Richard & Judy - Season 9

Channel 4 (ended 2009)


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  • Friday 22nd August
    Friday 22nd August
    Episode 50
    As the couple bid farewell to Channel 4, their's a look back at the best bits of the series. The results of this years Summer Read are announced. The top ten Sofa Superstars are revealed and Ian Marber brings his fat boys into the studio to reveal how much each has lost, before they do the full monty. Celebrity's bid farewell to the show, as the pair give their final thank yous.moreless
  • Thursday 21st August
    Marc Warren and Keeley Hawes talk about their new series Mutual Friends. Kate Thornton talks about her bank holiday Hustle special with Alexis Conran. Hardeep Singh Kohli talks about his new cook book. Their's a look at revolutionary luekaemia treatment and the BBC3 series Don't Tell the Bride.
  • Wednesday 20th August
    David Gest and Olivia Thirlby are in the studio. Their's a look at the Real Monarch of the Glen, revolutionary leukaemia treatment and some more sofa superstars.
  • Tuesday 19th August
    Tuesday 19th August
    Episode 47
    Ricky Gervais is in the studio today, their's a look at the lazy goddess and the comedy heroes of the series. Plus Ian Marber has a look at the stone age diet.
  • Monday 18th August
    Monday 18th August
    Episode 46
    Jools Holland is in the studio. Their's a look at upcoming reality series When Women Rule The World. Also this weeks funny five and a look at some of the best unsung heroes that have appeared on the shoe throughout its run.
  • Friday 15th August
    Friday 15th August
    Episode 45
    Kevin Bishop discusses his latest series. Jeremy Gilley discusses Peace One Day. The film club reviews Get Smart. This weeks Sofa Superstars are Jackie Chan, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jeff Goldblum. Some die-hard Madonna fans discuss her reaching her fiftieth birthday. Maurice Collins shows off some of his old gadgets in the studio.moreless
  • Thursday 14th August
    The Hairy Bikers - Dave Myers and Simon King discuss become the Hairy Bakers for their new series. Ian Marber takes his now slim fat boys out for a night. Matt Allwright discusses his new series were he visits rogue restuarants. Rufus Hound shares some clips from Italian TV. Peter Richardson talks about jellyfish.moreless
  • Wednesday 13th August
    Joanna Lumley talks about seeing the Northern Lights. Their's a discussion on Sienna Miller and on Madeleine McCann - with Mark Williams-Thomas. This weeks Summer Read is 'The Resurrectionist' by James Bradley. Mike McClean takes the book on a cruise, whilst in the studio is Lucy Moore and Benedict Cumberbatch sharing their thoughts on the book.moreless
  • Tuesday 12th August
    Tuesday 12th August
    Episode 42
    Sue Perkins, Goldie and Jane Asher discuss their part in new reality series Maestro. Jimmy Carr talks about his new tour and DVD. James Whitaker and Christopher Warwick discuss Princess Margaret. Their's a look at some of the comedians who've appeared on the series throughout the last nine series.
  • Monday 11th August
    Monday 11th August
    Episode 41
    Joanna Page and Ella Smith discuss their roles in the West-End play, Fat Pig. Stars of The Secret Millionaire, discuss their part in the new series. Jamie Crawford discusses his series In Too Deep. Robin Ince has this weeks Funny Five. Their's a look at some more favourite guests from throughout the shows run.moreless
  • Friday 8th August
    Friday 8th August
    Episode 40
    Kevin McCloud talks about his new series The Big Town Plan. Jilly Goolden and Alexander O'Neal talk about their participation in this weeks Celebrity Wife Swap. Richard & Judy's film club goes to see Death Defying acts. Pamela Anderson, Hugh Grant and Charlize Theron feature as this weeks sofa superstars.
