Season 1 Episode 19

Let's Kill Bridget!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 2012 on The CW
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    Ringer: Time Keeps on Slippin'

    This show continues to flub its big moments, and "Let's Kill Bridget!" had some of the worst pacing and time jumps we’ve seen all season.

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    Bridget decides that the best option to protest her safety is to testify against Bodaway Macawi. Meanwhile, Agent Machado gets suspended from the FBI. With Henry's patience for Siobhan's plan growing thin, tells her she needs to give up her revenge plot or they cannot be together.


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    • A Time To Be (Mostly) Bored.

      As this show moves towards the end, it seems to be getting worse. The scripts are so convoluted and the plot twists so numerous that following it is quite a chore. I was bitterly disappointed in this one as I felt we achieved nothing once again except a very credible acting performance by Zoey Deutsh. The scenes between herself and Sarah Michelle Gellar are usually well done but all of the dozens of sub-plots which have been introduced in the last few episodes have been annoying and unnecessary. The phrase "Less is more' should certainly be applied here because it is too time consuming to invest onesself in extra plots and information this late in the game.moreless
    • Love Ringer

      i have loved Ringer ever since i started watching it,it's my second favorite show after The Big Bang theory,and third is Nikita,I love them all but i like The Big Bang Theory a bit better than Ringer,and Ringer a bit better than Nikita.I love all episodes from these three shows.
    • Let's Kill Bridget

      Let's Kill Bridget was a perfect episode of Ringer and I really enjoyed watching because the character and plot development was awesome. The story was well crafted and intriguing with the depth of drama along with subtle twists. It was interesting to see Catherine be played at her own game and what was revealed about her in the end was interesting though to be expected. I felt bad for Machado who lost his job over trying to do the right thing and this episode vindicated his character. I didn't really understand the part where Siobhan and Bridget actually come face to face unless the next episode builds up to it as well. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • Absolutely amazing!!!!

      I totally disagree with the one before me, I was absolutely stunned with what I saw!!!

      And I totally never suspected Catherine to be behind the hit on Siobhan, though I sincerely hoped it wasn't Andrew.

      I really can't wait for next weeks eisode, I wish they would just give them to us all at once so I do'n't have to wait another week!!!!

      I really hope it all works out, Bridget and Andrew live happily ever after and Malcolm returns from somewhere....

      I'd say, Bring it on....

    • Yes, please?

      Just for once I'd wish Ringer would actually tell a straight story without laughing at me in the end. Just for once. So I actually rooted for someone to shoot one of the twins to the heart. Just for once I wanted it to be real and don't see another ridiculous twist and turn...

      Well, of course no one died during this episode. Nothing else than my patience. However, Ringer tied some loose ends, but in its very own way, by presenting a row of fake-outs.

      So Henry got arrested for killing Siobhan's pet forgothisname. Funny enough, his father-in-law turned him in to protect his fundings with Andrew's firm after Henry had told him about the Ponzi scheme. I guess because that's what rich people do? What a messed up relationship. However, I've lost interest in Henry's character, so go to prison or not...

      Juliet confessed her little ruse about faking a rape story to her father and he did what rich people do in these cases (I guess) and tricked his ex-wife into paying him the money back. Funny enough, he used Juliet for this scheme as well as Catherine had done for her little game.

      And Agent Machado got himself suspended. He had it probably coming because he was one of the worst cops on TV...

      Siobhan had a big revelation this episode. Her twin sister is living her life in a better way than she ever could. The show used a dream sequence or scene from the future for this finding. I'm not completely sure. I'd say dream, but with its track record it could be something completely different...

      And then there was Bridget who realized she now had to keep a promise she had given a while back. Just after she found out that Machado was so determined to get Macawi to pay for her friend's death because he had been in love with her. So she suggested to Machado that Bridget pretending to be Siobhan would pretend to be Bridget and make her statement. So ridiculous it would work. And get Macawi off Siobhan's back. However, Machado had another idea and suggested to pretend Bridget's death. Didn't go quite as planned because a real killer tried to intervene, failed and got killed, and Bridget ruined a pullover with fake blood. The big revelation followed, the killer was not Macawi's man, it was someone who had tried to take out Siobhan months ago. And just for us, the audience, Ringer presented the one who had ordered the hit. Catherine, Andrew's ex-wife. At least it looked that way, but you never know with this show ;)...

      Well, what can I say. This could have been a mildly entertaining and suspenseful episode, but the show gave away its potential by overloading it with fake moments, wrong timing, bad character work... I'm so fed up with all these false leads I don't want to pay attention anymore. I assume they try to make it look like we have to deal with a very smart show that's unpredictable, but it's in fact just trying to disguise bad writing. Unfortunately, I've reached a point with this show I either despise or have lost interest in every single storyline, as well as any commitment to its characters. At least there are only three episodes left for this season. *Yawn*moreless
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