and Aaron got jerked off and lost the locket.

    Things that were awesome.

    Indestructible lockets! Logically course of action (destroy it) plot hole closed!

    Miles. In general. And calling out shuester or whatever his name is for being a physcopath.

    Kim Raver!!

    Working atom smashers. I think.

    That is all
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