Ripley's Believe It or Not! The Animated Series





Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 12/12/99
      A vacation in Australia starts on the wrong foot when Rip's wallet is stolen, and left at the sight of a stolen Tjuringa Stone, a sacred aboriginal artifact believed to control peoples dreams. Tjak, an aboriginal shaman-in-training, accuses Rip of stealing his people's most sacred object.
    • A Helping Hand
      Episode 8
      Rip has just bought the Hand of Fatima, a legendary good luck totem, from a gypsy, when it's stolen by a young carny who believes its power can save his family's New Jersey amusement park.
    • When Cyril insists on being included in a strenuous weekend hike deep into bush of Northern Quebec, using only Samuel de Champlain's Astrolabe to guide them, he ends up being chased by a ravenously hungry bear and getting lost. While Sam and Rip start an all out search, a mysterious Native Indian leads Cyril away from the lodge.moreless
    • 11/21/99
      Rip finds one of his uncle's journals detailing a failed trip to Tibet in search of proof of the Yeti. Determined to do what his uncle couldn't, Rip leads the BION team to the Himalayas. Despite Cyril collapsing from exhaustion and a brush with death from an avalanche, Rip refuses to give up.moreless
    • 12/5/99
      The BION team travel to London to bid on the Winged Warrior Helmet, said to give the wearer the strength of ten. When Sam's twelve year old nephew, Peter, mishandles a valuable artifact, the distracted Rip loses out in the bidding to his rival, Daniel Baran. When the helmet is mangled at a reception, the jealous Rip appears to be the culprit.moreless
    • 11/7/99
      When Sam's friend, Suzi Moto, is charged with burning down her own New York fashion show, all evidence points to her purchase of a kimono Rip believes is cursed. The same kimono was believed to have caused a fire that destroyed Tokyo three hundred and fifty years ago!
    • 10/31/99
      When a lucky coin is stolen from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, it triggers a market crash threatening even the vast wealth of the Ripley fortune. Rip's long trusted financial advisor, Chan Lee, is arrested, leaving the BION team to clear his name.
    • 10/24/99
      When a disgruntled employee steals an ancient Dragon Flute from a Toronto Museum, he uses its legendary powers to render crowds of people unconscious. Sam's subway ride turns into an unexpected afternoon nap, and Rip is forced to jump on the runaway train and stop it, before it crashes.
    • Well Doon Cyril
      Episode 1
      Cyril inherits an Irish castle, where water from the Well of Doon is said to cure all ailments. In order to save the well for the townspeople, Cyril must fight off an inheritance claim from wealthy business man, Ron Blackard, in a winner take all joust!
  • Season 1
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