Ripley's Believe It or Not! - Season 2

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  • Episode 222
    Episode 222
    Episode 22
    Nail in the Head Simon Montez was remodeling his house when he accidentally shot himself in the head with a nail gun and he survives extremely delicate surgery to remove the 3 1/2 inch nail without serious brain damage! Underground House Tex Edmundson's house and grounds cover 16,500 square feet with a swimming pool, hot tub, guest house and hand-painted murals. The house is surrounded by an Astroturf lawn and fake trees and ...believe it or is all completely underground!

    Waterfall Survivor Jeb Corliss base jumps off a waterfall, gets sucked into the water on the way down, crashes into the rocks 300 feet below, breaks his back in three places but...believe it or not... he is back base jumping again!

    World's Fastest Painter Believe it or not, Morris Katz can create a detailed, realistic and well done painting in under a minute!moreless
  • Episode 221
    Episode 221
    Episode 21
    Suspension Truck Pull Jennifer Kindelspire, 20, will pull an armored truck from a dead stop over fifty feet--by believe it or not, using hooks in her back!!

    SCAD Diving SCAD Diving, a bizarre marriage of free-fall skydiving and bungee jumping, provides brave divers with the most intense "near death" rush of any extreme activity around.

    Human Bone Jewelry Believe it or not, while other women shop for jewelry, designer Columbine shops for human bones to make her own!

    Half Rider Tony O'Brian lost his left arm and leg in a motorcycle accident. Believe it or not, although he can't walk he can still ride his motorcycle!

    Asthma Cure Believe it or not, asthma sufferers in India believe they have found a cure. Thousands converge on one clinic to swallow 2 to 3 inch live sardines stuffed with secret herbs.moreless
  • Episode 220
    Episode 220
    Episode 20
    Fastball Slugger Jim Goldman was born without arms. But, believe it or not, Jim can hold a bat with his neck and hit a fast-ball thrown by a ball player.

    World's Smallest Runway Believe it or not , Andy and Jackie McCain take off and land their airplane from the roof of their car!

    Salvage Park Tom Every has taken over 400 tons of scrap metal and made it into the world's largest sculpture park!

    Fetal Surgery Believe it or not, doctors remove an unborn fetus from the womb, perform brain surgery to save it from deformity and possible death and return it so that the baby can be born healthy two months later!

    Water Tower Castle Believe it or not, Jerry Wallace lives in a 75,000 gallon water tower, perched 5 stories above the beach!moreless
  • Episode 219
    Episode 219
    Episode 19
    Ray's Hell Just before his fifth try at breaking the world record for long distance car jumping, Ray Baumann takes a practice jump, finally breaks the record and, believe it or not, also breaks his back!

    Chimney Sweep Believe it or not, the skeleton of a man is found in a chimney 15 years after he allegedly tried to rob the shop.

    Human Shish-Ka-Bob These two men were skewered through their chests when their motorcycle collided with a truck carrying a metal pipe and -- believe it or not -- they lived to tell about it!

    Garbage Artist Believe it or not, this amazing artist makes beautiful furniture out of poptops, bottle caps and swizzle sticks!

    Ostrich People Believe it or not, many members of the Vadoma tribe have V-shaped feet with only two toes on each foot.moreless
  • Episode 218
    Episode 218
    Episode 18
    Limbo Girl This girl can limbo under 25 cars, on roller-skates...and she's only 5 years old!

    Skydiving Marathon Airline Pilot Mike Zang set a world skydiving record by jumping out of an airplane 500 times in 24 hours---that's one dive every 3 minutes.

    Man With Half A Brain In 1987, fourteen year-old Ahad Israfil was shot in the head and lost half of his brain and skull. Believe it or not, the other half of his brain took over all functions and he graduated with honors from a local junior college!

    Tree Cafe This working cafe is built inside the world's largest baobab tree and holds up to 56 people!

    Tumor Tribe Believe It or Not, the males of this tribe of nomadic Indians grow large tumors on their necks to cushion the weight of canoes they carry on them!moreless
  • Episode 217
    Episode 217
    Episode 17
    Barbed Wire Pyramid Believe it or not, Harley Newman will bear the weight of a 1/2 ton human pyramid while lying on a bed of razor-sharp barbed wire.

    Car Hopping It's the ultimate feat of a low-rider. Believe it or not, Armando Nuñez can make the front end of his car jump over four feet!