  • Thursday 7th August
    Thursday 7th August
    Episode 39
    Kim Medcalf talks about her new role in Harley Street. Ian Marber tests one of his fat boys, to see if he can have a healthy portion of a pizza. Rufus takes a look at what other European countries are watching. Tim Robbins, Nina Myskow and Rick Wakeman debate whether women or men are grumpier. Their's a look at heart-shaped face plastic surgery.moreless
  • Wednesday 6th August
    Samantha Janus reveals what's going on with her character in EastEnders. Bill Bailey talks about his new show. Jackie Clune talks about her life change from radical lesbian feminist to walking down the aisle as a mother of four. This weeks Summer Read book is Addition by Toni Jordan. Imogen Stubbs tells us about the book in Tuscany. Whilst in the studio Diarmuid Gavin and Carrie Grant tell us why they like the book. A family reviews it in Ireland.moreless
  • Tuesday 5th August
    Tuesday 5th August
    Episode 37
    Heston Blumenthal talks about updating 'Little Chef's' menus. Les Dennis discusses his autobiography. Designers Hannah Sandling and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen look at garden sculptures. Petra Ecclestone and Imogen Lloyd Webber reveal why they don't like their famous dads paying them through life. Their's a look back at comedians on the show.
  • Monday 4th August
    Monday 4th August
    Episode 36
    Judy's back from her surgery, in the studio Des Lynam talks about Sport Mastermind. Professor Richard Dawkins talks about his study of Charles Darwin. Their's another funny five. Tony Parsons, Lowri Turner and Jodie Marsh talk about boob jobs. Their's favourite highlights from the last 9 series.
  • Friday 1st August
    Friday 1st August
    Episode 35
    Myleene hosts again. Tonight Alex Pettyfer discusses his modelling career and his new movie Wild Child. Nicky Taylor, Jean Johnson and Shirley Landels talk about their upcoming film The Lady's WI Guide to Brothels. The film club reviews The X Files: I Want to Believe. George Clooney, Anjelica Huston and Jim Carrey feature as sofa superstars. Karen Taylor talks about her returning series.moreless
  • Thursday 31st July
    Thursday 31st July
    Episode 34
    Myleene continues as guest host. Jason Manford talks about his new show Tonightly. Ian Marber gets his volunteers jousting. Boris Johnson talks about his upcoming 100 day reign as mayor of London. Rufus Hound highlights Russian TV highlights. Danielle Nulty talks about her severe case of Body Dismorphic Disorder.
  • Wednesday 30th July
    Wednesday 30th July
    Episode 33
    Myleene Klass presents today, as stars of The X Files, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny discuss the new film sequel to the series. Gary Lucy talks about his role in The Bill. Nicola Ross-Watt discusses her part in new seriesDangerous Jobs for Girls. Laurance Y Payg analyses viewers names. This weeks Summer Read, book is The Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller. Aggie McKenzie takes the book to Monaco, whilst in the studio is Alexander Armstrong and Robin Wright Penn.moreless
  • Tuesday 29th July
    Tuesday 29th July
    Episode 32
    Emma Bunton co-hosts today. Louise Redknapp talks about her involvement with the National Lottery. Professor David MacKay talks about his new book. Louis CK talks about his stand-up show. Matthew Croucher who's fought against the taliban talks about what makes a hero. Guy De La Bedoyere talks about the new exhibition based on Hadrian's Wall.moreless
  • Monday 28th July
    Monday 28th July
    Episode 31
    Richard is joined by guest co-host Emma Bunton again. Sarah Cawood, Caitlin Moran and Paddy O'Connell talk about eighties movies. Phil Nichol has this weeks funny five. Levi Roots talks about his reggae, reggae sauce. Mark Mason and Ali Hall look at males fascination with trivia. Virginia McKenna discusses her husbands latest film and her involvement with the Born Free charity.moreless
  • Friday 25th July
    Friday 25th July
    Episode 30
    Emma Bunton guest hosts again today alongside Richard. In the studio is Celebrity Masterchef judge John Torode and the three finalists Andi Peters, Liz McClarnon and Mark Moraghan discussing the final tonight. Three pro footballers go head to head with three pro drummers to see who's the fittest. The film club review The Dark Knight. Plus this weeks Sofa Superstars are Ben Affleck, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Holly Hunter.moreless
  • Thursday 24th July
    Thursday 24th July
    Episode 29
    Emma Bunton fills in for Judy who's away having surgery. Joining them is Penny Smith talking about her new book. Ian Marber's fat boys going slim go jousting. Marc Salem showcases some of his magic tricks. Rufus Hound takes a look at Spanish and Portuguese tv. Alison Benjamin discusses her theory on why bees may soon become extinct.moreless
  • Wednesday 23rd July
    Wednesday 23rd July
    Episode 28
    Abi Titmuss talks about her new book. Mitch Winehouse talks about his daughter Amy Winehouse's drug and drink problems. Dr Dougal talks about his reverse dementia helmet. This weeks Summer Read book is The Pirate's Daughter by Margaret Cezair-Thompson, Hugh Bonneville takes it to Crete, whilst Pattie Boyd and Bill Paterson discuss it in the studio.moreless
  • Tuesday 22nd July
    Tuesday 22nd July
    Episode 27
    Greta Scacchi discusses her latest role. Sophie Grigson challenges her teen cooks to cook a white sauce. Julian Beever talks about the art of illusions. Guy De La Bedoyere talks about a exhibition on Hadrians Wall.
