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Richard & Judy

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Richard & Judy was a successful British teatime chat/magazine show, which originally aired on Channel 4 between 2001 and 2008, then moved to digital channel Watch for a year, before ending on July 1st 2009. The hosts are famous husband and wife team Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, left ITV1's This Morning in 2001, were they were signed by Channel 4 to host a new teatime magazine/talk show similiar to the five episode series, The Richard & Judy Show, that they had presented in the Sunday night slot in 1992 on ITV. The couple began their first Channel 4 series in 2001 and hosted two series each year that they were on the channel, often sharing the slot with The Paul O'Grady Show, with each show airing for three months at a time. The show boasted celebrity roving reporters throughout each series, who often hosted a regular feature for numerous weeks. The show also featured recurring items, such as the Book Club and funniest internet video of the week. In November of 2007 it was announced that at the end of 2008, the couple will be leaving Channel 4 to help relaunch UKTV with a new primetime show. The last Channel 4 series began airing on the 16th of June 2008 and ended on August 22nd. The show began airing on Watch on 7th October 2008, under the name Richard & Judy's New Position at 8pm. After a Christmas break, the show returned on Tuesday 13th January, moving to 6pm, reverting back to Richard & Judy as the title. The ratings were constantly put under scrutiny, even though the show was featuring good guests. The show began it's last series on 21st April 2009, the last episode broadcast on 1st July.


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    • A fabulous,fun,family frolic. A show which lightens up an otherwise sad, scary and surreal world.

      I was delighted to come home this evening to the enlightening, bubbly tones of Richard and Judy. Having spent a horrendous year fully recovering from major heart surgery followed by a planned trip to visit my daughter, Katie, who is on secondment in Chengdu, China. Katie was caught up in the the earthquake and although safe, has seen some harrowing sights and is now doing voluntary work for the 'cause'. I was comforted somehow on return home by the 5 0'clock routine of Richard and Judy which assisted my convalesence and would be extremely distressed if this programme was discontinued. I along with many others enjoy the book club and have read many of the books. I think the celebrities interviewed by Richard and Judy are really interesting and fun. Please do not axe this show and Richard and Judy you both look an amazingly healthy, 'FAB' couple!!moreless
    • The most mispronounced word on TV

      Top marks to Judy for correctly pronouncing lingerie as LAnjery on the Tuesday Show. Nil out of ten to Richard for his mispronounciation as LOnjery -several times. He is not alone, major store ads like M & S, Debenhams TV advertisements often make the same error. Consider Richard - Would you adjust your pOns-nez, go out to meet Monsieur JospOn at the MoulOn Rouge, order either absOnthe or vOn rouge. Hopefully you would agree so there would be no Ompasse and you could go on to discuss the benefits of using MichelOn tires on your vehicles. So, as the french would say . . . fOnmoreless
    • It could improve if it became the Judy show

      I have issues with Richard, he's smug, vain & has an opinion on every subject in the world. Judy, bless her, does on occasions bring him to heel. On the whole the show is typical daytime/early evening fare with it's lightweight topics & guests plugging their wares i.e. book, film, tv series etc. I really wish these two could return to This Morning, their true habitat, just to get rid of Phil & Fern & free the channel 4 schedules for something more entertaing than the tripe they've been peddling the last couple of years.moreless
    • this isnt a gd time for a tv show

      come on ppl how can u like richard madely. how can u ppl understand how quickly he talks. i think he should either slow down talkin or either quit cos otherwise this show isnt bad. sorry to any ppl that this may concern and who think that richard and judy is good.thank u.
    • Raise your IQ.

      This show is extremely informative and entertaining although there are two main reasons why I watch the show.

      1) Someone has somehow proven that watching Richard and Judy actually raises your IQ by four points. I already had an IQ which qualified me for Mensa but have since watched most of the shows so must have raised my IQ a lot - although watching Big Brother probably lowered my IQ considerably.

      2) The little fights Richard and Judy have about nothing - it is so funny. (I also like it when Richard starts talking about their sex life and Judy starts getting embarressed.moreless

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