Rich & Reckless

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  • Season 1
    • Final Cut
      Final Cut
      Episode 6
      A murder occurs in a player's home in Hollywood. A few months later, a similar murder occurs. Investigators believe the crimes are linked, but the evidence is minimal. An obsession with money may cause these people to seek the high life at any cost. The major staples in the high life, including fancy cars, women, and so forth only add to the clues.moreless
    • Vegas Voodoo
      Vegas Voodoo
      Episode 5
      Sin City lives up to its name. In Las Vegas, a woman disappears with $3.1 million in an armored truck she was driving. This crime goes halfway around the world, and then comes back to Las Vegas again. The motive is clearly greed. After a decade, the crime is solved, but the conclusion is not what everyone expected.moreless
    • The Russian Front
      In Los Angeles, a pattern emerges where wealthy Russian immigrants are disappearing for what appears to be them leaving on their own free will. However, this is dismissed when a ransom is discovered. This episode includes twists and turns along the way, including fancy cars, betrayals, and a bold prison break plot that you would only see in the movies.moreless
    • Vision of Evil
      Vision of Evil
      Episode 3
      Terrorism may be involved as an Exxon Mobil executive is kidnapped. The kidnappers hold him in a box and is being held for millions of dollars in ransom money. Investigators get stumped along the way with cryptic notes and red herrings along the way. It could be international terrorism, but it could it be a sting, or someone trying to gain fast money? Follow the investigators as they proceed with the investigation. Will they uncover the truth?moreless
    • Under the Boardwalk
      What appears to be a robbery gone wrong in the Daytona Beach community, will end up not being the case. The evidence will point towards another crime, a murder caught on tape. This episode portrays the greed of individuals and have many allegations, including blackmail, hitmen, and affairs.
    • Muscle Bound
      Muscle Bound
      Episode 1
      Extortion is the exercise by the owner at a Miami gym. One of the clients were brought into their extortion scheme to obtain as much money as possible from a few targets. When that client states they didn't sign up for all of this, the client and his wife are kidnapped when he threatens to call the police. This episode goes through twists such as fake deaths, real murders, guns, and high speed chases. Mark Ebner hosts this episode.moreless
    • Under the Board Walk
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