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  • Ring of Honor, an independent wrestling company that gets bashed for absolutely no reason at all.

    For most of 2007, I've been hearing people rave about this promotion Ring of Honor. So, I checked a few of the matches out and..........WOW. How could I have missed them for all of this time, man? Here are some of the matches I have seen:

    - Samoa Joe and Jushin "Thunder" Liger Vs Low Ki and Brian Danielson.

    - Ricky Reyes Vs Puma

    - Scramble Steel Cage Match

    - Jimmy Jacobs Vs B.J Whitmer (Steel Cage Match)

    - Nigel McGuinness Vs Marafuji (GHC World Title Match) - Pro Wrestling NOAH's most prestigious title being defended outside of Japan for the first time ever.

    - Christopher Daniels Vs Matt Hardy (shocking, isn't it? Matt was in ROH)

    And all of them were great. Not only that, the list of people who made appearances in ROH are something else. Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Abdullah The Butcher, Christian, Terry Funk, Paul Bearer, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Great Muta, Bobby Heenan, Dusty Rhodes, James Cornette, Eddie Guerrero. Simply put, the best of the best have been in ROH for a small period of time. Cool.

    Now comes to the point of this review: why in the blue hell do fans, TNA fans mind you, bash the living hell out of Ring of Honor? Why? I see no reason to bash them, and these are the reasons why:

    - They don't have a TV deal.
    - ROH is nothing more than a spotfest.

    That's it? That's the reason why they say Ring of Honor sucks????? Please.

    - TNA fans are just scared of the fact that their company is not doing well AT ALL.

    - They constantly brag about "They Are Wrestling" yet they have to rehash old gimmicks from the WWE, flood their roster with other wrestlers just to get ratings (which they aren't getting) and other stuff.

    - Their storylines are doing very badly, yet they talk crap about ROH not having storylines.

    - TNA is turning into their own WWE, with the fact that they suspended one of their wrestlers for wearing an ROH shirt during one of their house shows.

    - WWF, WCW, ECW (I think), NJPW, AJPW, and many other promotions. All of these have one thing in common. Various titles from other promotions have been defended all over the world. If TNA is "wrestling," why can't they do the same? Or better yet, have their titles defended overseas? Oh wait, their profits are bad, VERY bad. I rest my case.

    I can go on and on with some of the reasons why TNA is going down, and they fear Ring of Honor, but I won't. Honestly, if you are a real wrestling fan, you will like any promotion no matter what TV channel they're on or anything like that.

    This is Lightning_KF. And I'm out.
  • ROH Race to the Top Tournament Night 1 &2

    Review of ROH Race to the Top Tournament Night 2
    Quarter-Finals: Chris Hero vs El Generico ***1/2

    Hero comes out with Sweet N Sour INC. and showboats like he did during his first round match. Hero goes for the Hero's welcome. Generico reverse it into a backslide for the 3. Winner El Generico.

    Quarter-Finals: Davey Richards vs Pelle Primeau **

    Pelle gets some offense in during this match. Richards hits Pelle with a tombstone piledriver. Then he applies Keylock Clutch. Pelle taps out. Winner Davey Richards.

    Quarter-Finals: Brent Albright vs Jack Evans ***

    This was a good match. Jack goes over the top and lands on Albrights shoulder's but Albright can't hold on. Albright hits Jack and puts him on his shoulder and drives him through to table. Albright pins Jack and gets a2. Jack put his foot on the bottom rope. Evans then hits Albright with a 630. Albright's foot was on the ropes but the ref didn't see it. Winner Jack Evans

    Quarter-Finals: Claudio Castagnoli vs Mike Quackenbush ***1/2

    This was a fun and good back and forth match. Claudio gets the win via a running European Uppercut. Winner Claudio Castagnoli.

    Simi-Final: El Generico vs Davey Richards ***

    Davey works on the arm threw out the match and applies the Keylock Clutch but Generico gets his foot on the rope. Dave goes to the top turnbuckle. Then Generico goes up and hits him with a turnbuckle Brian buster for the 3. Winner El Generico.

