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  • "Ripcord" taught the importance of parachuting/skydiving safety to everyone

    Learning safety in parachuting/skydiving with the audacious and brave "Ripcord" men, the colorful and youthful Ted McKeever (the late Larry Pennell) and his older mentor and partner Jim Buckley (the also late Ken Curtis), is something vital and important to any real life parachutist/skydiver.
  • A favorite show in my grade school years

    I remember watching this show. I think it in first run, once a week. At about the same time, the Whirlybirds series was on weekday afternoons in reruns just after its end. BTW, were there any producers or writers that the two shows had in common? I don't remember much of anything about the plots of the Ripcord episodes but from the summary above they do sound very similar to the Whirlybirds.

    I did recognize Larry Pernell from this show when he come on Beverly Hillbillies in the recurring role of Dash Riprock.
  • Nifty skydiving adventure series with the heros jumping into all kinds of scenarios. Regular use of mid air filming should be considered extravegant for the era that this show was produced.

    Definately a cool show for the small aircraft buff. I can remember watching this syndicated show as a a six year old boy. I was particularly fascinated with the Cessna airplanes used on the show. Could be considered a bit of a copy cat of \"Route 66\" but I could care less.