Revolutionary Girl Utena

TV Tokyo (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie
    • 12/24/97
      Everything comes to an end. Something shiny, eternity, miracles, the revolution of the world. Catch the stunning climax to Revolutionary Girl Utena!
    • 12/17/97
      Utena vs. The End of the World. The truth is discovered.. about the duels, the Rose Bride, and the Prince.
    • Utena has gone though many battles.. Friends, Student Council, and people she barely knew. Nothing will compare though, to the battle she must fight now. Will she battle or will she not?
    • 12/3/97
      Touga tells Utena the truth. About his true feelings, and that he's always loved her.. Unfortunately for Touga, Utena loves someone else. Touga then challenges Utena to a duel, while placing a bet. If he wins, she becomes his girlfriend.. if she wins, the Student Council no longer aims for the Rose Bride.moreless
    • Touga suddenly comes back into Utena's life, wanting to spend more time with her. Then, Touga finally realizes the truth about his life.. and how much he was used.
    • The Rose Signet
      Episode 1
      Utena is invited to a theater play, and takes Akio and Anthy. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that the play is about the truth behind the Rose Bride and the prince.
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