    Simi-Final: Jack Evans vs Claudio Castagnoli ***

    Don't have anything really to say about this one. Jack gets old real fast after watching his first two matches. He does the same spots. Claudio wins after he hits the Ricola bomb. Winner Claudio Castagnoli.

    Six Man Mayhem: Jigsaw vs BJ Whitmer vs Kevin Steen vs Matt Cross vs Erick Stevens vs Hallowicked. ***1/2

    This was a good match. Everyone got their moves in during the match. Stevens ends up winning after he hit Jigsaw with a power bomb. Winner Erick Stevens

    $10,000 Tag Team Challenge: Team Bryan Danielson vs Team McGuinness ****

    Earlier in the show Bryan and Nigel picked their teams. Team Danielson: Bryan Danielson, Matt Sydal, Austin Aries, and Jay Briscoe. Team McGuinness: Nigel McGuinnes, Delirious, Roderick Strong, and Mark Briscoe. When team Nigel was coming down to the ring Delirious got into it with Strong. During the match both Mark and Jay got tagged in and went against each other for a while. Then they stopped and decided to get some beers. One by One everybody ran in and got doubled team by the Briscoes. TheBriscoes left the match.Later on Delirious and Strong got into it again and brawled in the back. Which left Nigel by himself. Nigel stayed in their for a while then the numbers advantage was to much for Nigel. Sydal went for the shooting star press but Bryan pushed him off and climbed to the top. Aries pushed him off the hit Nigel with the 450 for the win. Winners Team Danielson.

    Race To The Top Tournament Finals: Claudio Castagnoli vs El Generico ****1/2

    WOW this was an amazing match. Starts off with Claudio doing"HEY" and Generico with "OLE'". Good spots through out the match. Claudio hit a Ricola bomb for the win. WINNER Claudio Castagnoli.

    This was a very good show. If you can get only one night of the Race to The Top Tournament you should get this one. I liked the $10,00 Tag Team Challenge match a lot and I think they should bring this back. I liked all the matches and they had a funny segment with Bryan Danielson and Nigel Mcguinness. My only problem was the promos. They were really weird effects and looked bad. Overall this was a very good show get this with night 1. (select an action below) ______________ Moderate Delete Message Edit Message View Edit History Posted by EA_GUY, 09/23/2007 5:14pm 0 Comments Print Email Comment Tag Digg this Tagging Enter your tags below. Use commas to separate tags.
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    First Round Match: BJ Whitmer vs Pelle Primeau *

    Pelle tried to use his speed to gain an advantage on BJ but BJ got a hold of Pelle and used his power to gain the advantage. BJ gets into it with Rhett Titus (I think) while going up to the top turnbuckle. Pelle knocks him off and gets the win with a small package. Winner Pelle Primeau.

    First Round Match: Davey Richards vs Jigsaw **3/4

    Davey works on Jigsaws arm throughout the match. Jigsaw was basically using one arm for most of the match. Richards applies the Keylock Clutch. Jigsaw taps right away. Winner Davey Richards.

    First Round Match: Claudio Castagnoli vs Hallowicked ***

    This was a good back and forth match. Hallowicked needs more bookings in ROH. Claudio hits the Ricola bomb for the win. Winner Claudio Castagnoli.

    First Round Match: Matt Sydal vs Mike Quakenbush ***1/2

    Pre match Sweet N Sour INC. comes out with Sydal. Larry Sweeney does a promo saying how Sydal is getting offers from Japan,TNA, ROH and WWE. Sweeney says Sydal will have an easy match. Sweet N Sour INC. leaves. This match a slow paced with a lot of submissions. Quakenbush wins via a face plant (forgot what they called it). Winner Mike Quakenbush First Round Match: Erick Stevens vs Chris Hero ***1/2

    Erick Stevens comes out first (I see myself in the audience). Then Hero comes out with Sweet N Sour INC. They stay at ringside for the match. Through out the match Hero showboats. This was a good back and forth match close near falls for Stevens. Then Stevens hit the Sarasota Screwdriver it looks like he is going to win put Sweeney pulls the ref leg before the three. Stevens then starts chasing after Sweet N Sour INC. They all run into the ring. Stevens catchesDempsey. Hero comes from behind and hits the Hero's Welcome for the win. Winner Chris Hero.

