Season 1 Episode 2

She's Ruining Everything

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on The CW
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Bridget scrambles to find a way to cover up a crime she recently committed, while still leading everyone to believe that she is Siobhan Martin. Bridget's past starts to catch up with her, however, when FBI Agent Machado decides to stay in New York City and investigate Siobhan's life. As Bridget's web of lies becomes more and more tangled, she lets Malcolm in on her her secrets, which puts his safety at risk. Andrew and Olivia, his business partner, throw a party in search of new clients, which throws a wrench into Bridget's plans. The fighting between Gemma and Henry grows more intense as Gemma continues to uncover signs that suggest Henry is having an affair.


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  • Suspenseful.

    Deffinately better then the previous episode.

    In this episode, Bridget triest to hide the man she killed and escape but she's held back by the people in her sister's life.

    The storyline is starting to come together in a more persuasive way. I mean the way the pilot was handled felt rushed, as if they're trying extremely hard to sell the plot. This episode is more confident. The characters are developing slowly, but I think the fact that alot is still a mystery disables proper character development. Especially since it's only the second episode. We do know alot about Sibhon though and there's a big question mark on Bridget. The main question that keeps rushing through my head is, "Is Bridget good or bad?"

    Anyway, the show seems to get better and better and I'm excited for episode 3.moreless
  • It's getting better...

    An episode in which I really thought I was going to get to see SMG hack up a body with some power tools. (I'm sorry, but that would have been such a treat.) ((Spoilers included.)

    -So now we have Bridget, who is now a murderer (in self defence of course), still posing as her (not so) dead sister Siobhan.

    -She's calling Malcolm. Why are you calling Malcolm? I understand that she's alone and scared, but when you're on the run from the cops, trying to be someone else, no... just no. Especially don't leave him EFFING VOICE MAILS. Bad, Bridget, bad.

    -Okay so she's going to go take a ton of money out of Siobhan's bank account, and run away to him to try to figure out what to do. Seems obvious that that's not going to work...

    -And whaddayouknow? It doesn't! She finds out that the cocktail party is going to be in the loft.. yes, the loft where the body is. UH-OH, BRIDGET!

    -So, back at the loft, she stuffs the body in a trunk which is being used as part of the decorations.

    -Our detective friend is determined to figure out what Siobhan/Bridget is hiding, so she throws him out of the party. But I have a feeling he should be the least of her worries?

    -Just as she's going to take off to see Malcolm again, she finds Juliet throwing up after taking some drugs, so she stays to help her. I like that.

    -The body vanishes by the end of the episode? Okay, so maybe I did see that part coming.. but I have no idea why the body vanished! Did his accomplice find him and take his body? Does someone else involved with the loft (like Gemma?) have something to hide and doesn't want the police poking around? I absolutely love that I don't have any idea what the answer is. We don't know the characters well enough to know what they might be up to. And for all of you who are saying a lack of character development is what's hurting the show, this is where I disagree. If the supporting characters developed too quickly, I have a feeling that we'd learn way too much much too fast. Remember that we're learning about all this at the same pace Bridget is. She doesn't know friend from foe yet, so neither do we.

    Other Thoughts

    -This episode was a lot better than the pilot. Better writing, not as jumpy, not as confusing. I hope it can build off of this.

    -Ooooh the suspense. There really is a little twist around every corner. Just when you think Bridget is going to get out of there, BAM not so fast.

    -I really want to love Bridget. But if all I ever see is the drunk and depressed Bridget, I'm never going to love her. If I can't love the character(s), I can't love the show. Simple as that. The moment at the end was nice. We need more of those..

    -I still feel like there's just a little too much going on here.

    -I don't know why, but I feel like Malcolm just needs to go. He feels like such an empty bodyguard character to me, and he just annoys me.

    -I couldn't stop laughing when the big guy plopped himself down on the trunk that held the body. IT"S AN ANTIQUE!!!!!!! Is that right?

    I definitely like this enough to keep watching, but it needs to keep improving. I need to really start to like Bridget, or else I won't really care what happens to her. I'm hoping something big happens in the next episode!moreless
  • the best show on TV

    twists galore, nerveracking drama, superb acting without a flaw. well done cw, you should be proud of yourself. as for sarah michelle geller one of the best actresses out there. please, please please do not ever cancel this show, its my favourite, let it run for another few years at least.
  • A little less confusing and more grounded than the pilot.

    This episode was easier to follow than the pilot as Bridget learns more about the death of her sister. I still think the script writing could be stronger but I'm hoping that all of that will improve as the season progresses.

    A couple of strong guest stars would be a good idea too as that always helps any show. I would like to see it succeed but I think if it is to be picked up again, several things will have to improve, and, as I said, most particularly the scripts.

    Having said all that, I'll watch the next episode and see how that goes. Things just may be better with time.moreless
  • This is much more better than the Pilot episode much more.

    This episode was entertaining and has some moremystery. I love the acting and story in this episode it made me want more and more from Ringer. The way SMG played the two twins was great in this episode she proves to all of us that she is not just a pretty face but an amazingly good actress. Most of all the loved the ending it was so mysterious and heartfelt between Bridget and Andrews daughter. gonna watch the next episode when i have some free time and i will tune in for the forth episode as well rather than dvring it.moreless
Tony Pasqualini

Tony Pasqualini

Bank Manager/Mr. Atkins

Guest Star

Grace Rowe

Grace Rowe

Bank Teller

Guest Star

John Paul Karliak

John Paul Karliak

Party Planner

Guest Star

Tara Summers

Tara Summers

Gemma Butler

Recurring Role

Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray

Olivia Charles

Recurring Role

Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch

Juliet Martin

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, Reese Witherspoon wore the same dress that Gemma was wearing at the party.

    • When Bridget considers leaving a message for Malcolm at the beginning of the episode, his phone number is listed as (307) 555-0179. The 307 area code covers all of Wyoming.

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    • Featured Music:
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      "Hold On" by The Chain Gang of 1974
      "Little Deschutes" by Laura Veirs
      "Submarine" by Hattie Murdoch Das Kapital
      "Televised" by Calla
      "Who Are You Really" by Mikky Ekko
      "You Showed Me" by The Watson Twins

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 23, 2011 on Global
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