Richie Rich - Season 5

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • I Want My Mummy
    I Want My Mummy
    Episode 1
    Riche and Dollar travel back in time to ancient Egypt in Professor Keenbeam's latest invention.
  • Canine Cadet
    Canine Cadet
    Episode 2
    Doolar sees a TV report on West Point and then falls asleep and dreams that he is in the army.
  • Richie of the Round Table
    Richie is reading a book on his family history from when King Richly ruled the Kingdom of Richalot. He reads about an evil sorcerer Morecash who kidnaps Princess Glorianna so he could take over her kingdom. When Richie gets to the last page he finds that it is missing. To discover how the story ends Richie and Dollar use Professor Keenbeam's time machine and travel back in time.moreless