  • Monday 21st July
    Monday 21st July
    Episode 26
    Tonight a look at the Miss World competition, with Judith Chalmers, seeing whether or not it should be brought back to television or not. Phil Beadle previews his film Can't Read, Can't Write, with two participants from the show in the studio. Tim Vine has this weeks funny five. James Caan and Deborah Meaden from Dragons Den talk about the return of the show tonight.moreless
  • Friday 18th July
    Friday 18th July
    Episode 25
    Alistair McGowan and Connie Fisher talk about teaming up in new production They're Playing Our Song. Jane Moore and Sue Carroll look at the controversial jab been offered to teenage girls that claims to stop cancer. Raef Bjayou takes to the skies. The Film Club go see Wall-E. Owen Wilson, Madonna and Antonio Banderas are featured in this weeks Sofa Superstars.moreless
  • Thursday 17th July
    Thursday 17th July
    Episode 24
    Katie Price talks about the release of her new book Angel Uncovered. Food doctor Ian Marber is back with his Fat Boys Slim, this week they're going paintballing. Rufus Hound's Eurovision takes a look at Turkish and Greek tv shows.
  • Wednesday 16th July
    Wednesday 16th July
    Episode 23
    John Cleese talks about his career in comedy. Tracey Emin discusses her artwork. This weeks Summer Read book is Down River by John Hart. John Thompson is in New England to give us a outline of the story, whilst in the studio Konnie Huq and Rupert Evans give their take on the book.moreless
  • Tuesday 15th July
    Tuesday 15th July
    Episode 22
    Michael McIntyre talks about taking his stand-up show back on the road. Sophie Grigson teaches her teenage apprentices how to make minestrone soup. Jimmy Doherty talks about the return of his show, Jimmy's Farm.
  • Monday 14th July
    Monday 14th July
    Episode 21
    Today Guy Pearce discusses his new film Death Defying Acts. Amanda Redman talks about New Tricks, on BBC1 Mondays at 9pm. Ching-He Huang talks about her new series Chinese Cooking Made Easy. Phil Nichol has this weeks Funny Five. Mike McLean has a report from a new event, The Cold Wet Nose Show, competing with his dog Ben.moreless
  • Friday 11th July
    Friday 11th July
    Episode 20
    Russell Brand discusses his book been published in paperback. Sigourney Weaver talks about her new film Wall-E. The film club checks out Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Samuel L Jackson, JK Rowling and Paul Newman all feature as contestants for the Sofa Superstar crown. Sasha Bennington and her mum Jayne talk about her been a beauty queen at the age of just 11.moreless
  • Thursday 10th July
    Thursday 10th July
    Episode 19
    Tess Daly talks about her new Lottery show. Russell Amerasekera, Dawn Collins and Tony Pletts discuss extreme holidays. Ian Marber is back with a wakeboarding reward, if partipant Stephen has lost four pounds. Rufus Hound takes a look at German TV this week.
