Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne

AT-X (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • This episode takes place immediately after episode five. Rin wakes up in Eipos' castle at the foot of Yggdrasil. Meanwhile, Mimi and Mishio desperately search for Rin only to encounter Tajimamori, former Guardian of Yggdrasil. They learn Eipos is Tajimamori's son and that he aims to become the new eternal Guardian. Tajimamori takes them to Eipos where Mimi and Mishio team up with a double-crossed Laura. It also emerges that Tajimamori is Rin's millennia-old love. Eipos then tries to force Rin to merge with Yggdrasil but she uses Kouki's time spore to break free. Eipos attacks them again but Rin (now the new Guardian of Yggdrasil) defeats him and forces him to consume Tajimamori and Laura's spores ending his life.moreless
    • 6/1/08
      It has been thirty years since Rin's death and it has taken her that long to regenerate but she has suffered retrograde amnesia as a result. Meanwhile, Teruki has become a successful businessman with a teenage daughter and Mimi is now a Buddhist nun. Laura is also still alive but now she is in an android body that looks like Rin and she is killing immortals for their time spores. Mishio (Teruki's daughter) finds out about Rin's existence and meets the amnesiac immortal by chance. Soon after Rin and her new fiancé are attacked by Laura and Rin's memories reemerge. She then escapes with Mishio to Teruki's estate. The pair then go in search of Mimi but when they arrive she has been captured by Eipos (who is then revealed to be an immortal-angel hybrid).moreless
    • 5/4/08
      It has been another two decades since Kouki's death and the episode opens with his son Teruki witnessing the murder of his online girlfriend when they try to meet in real life. He then contacts Asogi Consulting for help. Teruki is the attacked by laura and is shocked to find out about time spores and immortals. Meanwhile Mimi discovers that Ruon is an AI created by "Project L'Isle-Adam". Soon after this discovery the group is attacked by the military and Teruki is captured. When Rin goes to get him back she discovers that Ruon manipulated the military to get Teruki, the only person she cares about. After saving Teruki, Rin and Ruon struggle and the duo are sucked into the jet engine of a plane.moreless
    • 4/6/08
      It has been 20 years since Kouki started working for Rin and he is now happily married to Yuki with a young son. However, when he receives a mysterious call from a woman who wants to meet Rin it starts the investigators on the trail of a biological weapon from the second world war. Rin is soon captured and taken to the weapon's testing ground, a place known as 'Death Island'. This forces Mimi to contact Rin's informant to get information on her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Rin discovers that Sayara Yamanobe is still alive, in fact she is now an immortal. Kouki then arrives and consumes Shougo's time spore in order to save Rin and devour Sayara only for Eipos to arrive and kill them both.moreless
    • Angels Don`t Cry
      Episode 2
      One year has passed since the last episode and Rin is hired to find a very valuable postage stamp. Rin soon visits an old friend who owns one, only for him to be attacked and the stamp stolen. Meanwhile, Kouki meets a girl named Yuki Shimazaki who is looking for her missing brother, Shougo. He decides to investigate and soon finds out that Rin and Mimi are immortals because of the "time spores" inside their bodies. He also discovers that Yuki's brother has turned into an "angel" due to contact with the time spores. However, it emerges that angels are the natural enemies of the immortals. Rin must then track down the angel and reclaim it's time spore before it can hurt anyone else.moreless
    • 2/4/08
      While working on the case of a missing cat Rin encounters a strange man named Kouki Maeno, who believes his memory is a fake. He is also being pursued by a group of men from Aoyama Pharmaceutical company. Rin and Kouki infiltrate the company's lab only to be captured by the chief researcher, Sayara Yamanobe. Kouki is then revealed to be a runaway test subject from a cloning experiment. After being sadistically tortured by Sayara, Rin manages to heal her wounds and escape with Kouki. The next day Kouki arrives at the office with the missing cat and asks for a job.moreless