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Episode 14: Whores dont make that much cash

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    [1]Feb 22, 2012
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    This episode had a couple of pretty good scenes - the car crash scared the heck outta me even though I knew it was coming, the dude tricking Malcolm with the key ring (I wonder what is going to happen there) and Juliette's mum creating the whole rape plan. I honestly thought that would have been Siobhan standing there.

    Honestly, I dont know if I have ever watched another show with so many twists and turns. I am enjoying Ringer.

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    [2]Feb 25, 2012
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    Andrew: "Juliet, do you still think you can be happy here ?"
    Juliet: "I love this apartment."
    "I mean, here with me and Siobhan in New York."
    "As opposed to what?"
    "Hypothetically, let's say you could go live with your mother for a while."
    "Okay.... sure. Let's pretend for a second that this is a universe
    in which my mom actually wanted me around. Hypothetically.... Yeah."

    This part is really, really good.

    The Sean scene is heart-breaking. But according to Siobhan's life style, there
    might be good chance that she have more children yet to show up.... alive....

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