Season 1 Episode 6

Pop Goes the Question

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1974 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rhoda is dressing a mannequin in hockey gear in a department store window when a handsome stranger walks in to observe her work. He is Vic Rose, a professional hockey player from the New York Rangers, and it is his uniform that Rhoda has been replicating on the mannequin. He flirts with Rhoda and then asks her out, but she refuses him because she is seeing Joe.

When Rhoda gets home, she discovers that Joe hasn't called. Feeling dejected, she confides to Brenda that a handsome jock asked her out, and that she wishes she felt more secure about where her relationship with Joe stands. Rhoda convinces herself that there's no reason why she can't drop in on Joe, and so she heads over unannounced to his apartment.

Joe is surprised and glad to see her. While they're talking, the phone rings. It's Vic Rose, calling for Rhoda. He had tracked her down at Joe's place by getting the number from Brenda. Rhoda tells him not to call her again, as she is in the best relationship of her life. After she hangs up, Joe agrees that their relationship should be taken to the next level. Rhoda is taken aback to hear that for him, this means living together.

Rhoda asks Brenda to help her sort out the pros and cons of living together. Brenda's biggest concern is "telling Ma," so the two head over together to face the music.

When they arrive at their parents' place, only Marty is there. Rhoda finally tells him about her decision to move in with Joe, and Marty tells her that he supports her no matter what, so long as the decision is truly hers. He, too, is worried about how to break the news to Ida, but tells Rhoda he'll handle it.

The night that Rhoda arrives at Joe's place, she sets down her suitcases and begins pacing. As she and Joe discuss details of sharing the same space, Rhoda grows increasingly agitated. Finally, Joe asks her what she wants, and Rhoda says simply, "I want to be married." Joe confesses his reservations about remarrying. Finally, however, he agrees that it's what he wants as well.

The final scene shows Rhoda's best friend, Mary Richards, in her apartment in Minneapolis, getting a middle-of-the-night phone call from Rhoda. The two squeal like schoolgirls over the news that Rhoda is getting married.