Rick Steves' Europe - Season 1

PBS Premiered Sep 01, 2000 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Travel Skills (3)
    Episode 16
    In this show Rick shows us that in so many ways, you can actually experience more by spending less. Tips this time: finding the best accommodations, getting around in big cities, and enjoying Europe's cuisine. This information can help you make the most of your travel time and, if you're on a budget, it can cut the cost of your travels in half.moreless
  • Travel Skills (2)
    Episode 15
    Skills covered in this episode: planning, packing, safety and - perhaps the most rewarding skill of all - connecting with the locals.
  • Travel Skills (1)
    Episode 14
    Rick's expertise is travel-specifically, how to travel smoothly and affordably. The point of this special: If you can learn from Rick's mistakes rather than your own, you'll have a better trip. How well you're able to enjoy the delights of Europe depends upon how well you plan and how skillfully you travel.moreless
  • The Best of Sicily
    Episode 13
    After going fishing for anchovies off Cefalu, we land in rough-and-tumble Palermo. Marveling at the eerie skeletons in a Cappuccin crypt, airy mosaics of Monreale, enchanting ruins of Segesta, and the fiery rim of Mount Etna, we enjoy the best of Sicily.
  • 11/19/00
    We discover that Dubrovnik is still the "jewel of the Adriatic" while nearby villages decorate their dreamy archipelago with small-town Venetian charm. Ljubljana is like Salzburg without tourists. The Julian Alps glisten with pristine lakes as Lipizzaner stallions are eager to strut their stuff.
  • 11/12/00
    We whisper secrets across the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral and eat our way through Soho. Then we check out the treasures of the new British Library, roll with the drums at the Changing of the Guard, and cruise the Thames to Kew Gardens.
  • Eastern Turkey
    Episode 10
    After a Mount Ararat sunrise, we visit Abraham's 4000-year-old home town, tour one of the world's biggest dams, cheer on grease wrestlers, meet the gods atop Mount Nemrut, and dance with new friends in a village.
  • 10/29/00
    After a pilgrimage to Michelangelo's Pieta, we climb to the top of St. Peter's Basilica. We seek out tucked-away Renaissance paintings and a cleverly-painted false dome. At the Borghese Gallery, it's exquisite sculptures by the master of marble, Bernini. Then we join the locals on an after-dark stroll, lacing together Rome's Baroque and bubbly nightspots.moreless
  • 10/22/00
    Bulgaria is a time warp of old and new - from chic shops in the city to donkey cars in the country. We hike to a mountain monastery, meet two sculptors (dad does Stalin, son does nudes), and enjoy a traditional dinner feast at a local home.
  • 10/15/00
    Look for the Loch Ness Monster and visit a Scottish clan gathering and a whiskey distillery. Also includes a ferry ride.
  • 10/8/00
    Explore a classy mineral spa, a fancy casino and Germany's most romantic forest.
  • Caesar's Rome
    Episode 5
    Rome welcomes the new millennium spiffed up as never before. We tour Rome's ancient sights from the Forum and Colosseum to the glorious Pantheon. Then, after exploring the catacombs and a cat hospice, we track down the best ice cream in Rome.
  • 9/24/00
    After King Arthur country at Glastonbury, we go back in time to prehistoric Stonehenge. We sample hard apple cider in Wells, meet an eccentric lord in the Cotswolds, and visit an evocative ruined abbey in South Wales.
  • 9/17/00
    From the white cliffs of Dover to Land's End, we ponder Roman, Norman, and Nazi invasions. After exploring Admiral Nelson's flagship, we chase wild ponies across the moors and discover an ancient stone circle. For refreshment, it's cream tea and Cornish pasties.
  • 9/10/00
    Rick explores the famous sights of Paris, focusing primarily on sites and locales along the Seine. Working out of his base of operations on the Rue Cler on the Left Bank. He is joined by one of his friends, Marie-Alice, who gives Rick an introduction to shopping for food in Paris, including boulangerie (bakery), frommagerie (cheese shop), poissoniere (fish shop), and boucherie (meat shop).moreless
  • 9/3/00
    Rick goes on a journey to the countryside of Portugal, where he dines on barnacles, and marches with pilgrims on the anniversary of a miracle.