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... BBC America has ordered a second season of Atlantis, the latest show from the creators of Merlin, following a record-setting debut on the network this past weekend. It's a quick pickup for the series, coming after only one episode, but have you seen it? It might be the most easily digestible action-adventure series on television today, and it even features Mark Addy as Hercules! And despite its name, the series does not take place underwater. Atlantis airs Saturdays at 9pm. [BBC America via press release]


... All you Glee fans out there are about to get a little lesson in the democratic process. To celebrate the upcoming 100th episode of the teen singalong comedy-drama, Fox is asking fans to vote for their 10 favorite covers that the show has done in the past, with the winners getting remixed and sung by the current cast in the milestone episode, which is set to air March 18. To cast your vote, go to this "Gleeks Choice" website. This has nothing to do with the possibility of a new Glee Greatest Hits Remix album that Fox could profit off of, by the way. Nothing at all. [Fox via press release]

... Hey look! Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't a disaster after all. Following worrisome slumping ratings after a bonkers start, the numbers for the last two episodes have slowly increased, hitting a 2.4 last week and a 2.5 last night after bottoming out with a 2.2 two weeks ago. [EW]

... Adult Swim has posted the entire first episode of Dan Harmon's new animated series Rick and Morty. It's pretty good! And it's full of all sorts of phallic images. [YouTube]


... Melissa Ponzio, recently seen in The Walking Dead as Karen/Pile of Ashwill guest-star on Chicago Fire. She'll play a love interest for Chief Wallace Boden. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Barbara Hershey will be returning to the Once Upon a Time franchise, this time in the spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She'll reprise her role as Cora, the Queen of Hearts, in a single March episode. [TV Guide]


... According to one of those trashy tabloids, former Bachelor Ben Flajnik is hooking up with the almost-twice-his-age Kris Jenner from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This is gross. [US Magazine]

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