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  • funny stuff

    i am so funny

  • Love this show

    It not the greatest show out there but it is good to me. I really am a big fan of the show and I love the commentary they give on this show. Love the clips, the cast and the special guest (even though I only know a few of them at best). Overall I love this show
  • Mixed Laughs

    If I don't laugh with some makes me because of his comments, then there's channel, super cute and say "different" laugh. Sterling gives a push with his super funny comments. Love it!
  • A funny show with a few flaws.

    The show is funny. The clips they provide you with are great. But Rob Dyrdek gives super corny jokes. And Chanel is . She really isn't funny and her laugh is probably the reason sometimes people turn this show off. Sometimes this show is gold. But it's sort of rare to find the gold. Find a funnier host or some funnier writers.
  • the truth

    I like the show's clips i think they are hilarious but that blonde girl's laugh is extremely annoying!! I always end up changing the channel because her laugh gets me so mad!! She needs to get fired
  • ridiculous!

    The blonde is just revolting. I end up flipping her off and will then turn off tv every time i attempt to watch. so annoyed by her i felt compelled to post

    shaun white on the show plez i need to see him on it, i love snowboarding
  • amazing show & Funny!!

    this shows so funny, I enjoy laughing at people who get hurt ... I love this show!!
  • straight tuerck'd

    rob dyrdek throw my man ryan tuerck on your show hes a killah straight up holds it down on drifting sickest driver ever seen. coming from oahu hawaii please make a show for him thank you. he does some mean shit please put him up mahalo nui loa... in hawaiian thank you very much
  • The Blonde Ruins It

    Could be a funny show (husband loves it); but I just CAN NOT get past the blondes IRRITTATING laugh!! I hear her laugh, and it sounds like nails on chalk board!! INSTANTLY, I become irritated no matter how low hubby tries to turn volume down!! Either put a muzzle on her, or get rid off her!
  • amazing show

    this shows so funny needs to have the worldest best skateboarder on the set one time aka rodney mullens and tht annoying laugh tho
  • I f@cking Hate these host with a passion

    The clips of videos are ok like youtube based accident people falling etc suppose to be funny right ? Yes, Except the crash test dummy fake stupid blonde they have on the show is so bleep bleep bleep bleep dumb annoying and did I mention stupid. If you add up all her words on the entire series it would add up to one sentence. They can replace her with a dummy because that what she is. Rob carries the entire show he needs a better co host or get rid of this annoying cackaling hyena. I hope Rob is at least getting good bjs from this bit@h, that is if she can keep from fu#king lauging at nothing long enough , she even laughs at the wrong time when there is no joke punchline or anything funny happening at the moment. Somebody please get this bitch some cue cards on when to laugh. I was so mad I went through well actually my remote went through two tvs because of this show. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME DONT WATCH MTV CANCEL THIS SHIT SHOW PLEASE OR GET NEW HOSTS THATS WORTH CASHING A Check. Get different girls please with different laughs because this one is making you lose viewers with the most horrible laugh in the world!!!!!!! I GUESS SHE WOULD BE LAUGHING BECAUSE MTV IS DUMB ENOUGH TO PAY THIS DUMMY OR ROB IS.
  • Way Funny!!

    I enjoy the show because, I enjoy laughing at people who get hurt. Yes that sounds cruel, no I don't care. Like most everyone, when people do stupid things, they get stupid consequences lol. I watched this show one time and I was hooked! Now, I love this show!!
  • omg your funny af!!!!!!!!!!!

    rob your funny and chanel has a cute laugh and is cute
  • please get chanel off show!!!!

    love the show, chanel is useles besides good looks. put a mute button on that ANNOYING laugh!!!!!!! her laugh continuesley makes me change channel every time
  • Not even funny and he is a total rip off of Tosh.0. Tosh is funny! Ridiculousness is not!

