Rick Mercer Report

Tuesday 8:00 PM on CBC Premiered Jan 12, 2004 In Season





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  • So Sad

    This show makes me so sad because I used to really be a fan of the work Rick Mercer did on This Hour Has 22 Minutes but ever since he left he has not been funny at all and also This Hour Has 22 Minutes has sucked too. Sad to say it and wish it wasn't true but CBC really needs to cancel both of these shows. All they do is basic jokes we already come up with in our own heads about the headlines in the day's paper, with This Hour Has 22 Minutes also doing terrible unfunny sketches and Rick Mercer doing bad jokes and visiting people across the country to do what they do. Like he is going to a fort in New Brunswick and while he's there he dresses up like one of the re-enactors and fires the cannon and jumps in the air like he's afraid of the noise, then says "le boom" which I guess is supposed to be funny because it's french? Then he takes out his sword to salute and "accidentally" (obviously on purpose which makes me sad) bumps his sword into the cannon as he raises it. It's like watching very old Jerry Lewis do his telethon, his attempts at being funny are so forced, so predictable and so lame I just can't watch it any more. One of the worst shows on TV and one of the biggest wastes of talent.
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