  • Wednesday 9th July
    Wednesday 9th July
    Episode 18
    The Cheeky Girls and their mum Marjit, discuss their new series Living With... The Cheeky Girls. Marco-Pierre White talks about his search for the best British food. Todays Summer Read book is East of the Sun by Julia Gregson, on location is Debra Stephenson in La Manga, Spain. Whilst Sally Phillips and Julian Fellowes discuss the book in the studio, and a family in Tenerife share their opinion on it.moreless
  • Tuesday 8th July
    Tuesday 8th July
    Episode 17
    Francesco Da Mosto talks about tracing Venetian history. Sophie Grigson shows her teens how to cook chicken. Donal MacIntyre talks about his new series CCTV Britain. Judith O'Reilly discusses her book, Wife in the North.
  • Monday 7th July
    Monday 7th July
    Episode 16
    Tonight Dame Eileen Atkins discusses her new play. Cherie Blair talks about street crime amongst youths and her new book. Their's a look at online identities, with the case of Mathew Firsht who's suing a old school friend for creating a Facebook profile with his details on it, they are joined in the studio by a girl, Kerry Harvey who talks about her experience, when someone set up her fake profile as a vice girl and a senior technology consultant, Graham Cluley. Robyn Wheldon-Williams try's beating his own record, by fitting 60 people in a giant bubble. Robert Ince has this weeks funny five.moreless
  • Friday 4th July
    Friday 4th July
    Episode 15
    Myleene Klass talks about the new BBC series Last Choir Standing and her involvement in the show. Danny Wallace talks about his new book Friends Like These. This weeks film club check out Kung Fu Panda and the choices for this weeks Sofa Superstars are Will Smith, Goldie Hawn and Jeff Bridges. Scott Wade creates two pieces of art during the show as well.moreless
  • Thursday 3rd July
    Thursday 3rd July
    Episode 14
    Brooke Kinsella joins Richard & Judy tonight who talks about her brothers knife stabbing at the weekend and the current knife crime campaigns currently running. Actress Jaime Murray talks about her appearance in the new series of Dexter. Ian Marber challenges one of his volunteers to have lost 5lbs by this show, we find out if he's succeeded and won the group a treat or a assault course. Rufus Hound shares some more European TV highlights. Majid Ahmed talks about been rejected from medical school after admitting his past criminal record, Vanessa Feltz and Nick Ferrari talk about if they think the decision was made fairly or not.moreless
  • Wednesday 2nd July
    Wednesday 2nd July
    Episode 13
    Comedian Dara O'Briain talks about the return of Mock the Week. Some die hard ABBA fans talk about the new film Mamma! Mia. Todd Wilbur hits the streets to see if people can tell the difference between the Heinz tomato ketchup he made and the real thing. The second book in this years Book Club is No Time For Goodbye by Linwood Barclay. Dave Spikey tells us all about the book in Costa Blanca, whilst in the studio Sarah Cawood and James Dreyfus fight the books case, as do a group of friends in Italy.moreless
  • Tuesday 1st July
    Tuesday 1st July
    Episode 12
    Sanjeev Bhaskar talks about his new role in Spamalot, King Arthur. Sophie Grigson teaches her teens to make vegetable stir fry. Their's a discussion on genetically modified babies. Duncan Bannatyne discusses his new documentary Bannatyne takes on Big Tobacco.
  • Monday 30th June
    Monday 30th June
    Episode 11
    Henry Winkler talks about making the move from television work to being a author. Jonathan Phang and two models from BBC Three's new show Britain's Missing Top Model, paraplegic Sophie Morgan and amputee Debbie van der Putten talk about the show and it's aims. Ed Byrne shares his internet funny five. Sean Langan talks about his Taliban kidnapping ordeal. Todd Wilbur shows us how to make Heinz Tomato Ketchup at home.moreless
  • Friday 27th June
    Friday 27th June
    Episode 10
    Tonight Michael Brandon talks about his appearance in Doctor Who. Todd Wilbur shares some more secret recipes. Alan Davies and Georgia Groome talk about their new film Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. The film club review a new film. Sofa Superstars takes a look at classic interviews with Jane Fonda, George Michael and David Schwimmer. Jordan Smith and his mum talk about his Super Sweet 16 experience, as the hit US show is currently looking for more UK contestants, for the second UK series, they are joined by Susan Dickinson and Hayley Grossman. Raef Bjayou is back by popular demand to see how his interview with Vanessa Feltz went, as he tries to get his own talk show.moreless
  • Thursday 26th June
    Thursday 26th June
    Episode 9
    Gok Wan talks about his new series. John Wood talks about Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, which is also the title of his new book. Ian Marber gets his volunteers exercising. Rufus Hound looks at more European TV. Rosi Sexton, a female cage fighter talks about the sport.