    Parachute Jump Gone Wrong While bungee jumping during a parachute jump, Greg Jones fell over a mile when the bungee cord snapped.

    Root Canal Believe it or not, Mina Kuchuk will perform a root canal...on herself!

    Hubcap Queen Lucy Pearson has dedicated her life to preserving hubcaps. She has over 200,000 in her collection and they're worth well over half a million dollars!moreless
  • Episode 216
    Episode 216
    Episode 16
    Rattlesnake Wrangler Jackie Bibby will show his affinity for snakes by holding 15 in each hand, 8 in his mouth, and then lie in a clear casket filled with 108 poisonous rattlers!

    C-Cell speeder This man will drive a car almost three hundred miles per hour powered only by - believe it or not - over 6,000 flashlight batteries!

    Anatomic Art Believe it Or Not, Dr. Gunther Von Hagen, injects corpses with silicon to isolate different body systems and take mummification to a new level of science and, according to his gallery, art.

    Credit Card Camera The world's thinnest digital camera.

    Ice Golf Believe it or not, Annika Ostberg will challenge Arctic Circle cold, snow and glaciers to defend her championship at the World Ice Golf Tournament.moreless
  • Episode 215
    Episode 215
    Episode 15
    Lightbulb Girl Believe it or not, Cynder Moon is a beautiful woman who can shoot a lightning bolt from her tongue.

    Scorpion Charmer Believe It or Not! Russell "Scorpio" Rogers will allow 500 African Emperor scorpions to crawl all over his unprotected body

    Impaled Pizza Man Believe it or not, a steel rod rips through the skull of Ezra Bias, a pizza deliveryman, as he is driving. He crashes down a 10-foot embankment and lives to tell Ripley's about it.

    Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoo Greg Kulz uses his own homemade tattoo ink under a black light to give people tattoos that -- believe it or not -- glow in the dark!moreless
  • Episode 214
    Episode 214
    Episode 14
    Man With No Esophagus Believe it or not, Jonas Scott's esophagus and stomach were so damaged he was unable to eat and doctors had to do a surgery to connect his small intestine to his throat, giving him the ability to eat again.

    Valentino Scissorhands Award-winning hair stylist, Valentino LoSauro, can do the work of 4 to 8 pairs of scissors. This real life "Scissorhands" cuts hair with ten mini razors attached to his fingertips!

    Lip Plate Believe it or not, women in a small village in Ethiopia wear clay lip plates stretching their bottom lips to 15-20 centimeters in diameter all for the sake of beauty!

    Real Life Survivor Believe it or not, Mark Hogg will show us how he uses his survival training to eat all different bugs and worms.moreless
  • Episode 213
    Episode 213
    Episode 13
    Ice Sculptures Believe It Or Not, Randy Finch and Derek Maxfield create miniature works of art like mechanical double ferris wheels and working merry-go-rounds -- out of ice. For Ripley's they will use their chain saws to create a full-sized, working pool table complete with cues and balls!

    Eye Periscope Believe it or not, Dr. Arthur Cotliar implanted a miniature periscope into the eye of patient Wlodzimierz Nazaruk, enabling him to see after being blind for 45 years!

    Motorbike Bath Believe it or not Edd China has turned his motorcycle into a bathroom

    Knife Dog Believe it or not, an x-ray showed this 18 inch long puppy swallowed a 15 inch serrated knife – and lived.moreless
  • Episode 212
    Episode 212
    Episode 12
    Homemade Jet Bob Bishop built the world's smallest jet. Believe it or not, it weights 432 lbs and flies at over 300 mph!

    Quad Walker Roberto Ramirez was born in the Dominican Republic and as he grew the bones in his legs started to bend forward at a ninety degree angle causing him to have to walk like a horse. He was left walking on all fours! Believe it or not doctors were able to operate and today Roberto walks upright.

    Scuba Diving Dog When Dwane Folsom goes scuba diving, his dog Shadow goes with him -- wearing his own doggy scuba gear!

    Well Racing Believe it or not, these daredevils drive motorcycles and even a car around the inside walls of a two-story high wooden well.moreless
  • Episode 211
    Episode 211
    Episode 11
    Skull of Steel Nigel Bam's face was smashed so badly in a boating accident no one could tell what he looked like, let alone if he would live. But 9 titanium plates, 20 bolts and 7 operations later, Nigel is alive and looks better than ever!