    FIP Title Four Way Fray: Austin Aries vs Jimmy Rave vs Gran Akuma vs Roderick Strong(C) ***

    Aries comes out to a Huge "Welcome Back" chant. Aries goes after Strong in the begging of the match both of them go to the outside. Then Rave and Akuma are left in the ring going back and forth. The first elimination came when Aries was going for the 450 Strong pushes Aries off the top rope then all three men pile up on Aries for the 3 Aries eliminated. Then Rave puts Akuma in the Heel Hook and Akuma taps out. Strong and Rave are left in the ring Strong works on Rave's back then puts Rave in the Strong Hold forcing Rave to tap. Winner Roderick Strong.

    First Round Match: El Generico vs Delirious ***

    This was a fun back and forth match. The crowed was way into Generico. Delirious gets hit with two yakuza kicks then Generico gives Delirious a Brain Buster for the win. Winner El Generico.

    First Round Match: Matt Cross vs Brent Albright ***

    This was a good match. Don't have anything to say about it. Albright wins via a Crowbar. Winner Brent Albright,

    First Round Match: Jack Evans vs Kevin Steen ***3/4

    This was the best Fist Round match. Evans and Steen battle on the outside of the ring for a while. Steen hits Evans with a Senton bomb Evans kicks out at 2. Then Steen goes for a Moonsault Evans puts Steen in the tree of woe and hits Steen with a double knee drop.Then Evans and Steen battleon the top of the turnbuckleEvans pulls him down and Steen lands hard on his head Evanspull Steen over to the turn buckle and hits a 630 for the win. Winner Jack Evans.

    ROH Tag Team Title Match: Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness vs The Briscoe Brothers (C) ****

    Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness comes out first. Then the Briscoes come out (See myself in theaudience again). All four men in the ring. They first announce Nigel McGuinness. Then the announcer was going to announce Danielson but before he does. Danielson walks over and tell him to announce that he was going to be the next ROH champion. Then they announce the Briscoes. The Briscoes gain the advantage on Nigel in the begging. Bryan ask Nigel if he needs help. Nigel tags in Bryan. All four brawl. Nigel and Bryan get the advantage.Nigel hits Jay with the tower of London. Jay thentags in Mark theBriscoesgo for a spring board doomsday device which is reversed.Dragon locks in the cattle mutilation but it is broken up by a big splash from Jay Briscoe.Nigel hits the top rope mounted lariat. He get only 2 it was broken up. The Briscoes regain control and hitthe sidewalk slam/legdrop combo only gets two. Another double team by the Briscoes. Mark goes for a shooting star press Nigel gets his knees up. Danielson hits a suplex on Jay.Nigel and Dragon get the upper hand and try for the rebound lariat and roaring elbow, Nigel is hit by Dragon and gets rolled up for three. I went to this show live . This was a solid show. If you are an ROH fan you should get this show with night two.
  • A promotion that is arguably the best in the entire wrestling business right now

    It seems that a lot of people don't appreciate this small, young promotion. Maybe it's because WWE or TNA have poisoned their minds and see them as inferior because they are smaller, have women that can wrestle and don't run angles that make no sense. However, if wrestling promotion's sizes were decided by the quality of the in-ring product, then ROH would be head and shoulders above the rest. You won't get near naked women stripteasing here, you won't have your intelligence insulted like other wrestling promotions do, and you won't have stupid angles where the owner makes himself the focus of the company. Quite frankly, if you bash Ring of Honor without seeing the truly clasic matches that have turned this company from performring in front of a few hundered fans into running on PPV, then you can't call this company bad. But maybe some fans have too short of an attention span to appreciate good pro wrestling. And I'm sure they are the one's bashing the product. But when it gets down to it, TNA and WWE can't touch this company in terms of good wrestling, and in a few years time I'm sure loads more people will be talking about this small company.