Ripley's Believe It or Not! - Season 3

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  • Episode 322
    Episode 322
    Episode 22
    Tomatina Festival Believe it or not, Ripley's Kelly Packard will travel to Spain for the world's biggest food fight at the one and only "Tomatina Festival"!

    Head Hunter William Jamieson collects shrunken heads and has more than 60. Believe it or not, he will demonstrate how a human head can be shrunk to 1/8 of its size.

    Hot Water Heater Helmet This is a homemade diving helmet crafted from, a cast iron hot water heater. It works up to a maximum depth of 20 feet.

    World's Largest Portrait Believe it or not, the portrait Ando is making is so large he used a tractor to draw it!

    Stalacpipe Organ Believe it or not, the organ music played by David Breneman in the Luray Caverns is coming from the largest musical instrument in the world -- the stalactites hanging from the cave's ceiling!moreless
  • Episode 321
    Episode 321
    Episode 21
    Dr. Free Throw Believe it or not, 79 year old, Dr. Tom Amberry, can shoot more free throws in a row than anyone else in the world.

    Wheelchair Car Pull Believe it or not, South African Luan Degennar was born with no biceps or deltoids and without the use of his legs, but from his wheelchair, he will pull a 3,400-pound car 100 feet in less than a minute.

    Geography Prodigy Srisanvitha Sridhar can identify 80 countries on a globe and, believe it or not, she's only three years old!

    Paris Catacombs Believe It or Not - these catacombs deep underneath the "City of Lights" make up a "City of the Dark".

    Tarantula Eating Every day, dozens of women set up at the roadside in this small village to sell a very rare delicacy...roasted tarantulas!moreless
  • Episode 320
    Episode 320
    Episode 20
    Bicycle Balance Beam Jeff Lenosky rides his mountain bike over anything that gets in his way including stairs, garbage dumpsters, benches and cars. He can even ride along the top of a two inch hand rail. For Ripley's, Jeff will attempt to ride over the worlds most dangerous obstacle course in downtown Las Vegas

    Grenade Surgery A Russian solider was shot by a grenade launcher, lodging a yet-undetonated grenade into his thigh. The solider must be operated on; in the field- before it explodes and kills him.

    Chewing Gum Artist Believe it or not, Karoly Kiss is able to sculpt -- a tiger, an airplane, an elephant -- in just 30 seconds using a piece of ordinary chewing gum and only his tongue and teeth!

    Reconstructed Dog Believe it or not, Bud the dog was shot in the head with 150 shotgun pellets and survived!moreless
  • Episode 319
    Episode 319
    Episode 19
    Handheld Bungee Jumper Believe it or not a woman will bungee jump from a tower with the end of her bungee cord held only in her partner's hands!

    Chip Walker Update Marc Merger, a paraplegic, is able to walk by giving commands to a computer that controls chips and electrodes implanted in his body.

    World's Fastest Wheelchair Unable to walk because of a childhood case of polio, 29 year old Roberto Trigueros built his own ultimate riding machine...a wheelchair that handles speeds of up to 60 mph.

    Ron the Gnome Believe it or not, Ron Broomfield is so obsessed with gnomes he not only dresses as one but lives in a cottage packed with nearly one thousand!

    Double Arm Re-attachment Believe it or not, John Thompson had both his arms torn off in a farming accident and after undergoing a pioneering surgery to reattach his arms he defied doctors' predictions and regained the use of his hands and arms.moreless
  • Episode 318
    Episode 318
    Episode 18
    Stomach Vacuum Believe it or not, Jess Caigoy can eat anything and then suction it out of his stomach!

    Ice Hotel - Update The Ice Hotel is made of 40 thousand cubic meters of snow and ice and now they are adding the world's largest Ice TV. It weighs 18 tons!

    Penny Obsession Steve Baker is so obsessed with pennies that he wears a jumpsuit made from pennies, has made several penny bikinis and drives in a van covered with more than 90,000 pennies!

    Spear Bearing Ritual In this ancient ceremony, participants put on large frames holding hundreds of spears to their body and, as they dance, the tips go deeper and deeper into their skin!

