Rich Man, Poor Man Book II

ABC (ended 1977)





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  • Deserves better treatment

    A long overlooked series which had been spun-off as a 21 part continuation of its predecessor.

    Rich Man, Poor Man - Book II was a highly addictive show that contained engrossing characters & storylines. Often whenever Book I is shown, Book II rarely ever is included to complete the story. For naysayers & non-fans of this show who think it's inferior to the original, RMPM - Book II was a follow-up to the original (like it or not) & examined the further adventures of Senator Rudy Jordache & his well-deserved vendetta against Falconetti & this show has a fan base of loyal followers. A true fan couldn't possibly watch one without the other, it's like watching part of a story & not sticking around for the ending.

    Gregg Henry & James Carroll Jordan as Wesley & Billy added teenage beefcake to the show, though Peter Strauss had no problem in that department, he's a superb (more mature) actor who made the show a carry on success as far as i'm concerned.

    Susan Sullivan as Maggie was a great love interest for Rudy & they made a great pair. Kimberly Beck & Penny Peyser as Diane & Romona were proof positive that young ingenues could actually give meat & potatoes performances, & weren't brainless airheads like many of todays supposed actresses.

    Give me this show over North & South or Roots anyday, Rich Man, Poor Man was the greatest mini-series of all-time & this weekly serialized continuation gave fans an even better dose of the Jordache clan & a magnificent cast all around. Not to be forgotten, this deserves the full DVD treatment