Season 1 Episode 17

What We Have is Worth the Pain

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2012 on The CW

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  • Another evil twin emerges...

    Why do I have a constant feeling of missing a few episodes between new installments? Yeah right, because they build episodes out of cliffhangers they don't resolve. I can't follow stories you pause in the middle (conveniently when it's about to get interesting) and then act like it never happened...

    So we started right off where last episode had ended: a sinister looking Andrew (who had found out Malcolm most definitely knew about his Ponzi scheme) knocked on Malcolm's door - wait, this is Ringer, we don't do that on this show. In fact, they completely forgot about Malcolm's existence for like 30 minutes of that episode. Even Agent Machado, and he was the one who promised Malcolm to get right on a plane and fly to New York because Malcolm wanted to help bringing down Macawi...

    Well, I guess there was just no room to continue Malcolm's storyline because they needed to introduce Andrew's evil twin. Yeah, that's my interpretation of what this show is doing because every character is absolutely inconsistent. Andrew I, loving and caring family man, and then Andrew II, evil, murder-plotting monster. These things don't go with each other...

    So Andrew II showed up in flashbacks (and at the end of last episode I guess) when Siobhan told Henry about her motives for sleeping with that not-brother guy, she had been sleeping with and who had just been murdered last week. It was just a part of her plan of getting her sister killed by her husband and bringing Andrew down (not without taking his money I assume). In these flashbacks, Siobhan confronted Andrew about the Ponzi scheme and he threatened to kill her. Henry was all forgiving, probably because of the unborn twins he assumes are his? (I hope we will see his face when they look like Andrew I and Andrew II). However he acknowledge that Siobhan's plan was insane (haha, most intelligent thing he's said so far)...

    Meanwhile, Bridget teamed up with Malcolm II to find Malcolm I and I thought it was pretty funny Malcolm II pointed out he already figured out she was not Siobhan when she wanted to confess her little, well executed ruse. Loved his explanation because, well, isn't it obvious? However, I'd like to see everyone else's explanation why they didn't ;)... Of course, they didn't succeed because a) Malcolm is dead and buried or b) he plots to uncover Juliet's scheme. Who knows with this show?

    Apropos Juliet: she discovered the real culprit behind her friend's attack. It was surprise, surprise her mother. So she left her and returned to her father to give him a speech about how important family is. She conveniently erased his murder feelings that were arising after a short visit from Siobhan who pretended to be Bridget-Siobhan to tell Andrew that she would bring him and his company down (of course it was just another page from her playbook to get her sister killed. Her words to Henry: If he doesn't want to kill her now, he never will.) That's actually pretty funny, because she was talking to Andrew I and he is the good one. He realized he wanted to get back together with Bridget-Siobhan, renew their vows and left to find her.

    Meanwhile, Bridget received a text from Malcolm who wanted to meet her in the loft. However, there was just Andrew and a bullet waiting. White Knight Andrew jumped in front of Bridget though and took the bullet to save her. Oh, poor Andrew, I hope you make it, you're the good one! I think it's save to assume it was Siobhan's evil, unborn twin who has aunty issues...

    To sum it up: another ridiculous episode...
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