    Microchip Family The Jacobs family will be the first family to be implanted with microchips that contain their personal information.

    Cow Magnet This is an actual cow magnet. This magnet attracts any piece of metal that is ingested and keeps scraps, barbed wire, etc from moving through the cow's digestive system and doing serious damage.moreless
  • Episode 317
    Episode 317
    Episode 17
    Record Card Thrower Believe it or not, Rick Smith Jr. can throw an ordinary playing card further than anyone in the world -- 216 feet and 4 inches!

    Armless Cello Player When Tad Lietz plays the cello, people listen. Not only because he's an accomplished cellist, but also because he is missing his left arm and bows with his left foot!

    Computer Box Furniture Andrew Dusing furnished his entire apartment with -- believe it or not -- computer boxes!

    Aerocar Believe It or Not - this haulable box unfolds to become a set of wings and tail, transforming a car into an airplane!moreless
  • Episode 316
    Episode 316
    Episode 16
    Teeth Hanger Believe it or not, 70 years after Tiny Kline slid across a wire high above Times Square hanging by her teeth from a pulley, Tavana Luvas will perform this same "slide for life" but this time it will be across downtown Las Vegas while also hanging from her teeth!

    Rat Lady Believe it or not, Debbie Ducommun loves rats so much that she not only dresses and photographs them in costumes but shares her home with them and sometimes lets them sleep in bed with her!

    Swimming With Sharks Before they're born and while they're still in the womb, Sand Tiger Sharks eat their siblings!

    Two Plane Crash Survivor Justin Kirkbride survived two plane crashes in one day and -- believe it or not -- he walked away from both without any injuries!

    Thai Stilt Village Believe it or not, every man, woman and child in this village walks on stilts as a principle mode of transportation!moreless
  • Episode 315
    Episode 315
    Episode 15
    Airplane Water Ski Believe it or not, Mike Seipel will waterski barefoot behind an airplane, attempt to flip into a handstand, grab the tow rope with his feet and continue skiing. If he slips and hits the water at this speed, the impact at more than 40-miles per hour could seriously injure his face.

    Monkey Siblings Despite the fact these three brothers were born into a normal family, believe it or not, they are worshiped by hundreds because they take on the characteristics and body language of real monkeys.

    Yo-Yo Kid Evan Nagao is such an expert with his yo-yo that he can do over 50 tricks and just won a national competition. Believe it or not, he's only five years old!

    Mini Luxury Ship Believe It or Not, this pair of brothers have built a fully functional luxury ship that's the size of a small row boat!

    Wheelman This is the latest in personal motorization, the only two-wheeled motorboard in the world. Its hubless, no axle, the wheel floats in position.

    Anvil Launching Believe it or not, Neal Collier and David Blackwell pay tribute to their ancestors by launching anvils 800 feet straight up into the air!moreless
  • Episode 314
    Episode 314
    Episode 14
    Playmate Water Challenge Members of the Playboy Extreme Team will set a Ripely's Record by racing across dangerous water in floating balls -- from Alcatraz to San Francisco!

    Head Turner Believe it or not, Aleksander Anohin will keep his body facing forward while he turns his head backwards -- 180'!

    Homemade Roller Coaster John Ivers is so obsessed with roller coasters that -- believe it or not -- he built one in his back yard complete with a loop!

    Rotten Meat Eater Aajonus Vonderplanitz eats rotten meat and believes it makes him healthy!

    Head In The Sand Believe it or not, this man can bury his head in a headstand for 12 hours!

    Motorcycle Disaster "High Flyin'" Mike Brown, an accomplished motocross racer and daredevil, survived a disastrous 70 mile-per-hour crash into a tractor trailer and will attempt to ride a motorcycle once again for Ripley's.moreless
  • Episode 313
    Episode 313
    Episode 13
    Wolf Boy Wedding Larry Gomez, who suffers from werewolf syndrome and is covered from head to foot with thick dark fur, was recently married and he and his wife now have a new baby!

    Twelve Fingers Believe it or not, Godfrey Hill of Nottingham, England was born with 6 fully functional and healthy digits on each hand.