  • Wednesday 25th June
    Pete Postlethwaite discusses the return of his series Criminal Justice. Karen Morris and Lana Ingles discuss their part in the series Tribal Wives. Raef Bjayou from the latest series of The Apprentice discusses his new projects. This years Summer Read is launched with the first book, Sadie Jones' The Outcast. Amanda Donohoe fights the books case from its setting St Lucia. Joan Bakewell and Noel Clark discuss it in the studio and a family from France share their views on the book for a holiday read. Stephen K Amos looks at America's Cookie Politics, tasting Michelle Obama's Shortbread cookies and Cindy McCain's Oatmeal Butterscotch cookies. The idea been that the winning cookie predicts the winner of this years election.moreless
  • Tuesday 24th June
    Tuesday 24th June
    Episode 7
    Rosemary Shrager and Giles Coren look at Regency food, in honour of The Supersizers Go Regency airing tonight. Rory McGrath talks about his new book Bearded Tit. Two case studies from a new show looking at the women who didnt' enjoy the attention from losing weight, plus Melanie Slinger and Julie-Anne Prescott discuss the new series. Sophie Grigson is back in the kitchen with her volunteers, as they learn how to make meatballs and spaghetti. Mark Playle talks about playing the guitar with one arm.moreless
  • Monday 23rd June
    Monday 23rd June
    Episode 6
    Michael Palin discusses his latest series. Mary Portas talks about the return of her BBC Two series tonight. Todd Wilbur, shares some secret recipes from the fast food joints. Adam Buxton has this weeks funny five.
  • Friday 20th June
    Friday 20th June
    Episode 5
    Jerry Springer joins the pair to discuss his projects in the UK and US. Amanda Holden joins the pair to discuss Britain's Got Talent and her tennis lessons with Tim Henman. Due to this series being the last for Channel 4, a new feature Sofa Superstars, see's classic interview clips from the show go head to head to win a place in the final vote, for the best interview the pair have ever done. Richard & Judy's Film Club review The Edge of Love.moreless
  • Thursday 19th June
    Thursday 19th June
    Episode 4
    Keira Knightley & Matthew Rhys discuss their new film The Edge of Love. Alexei Sayle talks about his home Liverpool. Ian Marber is set his toughest challenge yet, five overweight men are challenged to not only lose weight but to feel confident about their body. Rufus Hound reveals his favourite European shows hitting the international airwaves this Summer.moreless
  • Wednesday 18th June
    This series Summer Read is launched, and the pair introduce us to eight books. Actress Letitia Dean talks about her role in High School Musical. Jonathan Dimbleby talks about his new book and the series which it accompanies. Comedian Ted Robins and chef John Quilter take to the streets of Manchester, trying to bring back traditional northern grub. Dance Act, Signature from Britain's Got Talent perform.moreless
  • Tuesday 17th June
    Tuesday 17th June
    Episode 2
    Westlife are in the studio tonight talking about their new book Our Story. Louise Bell brings her 14 stone bull mastiff in the studio to reveal how she tracked it on Google Earth. Hannah Standling, Kate Robbins and Justine Mills discuss the North versus South fashion divide and Sophie Grigson introduces us to five teenage cooks.moreless
  • Monday 16th June
    Monday 16th June
    Episode 1
    Sarah Cawood hits the streets talking about the famous musical Grease. Whilst Lowri Turner, Paul Nicholas and Caitlin Moran discuss it in the studio. Their's a blast from the past, as we take a look back at Judy interviewing Paul Nicholas, on the very first episode of This Morning. Before the break the pair taste some West African Miracle berries, what reprogramme tastebuds. They try out some foods with documentary maker Tom Mangold and wine expert Olly Smith. Before getting on with this weeks Funny 5, their's a look back over the winners from the last two series. Comedian Robert Ince joins the pair for this weeks entries.moreless