Rich Man, Poor Man Book II

ABC (ended 1977)


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Rich Man, Poor Man Book II

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Nominated for 2 Emmy Awards, Rich Man, Poor Man Book II was the sequel to the hit mini-series.

The story begins with Rudy Jordache arresting Falconetti, the man who killed Rudy's brother. Later in the series, Falconetti is released from prison and seeks revenge on Rudy, who takes in his nephew Wesley and his stepson Willy.

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  • Deserves better treatment

    A long overlooked series which had been spun-off as a 21 part continuation of its predecessor.

    Rich Man, Poor Man - Book II was a highly addictive show that contained engrossing characters & storylines. Often whenever Book I is shown, Book II rarely ever is included to complete the story. For naysayers & non-fans of this show who think it's inferior to the original, RMPM - Book II was a follow-up to the original (like it or not) & examined the further adventures of Senator Rudy Jordache & his well-deserved vendetta against Falconetti & this show has a fan base of loyal followers. A true fan couldn't possibly watch one without the other, it's like watching part of a story & not sticking around for the ending.

    Gregg Henry & James Carroll Jordan as Wesley & Billy added teenage beefcake to the show, though Peter Strauss had no problem in that department, he's a superb (more mature) actor who made the show a carry on success as far as i'm concerned.

    Susan Sullivan as Maggie was a great love interest for Rudy & they made a great pair. Kimberly Beck & Penny Peyser as Diane & Romona were proof positive that young ingenues could actually give meat & potatoes performances, & weren't brainless airheads like many of todays supposed actresses.

    Give me this show over North & South or Roots anyday, Rich Man, Poor Man was the greatest mini-series of all-time & this weekly serialized continuation gave fans an even better dose of the Jordache clan & a magnificent cast all around. Not to be forgotten, this deserves the full DVD treatmentmoreless