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In the first sitcom to take place in the present and back in the 70s, Rewind shows us that life has a strange way of repeating itself no matter how hard we try to move on. Scott Baio stars as Rob Di Paulo, a hard-working marketing executive who feels as though many of the experiences he's having now he experienced before. He has enough trouble navigating office politics and dating the right women, so when facing a dicey situation he flashes back to teenage life for a funny parallel to what he currently is going through. Rob is constantly reminded that history repeats itself, whether he's trying to bail his fast-talking, rapidly rising friend Harv (Mystro Clark, "The Show") out of embarrassing encounters with the company president or making a play for Dana (Christine Taylor, "Party Girl"), a smart and sexy executive who happens to be the girlfriend of the corporate downsizer. In the 70s flashbacks, a whole other world and characters will emerge as Rob's hilarious childhood and friendship with Harv show us glimpses of what made the man what he is today. Adam Zolotin plays the teen Rob, with Chris Edwards portraying the teen Harv. The series was created by Boyd Hale and Tom Burkhard. Effrem Seeger and Susan Seeger are executive producers for Warner Bros. Television in association with Subway Productions. While the series was picked up by FOX for the 1997-98 season and episodes were produced, it was subsequently canceled before any of the episodes were broadcast. Must've been a wonderful series!


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