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  • What's happening?

    I really do not understand how it is we have come to this point, have we really become so pathetic as a society that we actually prefer watching reality TV with shows such as the real house wives of where the hell ever, or Honey Booboo with some kid and her family getting rich to run around and show the world just how classless her family is (not that anyone needs a TV show to see that lol). Really is this what we care about, is this what holds our interest, we can not get into an actual Drama with a story line and something to actually hold our interest and get our minds working in a way,even if it was fiction. I really can not understand just how we have come to care so much about reality TV, what is with this need everyone seems to have with wanting to see inside the lives of the supposed rich and famous, really who cares how the Kardashions, real house wives of any place and really anything or anyone else lives their life, these people act above it all, use people and act like clothes worth thousands are disposable products when people are starving and dye daily due to exposure. I personally find it sick not entertaining and I really think we need to see this for what it really is, putting more money in the pockets of the undeserving to watch them act like fools and spoiled know that we are better than this and we should not give in to this erg, I get how it can be alluring to see the awesome stuff and knowing that celebs have life issues is a comforting thought but we need to see it for what it is and realize that it's all scripted, your not really getting to know these people, this is bs and people need to stop watching and start giving normal TV a chance again, maybe then shows with a bit of interest to them such as ringer might stand a chance. I know people will eventually grow sick of reality TV but until that day comes we will continue to give the undeserving such as the Kardashions fame and fortune that they don't deserve and only earned bc people like you watch their shows and people who have worked their asses off to make a name and rep as an actor/ actress have to deal with cancelations and stuff, it's BS.
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