Ricki Lake - Season 7

(ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Guess What? Our Feud Isn't Over...Today We're Back For More
    Eli, who wore dark glasses, and his wife, Kathy, came back for an update after Eli had called his daughter, Mandy, a tramp on a past show. Watch “Ricki” to get all the details.
  • Today I'll Drop The Bomb...This Secret's Gotta Come Out!
    Jose. who has fangs and eyes like a vampire, appeared on a previous “Ricki” show because everyone thought he was gay, but came back on this episode to prove he wasn't. His former roommate. Watch “Ricki” to get all the details.
  • Busted! Don't Be Fake on Ricki Lake
    Three “Ricki” guests who came on the show with a made-up story came on the show and were busted by Ricki and her staff! Watch “Ricki” to get all the details.
  • Brett and Trish
    Brett and Trish
    Episode 7004
    Brett told his girlfriend to get out of his life and denied her proposal, causing the audience and “Ricki” to feel bad for her. Watch “Ricki” to get all the details.
  • Angie Inspires Ricki
    Angie Inspires Ricki
    Episode 7003
    Ricki” granted the wish of a girl named Angie who had the virus that causes AIDS. Watch “Ricki” to get all the details.
  • I'm Ready For The Worst...Tell Me Your Secret!
    Shirley was hooked up with a much older Cowboy on The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show. Watch “Ricki” to get all the details.
  • Stop Smoking Pot...Or I'm Leaving You!
    This episode from season one featured women who wanted their men to stop smoking marijuana. Watch Ricki to get all the details.