    Blind Goalie Mario Ros is one of the best goalies of his hockey league. Believe it or not, he's completely blind!

    Coffin Furniture Believe it or not, every piece of furniture in Mark Zeabin's house and office doubles as a casket.

    Cow Jumping Believe it or not, Bruno Isliker has trained his cow to jump like a horse over a 3 foot gate. It's a Ripley's exclusive!

    Monster Motorcycle Truck Frank Schettini drives his one-of-a-kind, monster truck standing up, steering with handle bars and other motorcycle controls. Believe it or not, he will attempt to jump it over 10 cars, a distance of 120 feet.moreless
  • Episode 210
    Episode 210
    Episode 10
    Sailor Surgeon Believe it or not, Viktor Yazykov performed surgery on his own arm -- alone at sea, without anesthesia and...he videotaped his own surgery! Backwards Biker Roger Riddell is so confident when it comes to motorcross racing, he's going to compete in his next race riding backwards! Bug House Believe it or not, this nature lover likes slugs in his shower, ants on his woodwork and spiders in his windows! Iguana Fan Believe it or not, this man is so obsessed with iguanas, that he not only photographs them in costume but shares his home with them! Pop Eye Believe it or not, John Shaw will inhale a kernel of popcorn up his nose and push it out his eye!moreless
  • Episode 209
    Episode 209
    Episode 9
    Jet Engine Survivor Naval petty officer John David Bridges was sucked into the air intake of a jet engine and survived! And, it's all caught on tape! Robosaurus< He stands 40 feet tall, weighs 60,000 pounds, breathes twenty foot flames, and crushes cars with 24,000 pounds of force. One man controls this mechanical monster from the inside by driving with his feet and controlling over 20 functions with a keyboard! Gentle Jellyfish A phenomenon has occurred in the island lake of Palau, creating a species of jellyfish which are completely harmless to touch! Ultimate Taxi Driver Cabbie John Barnes offers a ride you'll never forget...complete with a disco ball, smoke machine, drum kit, gift shop in the trunk and an Internet camera that allows people to see what's going on in the Ultimate Taxi at all times. Armless in Arizona Barb Guerra has no problem cooking, cleaning, driving, putting on make-up, playing piano and taking care of her son. This armless woman does it all with her feet!moreless
  • Episode 208
    Episode 208
    Episode 8
    Child-Like Actor This young boy looks like he's 12 years old . Believe it or not, he's 28!

    Human Kabob Festival In Amman, Jordan, there is a forbidden Muslim sect that regularly praises Allah by, believe it or not, testing themselves with knives and rods. One man has even passed a sharp sword through his stomach without bleeding!

    Camel Racing Believe it or not, cowboys of Virginia City, Nevada, race camels!

    Boom Car Eight times louder than a 747 jet, this Ford Bronco is so loud that it makes your hair stand on end!

    Trepanation Believe it or not, modern-day trepanist Amanda Fielding drilled a hole in her own skull and is now encouraging others to get their heads drilled too. Ripley's will be there when a doctor performs this ancient operation on one of her followers.moreless
  • Episode 207
    Episode 207
    Episode 7
    Bulletproof Skull Believe it or not, Adrian Milton had a bullet in his skull for 25 years and never knew it!

    Motorcycle Kid Robb Lapeen made history when he jumped nine cars on his motorcycle-- believe it or not, he's only eight years old!

    Shark Ballet Believe it or not, this man can make great white sharks fly as high as 12 feet above the water.

    Hair Wars Michael Turner, a Detroit hair stylist, has created a helicopter made of hair, complete with a moving propeller!

    Sports Dog Zeke Hammer is a dog with amazing abilities. Believe it or not, he plays more than seven different sports!moreless
  • Episode 206
    Episode 206
    Episode 6
    Chip Walker This man, a paraplegic had no hope of ever walking again, believe it or not, he can now walk!

    Blowgun Shooter This man is so good at using a blowgun he can hit a grapefruit at 75 feet and, believe it or not, his blowgun has no sight to aim through!

    Moo-ving Taffy, the Holstein cow, is a world-class champion -- not for milk production, but for cow speed. She is -- believe it or not! -- the worlds fastest bovine!