    Balloon Boy Four year old Billy Crawford isn't like most kids his age- he likes to float around in a custom-made balloon device which allows him to really soar!

    Regurgitator Stevie Starr is going to swallow 7 medical grade prosthetic eyeballs. Each will have one letter from RIPLEYS written on the back of them and they will be all mixed up. Believe it or not, he will regurgitate them back up in the right order to spell RIPLEYS!

    Viper vs. Viper Believe it or not, this Dodge Viper will drag race an U.S. Air Force F-16 jet fighter, also known as the Viper.

    Elvis' Blue Suede Shoes These are the authenticated blue suede shoes owned and worn by Elvis Presley. The circular marks worn on the soles are believed to have been made during the King's hip swiveling performance on the Steve Allen show, July 1st 1956.moreless
  • Episode 312
    Episode 312
    Episode 12
    Arrow Catch Believe it or not, Terry Bryan will catch an arrow that is traveling more than 100 miles per hour with his bare hands!

    Four Flip Skier Believe it or not, Matt Chojnacki is the only skier in the world who can complete a four flip, four twist ski jump!

    Blindfold Portraits Not only is Gero Hilliger the fastest character artist in the world -- beating a Polaroid camera -- he can also do portraits blindfolded -- by touch!

    Surfing Dog Ollie, a 10 year old yellow lab, loves to ride his surfboard off Maui -- by himself!

    Knife Massage Hundreds of people claim that George Pan's amazing massage has not only taken away their pain but helped cure them of disease. He gives this amazing massage by tapping their skin with the razor-sharp edge of his meat cleaver.moreless
  • Episode 311
    Episode 311
    Episode 11
    BMX Double Back Flip Believe it or not, after taking a near fatal fall, Cory "Nasty" Nastazio will attempt to complete a double back flip--2 full rotations--on a dirt track, on a BMX bike.

    Seven Year Old Pool Shark Seven year old Landon Shuffett can perform incredible pool trick shots, he's defeated over thirty adults in competitions and is the only player in the world who can execute the "stack of two" shot!

    American Lip Plate Ol Baaba wears a lip plate like that of the Mursi tribe in Africa and -- believe it or not -- he's American!

    Two Legged Cat Believe it or not, Miss Kitty, the cat, was found hobbling around on two broken legs that had to be amputated but instead of being fitted for a special wheel chair, this cat learned to walk and run on just two legs!

    Gravel Teeth Handyman Bernhard Kaczinksy is so afraid of the dentist that he does all of his own dental work and he crafted his own false teeth using tools from his garage!

    Bone Church Believe it or not, an entire church is decorated with skeletons of over 40,000 people -- put there by a blind monk!moreless
  • Episode 310
    Episode 310
    Episode 10
    Concrete Shoulder Breaker Paul Pumphrey will set a world record by breaking a stack of 20-25 concrete slabs using only his shoulder!

    Longest Sandboarding Backflip Josh Tenge will try to break his world record for the longest sandboarding backflip by jumping almost 50 feet and landing upright on sand!

    Rat-tat-tui These villagers have found a unique way to control their rat problem, believe it or not, they eat them!

    Cornfield Mona Lisa Artist Will Sillin and farmer Mike Wissemann created a six acre Mona Lisa -- in a field of corn.

    Boat Mobile Bob Sokol couldn't part with his old, rotting boat so he transformed the watercraft into a completely street-legal car!moreless
  • Episode 309
    Episode 309
    Episode 9
    Flesh Mobile For the first time ever, Joey Strange and his 2 friends will be suspended from a metal bar by hooks -- at the same time they will be suspending other 3 other people from their own bodies!

    Blind Baseball Almost blind, Ben Hsu always wanted to play baseball. He now plays in a league where everyone is blindfolded!

    Hair Temple of India Believe it or not, every day thousands of people enter into the Tirupati Temple in India and, as a profession of their faith and devotion to the gods, shave their heads and walk out completely bald!

    Gumball Murals A life-long obsession with candy has inspired Franz Spohn to make huge, amazingly life-like portraits of people -- believe it or not -- out of gumballs

    Fire Escape Believe It or Not - this life saving device repels ANYONE off a burning building.

