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Rick & Morty is an animated series that follows the exploits of an old genius and his dimwitted grandson. Based on "The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Maharti" the show was created by Dan Harmon (writer, Community) and Justin Roiland.

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  • Overrated show already but it might become the best sci fi show

    This is gonna be my first review that I'll give more specific details like describing the character, humor, animation, etc. I'm gonna do the same thing in other reviews especially the ones from 2011/early 2012. Anyway, Rick & Morty is an animated series that follows the exploits of an old genius and his dimwitted grandson. Based on "The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Maharti" the show was created by Dan Harmon (writer, Community) and Justin Roiland. My thoughts: I enjoyed Rick and Morty. One of my favorite shows for Adult Swim but not the best. Though this show is already overrated because I heard a lot of good things about it. This show is not flawless though since it does has its cons. I'll get to that after the pros. The pros are the theme song, the plots, the characters (most of them), and the science fiction genre being handled very well. Now, ironically, I really don't like science that much since it's hard like art, but sci fi made science enjoyable including this show and a few others sci fi shows. It interested me for the most parts and that's great about R&M. My cons are the following: Rick has a tendency to burp in the middle of a sentence and it gets annoying quickly. Also, is it me or the relationship of Morty and Summer's parents (Beth and Jerry) is one of the worst for a married couple? Like seriously, they're always fighting and stuffs and that what they pretty much do in almost every single episode. I'm not joking, they're even worse Homer and Marge, even Peter and Marge, and Timmy's parents from the Fairly OddParents. Other than those, it'd been a 10 if isn't weren't for a couple problems. Now on the specific side. Characters: Likable and hilarious. Rick (minus his constant burping) is such a hilarious character and has funny lines. Morty is not as funny as Rick but is likable as well. Summer is a great character but with a boring personality. Beth and Jerry aren't my favorites because they're just fighting over stuffs and it gets old fast (more than Rick's burping). 9/10 Story: The stories of these episodes are quite amazing and creative. 10/10 Writing: The writing team consists creators Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland, Ryan Ridley, duo writers Eric Acosta & Wade Randolph, Tom Kauffman, and writer assistant Mike McMahan. The writing is simply awesome. They know how they write risque jokes. 10/10 Humor: Nonstop. 10/10 Drama: It's there at times but I could care less. Especially that subplot in Rixty Minutes. 5/10 Voice acting: I love Justin Roliand's voice acting as usual because he's talented at it. Though I like Rick more because it's unique and gruff and Morty just have the voice of Oscar from Fish Hooks, making his personality too much like that character (since they're both awkward and constantly panicked). Spencer Grammar is OK as Summer and it's really not the best. Chris Parnell is OK as well, but he and Sarah Clarke's voice are too realistic and doesn't have a cartoonish voice but oh well. Additional voices are great as well and it's surprisingly the see the same voice actors you hear from the kid shows. Like The Simpsons, I'm not too gushy towards guest stars unless it has someone I know very well. So VA in this show is superb/ 9/10 Art: The art design is too much like Bob's Burgers but it is slightly better IMO. Character designs are not the best though. 8.5/10 Animation: In contract to art, animation is quite awesome especially during the climax scenes (much like Regular Show). 10/10 Last appeal: It might last as long as the Aqua Teen Force Hunger show since it is quite popular. Like that show, I'm probably expecting it last for more than 10 years and the writers might still fresh idea by then. 10/10 So, overall, Rick and Morty is kind of amazing (despite its couple flaws) show, even though it's very overrated and it gotten high praises in less a year. 9/10moreless
  • the best show adult swim made in years

    This show reminds me of the venture bros because the story plots are amazing the concept is a little futuramaich but over all great the voice acting is great i live how they soung when they react to stuff, the only problem is rick with his burping i know his drunk all the time but it takes away from the dialogue and it gets pretty i love this show am glad adult swim reached out or whatever instead of having one of their guys ruin a timeslot with some weird tim and eric knock off or having another seth macfarlane show there. THANKS! ADULT SWIM THANKS!.moreless
  • The best adult comedy of all time

    After relinquishing that title from South Park to Bob's Burgers just two years ago, I'm already changing again. The tag-team of Dan Harmon (creator of Community) and Justin Roiland (guy you've never heard of before) have created one of the wittiest, bravest and most sarcastic shows of all time. Rick & Morty holds nothing back, making it impossible for someone to sit through without laughing. The difference between Rick & Morty and others, is not only are the jokes funny, but the actual plot can make you laugh. This is something that's hard to find with a quality, and is a trait that South Park creators have made hundreds of millions of dollars off of. The only bad thing about this show is the first season only had 11 episodes!! But I can assure you they can be watched over and over again.moreless
  • I will never miss an episode.

    of course, DVR will bail me out of I fall asleep, but I love this show - brutally honest Rick is my favorite TV anti-hero...
  • Excellent satire and homage to 80s sci-fi films such as Back To The Future and Weird Science!

    Finally Adult Swim picks up show that isn't crap unlike their past attempts at garbage such as The Heart, She Holler and China, IL which were just terrible IMO. Hell I even hated The Oblongs, which doesn't even deserve all the good reviews it gets. Anyways, this is a great parody of Back To The Future! Basically it's Back To The Future meets Weird Science which was two of the best films from the 80s. The show is about a wimpy kid named Morty (who is like a wimpy version of Marty McFly) who gets dragged along with his grandpa scientist and best fried Rick (who is like a drunk version of Doc Brown) on these weird surreal adventures that involve all kinds of sci-fi adventures such entering one's dreams (ala Inception, A Nightmare on Elm Street) and going into space. Anyways, I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes Back To The Future, Weird Science or anything sci-fi. It's definitely one of the best AS shows since Robot Chicken and I hope it outlasts most of Adult Swim's other shows!moreless

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