Season 1 Episode 22

I'm the Good Twin

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2012 on The CW
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    Ringer Ends with All Its Cards on the Table

    The season (and maybe series) finale did more than just finally off Macawi. But all of its steps in the right direction were likely too little, too late.

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    As the date of the vow renewal approaches, Bridget decides she needs to reveal her true identity to Andrew. Meanwhile, with Bodaway Macawi closing in on Bridget, Agent Machado is forced off the case, and Henry struggles with the decision to tell Bridget the truth about Siobhan.


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    • season breaks make you loose

      Ringer is no more, the actress is now playing as a daughter to Robin Williams... they do look like father & daughter... but Ringer was great... only thing I'd forget the time it would come on because of it being off for awhile... hate that with ALL THE SHOWS THAT LEAVE THAN COME ON.... like Dr. Who, Doc Martin... hate when they leave you hanging because you get caught up in something else & when they come back it's like trying to catch it & you forget after all that time not being on... also they had that show Wittney on another channel that I liked..moreless
    • 1.22 "I'm the Good Twin"

      This was hands down the second best episode of the show, right up there with the Pilot. I loved almost everything about it - except the fact that it might be the series finale and they had so little time to wrap things up. But the most interesting thing about it is that the both sisters actually met the same faith - they are both completely alone and broke. And oh, Bodaway almost kills the wrong girl, then the right girl Bridget finally ends his pathetic criminal life with a single shot, Henry shows is vicious side and kicks Siobhan out, steals her cash. Andrew kicks Bridget out after she finally comes clean, even Juliet tells her that she is far worse person than her mom. Ouch. But seriously, did she expect them to just forget the fact that they have been living with a complete stranger who is running from FBi for the past 7 months? No, not at all. All in all - perfectly satisfying finale. 9,5/10moreless
    • Just a taste of what's left to put really everything in the clear

      When I heard that the series had ended, I couldn't believe. Why? Not enough audience? Once more audience rate wins against fans interests. Pity...

      If I knew I hadn't started following it...
    • Ho hum.

      As soon as I saw a Twin Peaks-style flash to Bodaway and then heard Andrew trying to recite a poem, I knew this episode was doomed just as the series itself is doomed.

      The first few episodes of this show had such promise and then it disintegrated into a whole heap of farcical nonsense. Why didn't the writers and producers leave well enough alone and allow the show to go along smoothly and sensibly? It is such a shame because it showed such promise.

      I wish the actors good luck in the future and hope to see Sarah turn up again soon.moreless
    • Siobhan, "The Good Twin"? hah!

      Ah Ringer. How it wrapped up all those loose ends was truly superb. And SO enjoyable to watch. [SPOILERS ahead]

      I love that Bridget came out so honestly in the end. Hurt, yes, but that was to be expected. Maybe Andrew and Juliet will come around later on? --Yes, I'm living a fairytale where I think season 2 will happen! And I'm so glad that Bridget knows that Siobhan is alive (...and realizes that Siobhan hates her guts). I'm also glad Macawi is out of the picture ...but ON a different picture (get it!? Cause he's splattered on Shivs massive, torn, portrait! Ok yuck, I'm sorry). Also, WAY to go Henry with kicking Siobhan outta his life, or at least trying to ...it's probably not the best idea to piss that girl off though, she is THE GRUDGE (hah) holder.

      Anywhoo, supposing there is a season 2, I'm so interested to see how Siobhan expects to get her life back. She DOES have Andrew's twins... they're his, right?! But when Andrew finds out Shivs is alive and sees her again, he'll still be mad about the cheating, no? Or will Bridget get to talk with him first? Hmm... also where is Malcolm?? I assume dead? And I wouldn't mind... I don't understand where he would fit anymore. And Bridge is a free bird! Or wait, the Gemma murder still points to her, no? Hmm. You'd think Henry would ask her about that and possibly turn her in?

      Ah well. Who knows. I shall cross my fingers and hope for Season 2 ...and maybe start a chant:

      SEASON 2! SEASON 2! SEASON 2! SEASON 2! SEASON 2! C'mon SEASON 2!moreless
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