Ricky Sprocket

Saturday 12:30 PM on TELETOON Premiered Sep 08, 2007 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Grounded
      Episode 14
      Ricky gets wrongly accused of eating Leonard's Hawaiian nut brittle and is grounded. When the studio finds out, they do all they can to get Ricky off punishment.
    • Fan Club
      Fan Club
      Episode 13
      Ricky gets an overload of fan club letters so Fischburger decides to hire help. Kitten disguises herself and gets the job just to sabotage Ricky's fan base.
    • Relative Discomfort
      Ricky and Kitten appear on a new game show called Relative Discomfort which pits the Sprockets versus the Kaboodles.
    • Ricky Inc.
      Ricky Inc.
      Episode 11
      Ricky decides to take the summer off from his film career but ends up working the whole summer doing odd jobs.
    • Up Up and Away
      Up Up and Away
      Episode 10
      Ricky becomes self-conscious about his teeth after critic talks about his gaps. Ricky learns that a big float of him will be in a parade so he and his friends try to disguise his gaps.
    • Ricky Rolls Over
      Ricky Rolls Over
      Episode 9
      At a charity event, Harry the Hypnotist hypnotizes Ricky to act like a dog every time he hears the word "Action." This affects Ricky's film career so he has to hunt the hypnotist down and get him to reverse the hypnosis.
    • Ethelebrity
      Episode 8
      Ricky's sister, Ethel, gets a taste of stardom when she fills in for Kitten in one of Ricky's movies.
    • The Highest Bidder
      After Ricky's contract with Wishworks is up, rivaling company Knishworks Studios tries to get him to sign with them. It starts a bidding war between Fischburger and Larry Knish.
    • Ricky is History!
      After Ricky grades began to drop, his parents keep him from making anymore movies. He has a history project due and decides to do it on the history of show business.
    • The Survivors
      The Survivors
      Episode 5
      Ricky and Kitten must learn to work together when they have to film a movie on a deserted island.
    • Write for the Part
      Ricky gets a deal to write an autobiography of himself but because of his young age, he doesn't feel like he's done enough to write about. His friends make up all sorts of things and put them in the book. Ricky feels bad about the lies, so he sets out to do everything the book says he's done.moreless
    • Space Family Sprocket
      Ricky's family comes to visit him on the set and Bunny accidentally launches them into space.
    • Ricky Who?
      Ricky Who?
      Episode 2
      Ricky stumbles into a town that has never heard of him and he loves being treated like a normal boy for once. Fischburger isn't so thrilled so he makes sure that they know who Ricky is.
    • A Boy and His Bodyguard
      Fischburger hires a bodyguard to protect Ricky but the big guy is only ruining Ricky's life. Ricky does all he can to get the bodyguard fired.
  • Season 1