Rick Mercer Report

Tuesday 8:00 PM on CBC Premiered Jan 12, 2004 In Season





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  • CBC finally does something worth watching, putting Canadian Tax Dollars to work.

    This is CBC best show, hands down. Rick Mercer has a unique charm to him that allows him to have fun with his guests, but never seems cruel or harsh.

    Any show that can make Canadian politics interesting and funny on a weekly basis deserves a spot on your television schedule. The best thing about the "RICK MERCER REPORT" is that you stay entertained, but you also learn something new every episode.

    If Rick Mercer is what we need to keep Canadians interested in what goes on in there country, then I say we put him to work, make it a daily show. I don't know if Rick will be as willing to do so, but hey, he's a canuck, he can take it.

    Go grab a coffee from Timmy's and enjoy some real good Canadian content.