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  • Season 4
    • 6/24/09
      Nina is a feisty bride who doesn’t take any nonsense from her free spending fiancé Mike. Even though Mike is a police officer, this couple still settled on a gangster themed wedding.
    • Exchange Rate
      Episode 12
      In order to avoid a big family wedding, socialite Tina, and her beach loving fiancé Darren, decide to head south for a marriage in the tropics. But what headaches and extra expense do they encounter?
    • Every Dollar Counts
      Rachel is a city bride who’s ready to bring her chic fashion sense to the country. Jason is a country boy with the simple taste and a fondness for beer.
    • Dollars and Sense
      Episode 10
      Jaime is a bride who has been dreaming of her wedding since she was a little girl and now ready to have her perfect day no matter what the cost. Frank, her easygoing groom, is no match for this bride so it’s Jaime’s mother who has to lay down the law.moreless
    • Falling Dollars
      Episode 9
      Easy going Andrew has his hands full with Sabrina, his spend-a-holic bride. She coaxes money out of her frugal fiancé by saying that he should pay for things if he really loves her.
    • 5/20/09
      Judy is a self-proclaimed ‘anti-bride’ and has a tight hold on this couple’s purse strings. In fact, her ultra creative fiancé Jonny has to run all purchases by her before spending money on anything. He’s got the ideas and she’s got the cash.
    • Free Ride Bride
      Episode 7
      Linh is a frugal bride with an even more frugal plan: she’s going to use her and her fiancé’s connections to get freebies for their wedding. Fiancé Jed doesn’t like the idea but on their tight budget something has to give.
    • 5/6/09
      Honey-Lou’s bargaining approach is a little blunt and it’s a constant source of embarrassment for both fiancé Wayne and their wedding planner David Vallee. Can Honey-Lou achieve the dramatic style she expects for her wedding day?
    • 4/29/09
      Being an only child, Liza has enjoyed a lifetime of getting what she wants – so why should that stop as she plans her wedding? Her shopping mantra is “see it, love, buy it” and she especially enjoys spending behind her fiancé Clayton’s back.
    • 4/21/09
      Sheena and Cara are two opinionated sisters ready to spend what it takes for their lavish double wedding. Bryan and Grieg are the penny-pinching grooms whose job it is to keep these spending brides on budget.
    • 4/15/09
      Michelle has a sweet tooth and a laid-back attitude toward the budget. She’s been known to say, "What’s another thousand?" when making purchases. Her groom Gary is a guy who just wants a nice wedding he can be proud of.
    • 4/8/09
      Cheri is a bride with a vision for her wedding and she really isn’t willing to negotiate in order to make other people happy. She’s assertive and speaks her mind freely. Lyle, her groom, wants just as much control as Cheri does.
    • Royal Rumble
      Episode 1
      Kamela and Amir's wedding day may have been flawless, but the journey was less than perfect. Will planner Heidi Allen's eight years of experience be enough to rein in this free spending groom and please his frugal bride?
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