    Face of Death Believe it or not, this perfectly normal couple is so fascinated with death that they have assembled a huge collection of morbid artifacts a yarn doll hand-crafted by Charles Manson bunk beds from the Heaven's Gate house and a self-portrait by John Wayne Gacy.

    Mustache Man Paul Miller's mustache takes an hour to groom and turns heads when he walks down the street because, believe it or not, it's ten feet long!moreless
  • Episode 205
    Episode 205
    Episode 5
    Cobra Charmer Believe it or not, Gordon Cates will kiss a snake that has enough venom to kill an elephant with one bite, a 14-foot King Cobra!

    5 Year Old Marathoner Kyneshi Jeter can run a marathon in under 4 hours. Believe it or not, she's only 5 years old!

    Toe Fingers Believe it or not, three of Mark Pringle's fingers are really his transplanted toes

    Rope Warrior For David Fisher, jumping rope is anything but child's play. Believe it or not, with his unique approach to this school yard activity, David can jump rope while sitting on the ground or while encased in a giant rubber ball.

    Roach Man Believe it or not , this man has a passion for cockroaches. He collects them, wears them, displays them and has agreed to cover himself with them!moreless
  • Episode 204
    Episode 204
    Episode 4
    Big Wheel This man invented a one-wheeled motorcycle which he drives from inside the wheel and, believe it or not, set a world land speed record!

    Jail Bird Rodeo This poker game is life-threatening because...believe it or's played with a 2000 pound Brahma bull !

    Ashes to Art This self-taught painter preserves the memory of those who have passed away. No, she is not a portrait painter. Bettye Jane Brokl paints abstracts...with human ashes. Believe it or not!

    3 Footed Man Believe it or not, when Jose Lopez was born with a third foot growing from his left ankle, doctors wanted to amputate his whole leg at the hip. Instead he kept it, lived with it and then, after he did have proper surgery, he became a top horse trainer.

    Ultimate Funhouse Believe it or not, this man enters his house, turns on the lights, rotates his living room 180', takes a shower, gets a drink and puts away his groceries -- all by pushing a few buttons!

    Cat On Wheels Cat gets a new lease on life after Ripley's has a company build a special wheelchair for "Speedy the Cat."moreless
  • Episode 203
    Episode 3
    Hanging Out Greg Gasson jumps from a plane and dangles from his parachute by one arm then -- changes position midair to hang by his feet without a safety chute!

    Bubblewear This pool party will feature bathing suits and cover-ups that are not only the latest in fashion, but will act as life preservers if needed because -- they are made of bubble wrap!

    Maggot Cheese A unique cheese is considered a rare delicacy in an Italian town, that's because residents only eat it when it's filled with thousands of live maggots!

    Isle of Man Richard Sowa has gone "Surviv or" one better -- he lives on his own island that he built with plastic soda bottles!

    Pumpkin Chunkin Every year at harvest time, "chunkin" teams bring their homemade contraptions to Sussex County, Delaware, to hurl pumpkins through the air!moreless
  • Episode 202
    Episode 2
    Clothes Free Fashion Show You cannot tell which models in this fashion show are wearing beachwear and which are only wearing a coat of paint!

    Motorcycle Soccer These guys play soccer on motorcycles!

    Handwalker Mark Kenny will take the Ripley's Challenge and attempt to climb up and down the treacherous steps of the spectacular Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico...while walking on his hands!

    X-Ray Girl We can see this woman's internal organs through her skin when she swallows a 3-foot lighting tube and, when she swallows a michrophone, we can also hear them!

    Tennis Racket Contortionist Jeff Brennan is a dishwasher with a twist -- a real twist. He squeezed his 6'2", 220 pound frame through the head of a standard-sized tennis racket!moreless
  • Episode 201
    Episode 1
    Slackliner Darrin Carter will walk across a gorge thirty stories above the ground on a springy nylon cord -- with nothing to catch him if he falls.

    Wardrobe in a Bottle This entire wardrobe can fit into a one gallon bottle!

    Worm Lover Brenda Fox loves worms so much that she has been eating them almost all her life!

    Backflip Motorcycle Carey Hart made motorcycle history by doing the impossible... the world's only complete backflip on a 250 lb. motorcycle! He's going to do it again and Ripley's will be there as he prepares to do this truly amazing maneuver!

    Legless Football Hero 14-year-old Willie McQueen has no legs, but he plays starting defensive tackle for his school's football team -- without the aid of prosthetics!moreless