    I saw this show once last year and it wasn't funny at all. If I don't find a show funny, then it really isn't since I laugh at almost anything! This show sucks! Above that, it is a total rip off of Tosh.0. Tosh.0 is one of my favorite shows! :) I love him. he's awesome and hilarious and Tosh also TELLS it like it is! Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0 and Rob Dydreck of Ridiculousness are like rivals and hate each other. They are like Saudi Arabia and Iran! Always at it with each other's heads and are rivals like one another! LOL. Tosh.0 is so much funnier and more entertaining. Rob is trying to rip off Tosh.0 since he is jealous of him, but HAHA Rob. Tosh is better. You suck! :P
  • 4hCw2hpWXQ

    nice hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Hot headed peeps and nut flossers

    u should show more hot head videos like u should a whole episode about hit headed people nd more nut flosser videos they're funny af I luv u Rob Dyrdek!!!!!!!!
  • A Teenage (Wanna Be) Tosh.0!

    I just saw this on my channel guide, so I decided to watch since Rob Dyrdek hosted.

    Well, he was the ONLY redeeming quality of this show. No wonder no one watches MTV anymore; and, I'm from the 'I Want My MTV' generation!.... The premise of this show is a teenage version of Tosh.0.... A cheap knock-off, at that! ... (I believe I can say this as I'm a fashion exec. on 5th Ave in NYC)... Wish I could give this a negative number for its review.

    . I typically refrain from reviews, but felt compelled to write this one.
  • wrong

    Mr u dont know funny when u see so no one cares wht u think
  • Daniel Tosh and Joel McHale need to end this blasphemy

    This show just sucks. The Soup and Tosh.0 perfected this format and concept. Ridiculousness takes what those shows have built and takes a giant dump on them. Dumbed down to the bottom feeders of the teen generation for mtv to attract viewers with "stars" like Lil Jon. It's targeted for the "swag" kids. If that's not enough of a warning, then I don't know what is.

    This show tries to be like Tosh.0 and it can't. Tosh.0 has surpassed the soup and Ridiculousness tries to do the same, and in the most swaggy disappointing way possible.
  • There are shows the steal, and shows that steal and ruin ...

    Clip shows are easy to make, and (usually) consistently funny. Tosh . O, the Soup, Web Soup, ... are shows that take the best of the internet, and bad television These clips are played, and the host usually narrates over or after the action with soft ball jokes that mixes more sweet than a fine Margarita. The problem we have with Ridiculousness, is that even with 2 extra "hosts" and the occasional special guest, No additional laughter is added. In my personal opinion, Rob Dyrdek actually ruins clips that would normal be filed under comedy gold. Mtv found a way to ruin a clip show, and Rob Dyrdek has made me ashamed of being a skateboarder,

    PS - The clips should get a 9, but Dyrdek and his awful friends bring this down below redemption
  • This show panders to the lowest 2%

    This show and its all-star "token" cast members are completely ***ed. This show with its dumb cast members laughing at material that is not funny at all, panders to the majority of the population that gets distracted by jingling keys or shiny things. This is a completely awful version of Tosh.0 that tries to be hip hop, but is a joke instead. At least Daniel Tosh is an actual comedian who is funny. Additionally unlike Ridiculousness' host, Rob Dyrdek, Tosh does not need two token cast members to fake laugh at all of his jokes.

    I've never seen a bunch unfunny of try-hards in one show like Ridiculousness. This says something about its followers because this atrocious show is now in its 3rd season. Good job America on a new low. This show is absolutely the worst on TV.
  • Awesome Show

    This is my favorite/funniest just love laughing at people that are stupid and hurt themselves LOL.
  • chanelle west bloes the whole coast

    show is awsome except that annoying west coast bytch her fucking stupid laugh is annoying and ruins the show someone should gag her she should not be allowed to laugh it is the dumbest lagh ever
  • Ricidulous is right.

    If you can stomach watching this show - you need help. Some of the stunts are funny, but the borderline pornography is beyond ridiculous for daytime TV. I hope this show is taken off the air soon. As if morals in this country aren't low enough - along comes this stupid show. Don't waste your time.
  • i love the show 100%

    the mac miller show i couldn't watch why i don't know maybe it had to do something with is a moron and need to get a "almost real job".... other than that everthing is great with show the way back to ROB & BIG ....
  • funny

    this show is very funny i love this show
  • Just ignore Chanel

    I actually really like this, it always finds a way to make me laugh. Rob's pretty cool and Sterling too, just do what I do and ignore Chanel or laugh about her. People are way too negative about this show..
  • MR. EM on MTV

    I think yall should do an episode were yall put eminem on ridiculousness because hes funny and always cracking jokes and whos sold more records in the last decade so plz as a shady and a ridiculousness fan do this
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