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Ricky Sprocket

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From the creators of Bob and Margaret comes the story of Ricky Sprocket, a celebrity boy struggling with growing up in show business.

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Season 2 : Episode 14

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  • better than STUPID CHALKZONE

    Ricky Sprocket is actually a pretty decent show. WAY better than ChalkZone and My Gym Partner's a rating should get higher; it's very hilarious. Disagree with me, then YOUR THE REASON WHY NICKTOONS SUCKS THESE DAY!
  • If I was the manager of this boy, I will put myself out, and fire this boy in the process.

    One of the recognizable garbage of canadian animation industry.

    Plot: Ricky Sprocket, a 10, (or 8?) year old boy, is a showbiz celebrity. Now he makes things that are unusually annoying.

    Character: Bad. Obnoxious b*sta*ds. Voice acting is a little annoying.

    Humor: No humor at this show whatsoever.

    Art: If they're trying to be simplistic, make it bearable. They look like bottles. And the animation sucks.

    Overall: 0. This should have never aired on tv.moreless
  • another canadian import?

    This show had huge marketing for Nicktoons Network, yet it was created in Canada. So why did it get advertising on the Viacom.com homepage? Anyways, it was too stale, why do a cartoon about fictional celebrity life??? The second episode on the 1st show of Ricky Sprocket proved even more that it was just plain stupid.

    However, the ending on the first was happy, and the animation is domestic. But it just needs to say in a time of Britney Spears baloney....this show just needs to go to waste....

    It has too many cartoon cliches, which is typical of Candaian toons like Gene Simmons' "My Dad The Rock Star".

    I think the better toons in that country have to be based on a book franchise. Period.moreless
  • A kid who can burp on command........are the writers 4 year olds?

    The creators of bob and margaret made another award winner (sarcasm)! It's the one ,the only..............RICKY SPROCKET! Man this show is terrible. First off all the storylines are bad, the storylines make me want to puke. I made a reference in at the top about the episode of the kid who can burp on command (one of the many terrible storylines). Then there's all the movies you see during each episode of ricky sprocket and they are terrible, they make movies starring kids with a(what's a word I haven't used in a long time) half-baked storyline. like ricky as a superhero (he's done that twice), ricky as a caveman, ricky as a cop, ricky as a seaman, ricky as a farmer, ricky as a baseball player and is on a team with adults, and ricky as a fictional character who will annoy the crap out of you with his show.moreless
  • Once you can pass the horrible drawings and opening, is a more or less good show.

    Well, everybody did put an horrible score to this shw, and i started to think they did only see the opening song or the teasers.

    I hated this show a lot, before i saw it, but then i saw it and it was a more or less good show. It was not funny or or addictive, but it was a entretainig show.

    Is about Ricky, a boy that was also a famous actor. Is has good characters, because they are kinda realistic, everyone beeing neither good or bad. Snakewhatshappeningsnakeke.........

    Hi every body good bye ala ala ala ala ala ala ala ala ala.moreless

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