Rich Man, Poor Man - Season 1

ABC (ended 1976)




Episode Guide


  • Chapter 12
    Chapter 12
    Episode 12
    The dramatic conclusion of RICH MAN, POOR MAN BOOK 1 (as it is now called after the success of this mini-series, a weekly television series was developed and aired the following year entitled RICH MAN, POOR MAN BOOK II starring Peter Strauss. Susan Blakely was in the two hour series premiere and killed off.)Tom begins looking for Wes. Kate happily accepts Tom's marriage proposal and plans begin for the wedding. Rudy's ongoing battle with student protesters takes a turn for the worse, threatening to end Rudy's political career. Tom's wedding in France proves a happy family reunion for everyone but Julie. Her depression leads her off on her own for a drink where she is joined by a dangerous stranger: Falconetti. To arrives to rescue Julie and he fights Falconetti for the last time.moreless
  • Chapter 11
    Chapter 11
    Episode 11
    As Rudy's political career thrives, Julie continues her battle with drinking. A bad break for Tom turns into good luck when he meets Kay and they begin to fall in love. Rudy contacts Tom with good news: Tom's troubles with the underworld are over and Rudy has located Tom's son Wes. Tom rushes home where he and Wes have an awkward reunion. Julie's concerns about her own son Billy prove accurate as their visit ends poorly. Tom and Wes grow closer until a boating accident threatens to separate father and son once more.moreless
  • Chapter 10
    Chapter 10
    Episode 10
    Tom's troubles with Falconetti continue, leading to a bloody confrontation and forcing Tom to flee. While hiding out in New York, Tom receives a surprise visit from Rudy and learns that their mother is dying. The brothers travel together to their mother's bedside and their is a brief reunion before she dies. After the funeral, an awkward encounter between the family and Teddy Boylan revives old memories. Rudy's election victory is marred by Julie's latest troubles, while Tom sets out to pursue his own dream.moreless
  • Chapter 9
    Chapter 9
    Episode 9
    As Rudy breaks up his partnership with Duncan Calderwood, he considers a career in politics. But first he realizes his longtime dream of marrying Julie. Tom continues his life away at sea, constantly on the move. On his latest ship he confronts a vicious foe in Falconetti, while beginning a friendship with Roy Dwyer. As Rudy's campaign heats up, he and Julie are forced to confront the many demands and strains of a political career.moreless
  • Chapter 8
    Chapter 8
    Episode 8

    Willie Abbott's return threatens Rudy's relationship with Julie, forcing Rudy to take action. Ginny Calderwood's vow to get back at Rudy for spurning her affection results in a heated confrontation between Rudy and Duncan Calderwood. Tom, still on the run from boxing’s underworld, steps up his search for his wife and son. His desperate efforts lead to dangerous close calls. As the underworld intensifies its manhunt for Tom, he is forced to flee farther than ever before.

  • Chapter 7
    Chapter 7
    Episode 7
    Rudy's ambitious business proposal to Calderwood takes some unexpected turns. Help comes from an unlikely source and Rudy must make a difficult decision. Tom continues to enjoy success in the boxing ring. Rudy's surprise appearance at one of Tom's bouts proves to be a difficult encounter as the brothers discover that their differences remain after many years. Rudy struggles in his renewed relationship with Julie, while Tom confronts his own family problems.moreless
  • Chapter 6
    Chapter 6
    Episode 6
    After an unsuccessful attempt at saving his marriage and keeping his family together, Tom returns to the boxing ring. But his affair with a new woman draws him deep into boxing’s dangerous underworld. Rudy's business career has taken off and he turns his attention to winning over Julie once more. But Julie is not fully recovered from her rocky marriage. She and Rudy must deal with problems from the past that come back to haunt her.moreless
  • Chapter 5
    Chapter 5
    Episode 5
    Tom's new life with Theresa begins to bring the happiness that has eluded him. Theresa gives birth to their son, Wesley, and Tom achieves early success as a prizefighter. Upon graduation, Rudy begins his business career after a surprising meeting with Duncan Calderwood. Rudy has since met up with Julie again. After an awkward reacquaintance, Rudy learns of the difficult choices Julie must now make in her life.moreless
  • Chapter 4
    Chapter 4
    Episode 4
    Trouble continues to follow Tom, as he gets involved with young Teresa who becomes pregnant and names him as the father. Because she is a minor, Tom is arrested for statutory rape. Tom's father Axel reluctantly pays off Teresa's father to drop the charges and Tom takes flight again. Axel had planned to finance Rudy's small ski shop, but spent his savings paying off Teresa's father. A trip to New York to surprise Julie brings Rudy a surprise in return. Axel returns home to find himself evicted from his store and home, final blows that prove too much for him to bear.moreless
  • Chapter 3
    Chapter 3
    Episode 3
    Tom's flight from home led him to California to live with his uncle. While living there, Tom discovers love with Clothilde the housekeeper. But happiness doesn't last long for Tom as he sets out on the road again. Back in Port Phillip, Rudy meets up with local playboy Teddy Boylan and Julie's name comes up in what seems to Rudy a mystifying conversation. Julie has followed her dream to New York where she finds her first break-and a new romance.moreless
  • Chapter 2
    Chapter 2
    Episode 2
    Rudy's dispute with his childhood sweetheart Julie leads her into the arms of the town playboy. On one of his escapades Tom discovers the affair, but his misguided efforts to alert Rudy result in disaster. This latest mishap is the last straw for Tom's iron-willed father as he orders Tom out of the house. As Tom leaves Port Phillip, Rudy's fate takes a turn for the better. College may become a reality.moreless
  • Chapter 1
    Chapter 1
    Episode 1
    As World War II ends, a 20 year odyssey begins for brothers Rudy and Tom Jordache. Two brothers couldn't be more opposite as they compete for the attention of their bitter, embattled immigrant parents. Rudy is hard at work at the family bakery trying to figure a way to pay for college, while Tom gets caught in pranks and fights. As Rudy prepares for graduation from high school, events begin to set each on a path of his own. It's the beginning of an unforgettable tale of two destinies that although quite different, can never be separated.moreless
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