Season 1 Episode 21

It's Called Improvising, Bitch!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2012 on The CW

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  • Much more twists & turns than you ever see on General Hospital.

    Really. It was such a fun episode, one of the best. Many things were crystal clear predictable, but I still enjoyed it and I was surprised to see Kath in cahoots with Lady Olivia because I have forgotten all about that slut :D but their story line was refreshing and I liked it. So many lesbians on TV shows at the moment. But those two were such a great villain duo that they deserved to have a big send-off like this, it was their episode. Good job, Andrea Roth and Jaime "Hot" Murray. 9.0/10
  • Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse ...

    Save us all from mediocre scripts, appalling acting and vowel sounds from Catherine which set my teeth on edge. There are so many people in this show mixed up in so many things that it's actually a relief that it's coming to an end. You cannot expect a show with about twenty plots to be able to work. People's brains don't function in that way. I'm surprised the actors aren't all seeking therapy due to their own personal confusion.

    And could somebody please tell me why on earth Catherine had most of the screen time again this week? The show is ending for goodness sake, let the MAIN cast say a word or two instead of having her pontificate all the time. It's really getting a bit old.

    One more to go. I hope they can manage to pull out a few stops and wrap it up properly.
  • Improvisation Class...

    So Ringer continued its row of utterly confusing episodes while trying to tie every loose end together. Which is kind of honourable, since the end is certainly nigh, however, why? I mean why did this show plan to create such a spiderweb of ridiculous ideas to begin with? And then this episode was another one that had to cut through like every other scene to insert a flashback moment to explain the characters' motives or whatever. I guess we already know that Catherine is crazy...

    Let's take a quick look at the episode: So we started where the last episode had called it a day, Catherine letting her inner psychopath come out and play. Unfortunately, Bridget-Siobhan didn't want to play and just passed out after drinking Catherine's drug-spiced tea. Well, Catherine had to see a therapist anyways, so... good for her, bad for Bridget because obviously she didn't read any tabloids recently and therefore didn't know you don't mix drugs and baths... Luckily, Catherine had because she quickly wrote a suicide note. No one will call that an accident!

    Well, then Ringer got back to its trademark of well-thought-out ideas gone wrong. First off, Catherine realized the phone, THE PHONE, that would ruin like everything was no longer in her purse and she had to go back. And then Andrew came back. Obviously, he had exciting news and I assume Henry's father-in-law had just introduced an idea to fix the Ponzi scheme problem. I found it pretty hilarious that he explained Catherine's irratic behaviour who didn't want him to go to his room. I mean that's the recurring theme in this show and the only reason Bridget got away with her little identity theft. Hey, Siobhan, you are like a different person all of a sudden. Don't be alarmed, I'll think of a ridiculous explanation. She fooled everyone, except Malcolm 2. I miss Malcolm 2 :(...

    However, Andrew did find and rescue Bridget and Catherine had to improvise...

    Meanwhile, Agent Machado had to answer some questions to his FBI buddies about who cares, he was not supposed to ruin Catherine's hostage party. Siobhan made a second attempt on bribing the key witness in Henry's murder case and this time she brought more money because the maid was in fact a high-end prostitute. Funny enough, she didn't need it because while Siobhan was waiting in a closet to continue their conversation, the prostitute welcomed a client and overdosed on drugs he had brought along. Just in time I may add because Siobhan was about to give silent birth to her twins. After the prostitute's death Siobhan did find her way to a hospital where she had two girls.

    Catherine's party got a little more crowded when the FBI showed up to check on the Martins, but Andrew convinced them everything was just peachy and no one pointing a gun at his wife in their bedroom. However, after the FBI had left, Juliet came back because there are just so many errands you can run for your crazy mother and joined the party. And then the big revelation of this episode came along: Catherine had been working with Olivia all along! Well, the past six weeks after they started sleeping together. Why? I don't know, I guess Jaime Murray had been under contract for another episode. However, Catherine was so distracted talking to Olivia that Bridget remembered where she had left THE PHONE and got Juliet to bring it to her and called Machado's number so he could listen in...

    To sum it up, Bridget convinced Catherine to go with her to Olivia, there Machado was already waiting, and Bridget saved Machado's life by throwing Catherine down who lost the gun and ran. While Machado was taking a power nap, Bridget got hold of the gun, up to her feet and ran after Catherine, threatening to stop her at all means necessary. However, Catherine told her it wasn't in her to kill her, but lucky for Bridget, Machado had waken up and arrested Catherine. And while he was dragging her away, Catherine furiously snapped at Bridget and hit the bull's eyes by asking her whose life could be so pathetic they'd have to live somebody elses? Yeah, I guess we'll talk about that next week...

    Oh well, this episode could have been nice if it wasn't for over-achieving and over-creative writers, not to forget the overly use of poorly placed flashbacks. At least they are done with the let's kill Bridget-Siobhan plot, unless next week marks the return of Macawi for another showdown. Well, you'll never know with this show, I honestly, I don't care anyway anymore...
  • Wow Indeed!!!!!

    I totally agree with Scotty, it was an amazing episode. It kept me on the edge of my seat all 39 minutes long. which, by the way, was way too short!!!

    Can't wait for next week to see how it all pans out....I really hope Andrew and Bridget get together for real, but I am a bit afraid about the paternity test....what if the twins are Andrews?

    I really hope there comes a second season, there is way too much story to tell for just another 40 minutes....
  • WOW, and I mean WOW

    What an amazing episode, best of the hole season! Catherine was magnificent! She is the most interesting character for me, she never disappoints. And is it weird if I kinda feel sorry for her, because I feel like she was pushed to the limit by Andrew and Shiobhan, and I would love if she would get a chance to redeem herself, that would be a perfect season finale for me, so fingers crossed. And special shout out to Andrea Roth for amazing performance, she was truly great in every scene and every episode!
  • It's Called Improvising, Bitch!

    "It's Called Improvising, Bitch!" was a perfect penultimate episode of Ringer and I really enjoyed watching and though I admit the surprises weren't terribly jaw dropping they were interesting. There was more of Catherine and Olivia's back stories adding depth to their characters. I liked the suspense as Catherine was holding her hostages. The real Siobhan witnessed her own crime and went into labor. There were many other interesting surprises and plot twists but the episode wasn't as epic as I expected, but I still respected and liked this episode a lot! I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • One of those "I knew it" moments

    Well, Olivia just seemed manipulative from the start. I seriously doubt she actually loves Catherine, but never mind. However, Catherine's remark at the very end... well, it was cutting to say the least. Can't wait for the final episode. I still believe that those two crazy kids, Andrew and Bridget, can find a way to work it out. I mean, she never cheated on him, Siobhan did... 'Course it will be a bit weird at first and he'd be forgiven for wanting some time and space to deal. That is why we need a second season people!!! I really do love this show!
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