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  • A classic show

    Now that Mary Tyler Moore's friend Rhoda aka Valerie Harper
    Is moving back to her home in NY and gets
    Her own show finally. Living as a single and jewish woman
    Looking to find love as well as just making it in
    A otherwise very cruel world. Great writing and acting for
    This seventies classic. I love Valerie Harper a lot in this show!
  • Brenda

    My favorite character is Brenda played by the amazing julie kavner!
  • Hysterically funny show about a woman trying to make it in New York on her own.

    This was one of the first shows I remember watching. It was a spinoff from 'Mary Tyler Moore.'

    Valerie Harper starred in the title role, Nancy Walker was her loving but crazy mother Ida, Lorenzo Music was the voice of Carlton the Doorman, whom we never saw on camera, David Groh her love interest Joe, and Julie Kavner played Rhoda's sister and best friend Brenda.

    Together the ensemble made their way through the ups and downs of life with a feisty wit, but no bitterness. Rhoda was trying to reestablish a foothold in her hometown of New York after having worked for a number of years in Minneapolis. Life kept getting in the way: she grappled with the hassles of work, relationships, Mom, what to do when the heat doesn't run, and Mom. She also saw the flip side of all these things: if you try hard enough, you can wring some joy out of the toughest challenges in life.

    'Rhoda' was a show about a unique personality and all the people around her. She seemed like somebody I would really like to get to know. I wish it had been around for a lot more years, but as it is, I'm very grateful for what we have.

    'Rhoda' to this day is an intelligent show loaded with laughs, great writing and terrific performances.
  • From the seventies.

    MTM Show regular Rhoda Morgernstern got her own show. She left Minneapolis to return to NYC, her birthplace. Rhoda got a job, an apartment & got reacquainted with her folks. Her spare time largely consisted of looking for Mr Right & having a generally cheery outlook on life even if it wasn't always going her way. Our heroine during the earlier episodes was briefly married to Joe Gerard. Brenda was Rhoda's self consciously shy sister while her Bronx based parents were henpecked dad Martin & formidable mom Ida, a wonderfully scene stealing performance by Nancy Walker. Special mention of course must go to the star, Valerie Harper, whose portrayal of Rhoda could have been an inspiration for "Friends" Monica Geller.