Season 2 Episode 17

Why We Fight

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2014 on NBC

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  • The first wave of war against the patriots

    Monroe finds new fighters for his army and starts the first wave of war against the patriots. No Aaron this week, so the episode was quite good.
  • One of the best ones of the season!

    This was an episode that I thoroughly enjoyed because the story progressed far omore than it has been doing in an average week of Revolution, and there was plenty of draama, action and surprises too!

    The best aspects of the episode were Monroe going ahead with his plan despite the objections of Miles and Rachel. Not sure what Connor is thinking at this point, but also I wonder what Charlie's really up too...

    Furtherore, I thought the story with Gene and Miles was interesting enough, even if a lot of it was in a dark basement. Nice to get inside Willoughby I guess.

    Overall, I really liked the ending too, and I'm really looking forward to the next one, even if it is a fair bit away!
  • getting better

    well, finally we get some action. Keep it coming. There is an episode 18 this season even if the slack asses at tvdotcom don't list it.
  • Go Monroe! Go Neville! About Time!

    I would not normally back the "bad" good guys, but whatever class of psychopath Monroe is his logic was spot this episode! Go Monroe!

    It is about time the fight was taken to the Patriots. Whether it was overtly or covertly. So I know Miles had some right to be annoyed and angry with Monroe, but Monroe did absolutely the right thing. Likewise Neville was spot on offing Victor Doyle was so right on so many levels. And he can continue is covert operation.

    Now can Neville tattoo the number "black ink out" it, so Jason can be Neville's good son permanently please! Oh! let's hope the numbers are listed somewhere because it is a pyscological trigger or can someone finds the kill code for the trigger numbers so the numbers become useless?

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