Rip Curl Pro Search

Fuel TV Premiered Oct 27, 2009 Unknown


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Rip Curl Pro Search

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Rip Curl Pro Search from Fuel TV is an annual tournament involving some of the world's greatest surfers. Each year, Fuel TV takes these surfers off to find the best, most secret wave breaks on earth. Every season introduces a new exciting break. Any surfer will drool over the beautiful barrels carved out by some of the marvelous tides that the Rip Curl Pro Search finds. Some locations the competition has been held at include Puerto Rico, Portugal, Australia, Reunion Island, Chile and Africa. The tournament itself works like any ordinary surfing competition. Surfers are matched up one on one, judge for points, and the person with the most points advances. Surfers gain points by spending time far back in the barrel of the wave and doing aerials and grinds on the lip of the wave. When the best surfers in the world display these skills on the most beautiful waves on earth, the outcome is stunning!

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