    Boa Swallow Believe it or not Teardrop, an 8 foot boa constrictor, swallowed a heating pad and is alive!moreless
  • Episode 308
    Episode 308
    Episode 8
    Power Skip Jumping Shoes This device attaches to your shoes and enables you to jump over 6 feet in the air.

    Snap-On Face Yevgeny Severin was working as a forest ranger in Siberia when a bear attacked him and ripped his face off...literally! Now, believe it or not he has a snap on face

    Car Coffin Believe it or not, Roger Fox's only mode of transportation is his hand-built car -- made out of a casket!

    Living With Spiders Believe It or not, Chuck Kristensen shares his home and office with 50,000 spiders and "milks" them for their venom!

    Dervish Ritual Believe it or not, in order to prove the spirit can overcome the body, these Dervish men dance themselves into a trance and then hammer sharp implements into the top of their head while inserting pins through their face and bodies.

    Purple Martin Capital To encourage the yearly invasion of Purple Martin birds, this town has erected hundreds of birdhouses -- including a giant 600 bird apartment high rise!moreless
  • Episode 307
    Episode 307
    Episode 7
    Rebar Man Believe It or not, Donald Hamby has such control over his body and mind that he can bend a steel rod used to reinforce concrete -- with his neck!

    Self-Liposuction Believe it or not, Dimitrije Panfilov performed liposuction on himself to remove a double chin!

    Seeing Eye Horse Update Visually Impaired Dan Shaw uses a seeing eye horse to help him get around

    Smallest Skateboarder Believe it or not, 2 1/2 year old Evan Wasser (who still wears diapers) rides a skateboard that is almost as tall as he is, can jump off a 3 foot ledge and land on the board and can do a double jump

    Bone Artist Believe it or not, Sarah Perry is building sculptures made from thousands of tiny animal bones!

    Long Tongued Dog Believe it or not, Brandy, the boxer, has a tongue that's 17-inches long!moreless
  • Episode 306
    Episode 306
    Episode 6
    Super Skin

    Believe it or not, Jess Caigoy's skin is so strong that he can use it to pull a 3,800 pound SUV more than 50 yards!

    Scorpion Eater Believe it or not, Rene Avarenga has eaten live scorpions for every meal for the past 43-years!

    Car Tree House Mark Madson has a tree house 30 feet above the ground. Believe it or not, it's a 2,500 pound, 1959 Chevy truck!

    Sewage Snow Believe it or Not, Ripley¹s will be in Carrabassett Valley, Maine to see skiers on snow made from sewage.

    Hair Dress Anca Ioana has been collecting her own hair since 1954 and, believe it or not, she has made an entire wardrobe out of it.

    Bionic Girl Believe it or not, after contracting a rare form of meningitis and losing her arms and her legs, Helen Smith is leading a normal life and using one of the first pair of life-like electronic hands!moreless
  • Episode 305
    Episode 305
    Episode 5
    Double Harley Pull Believe it or not, two very powerful Harley-Davidson Motorcycles will attempt to drive off in two different directions, while Dennis Rogers tries to hold them back ...with his biceps!

    Shark Riders Manny Puig can free dive into the Atlantic Ocean and -- believe it or not -- ride the backs of hammerhead sharks!

    High Speed Wheelie Believe it or not, Bobby Root will pedal his bike up to 86 mph and then pull the front end up and ride a wheelie for over 300 feet!

    Pocket Ski Lift Believe It or Not - this invention gives any skier the ability to tackle any slope by converting a car's rear tires into a ski-lift!

    Fiery Serpent Believe it or not, these people are hosting 3 foot long parasites for a year without knowing it. Only when they break through the skin can the worms be pulled out, one centimeter at a time.

    Matchstick Navy Roy Cork of London, England carves wooden matchsticks into microscopic statues.moreless
  • Episode 304
    Episode 304
    Episode 4
    Miss Electra Believe it or not, this Danielle Stampe will let 2,000,000 volts of electricity pass through her body allowing her to light dozens of florescent tubes held by an audience.

    Leech Man Believe it or not, Mark Biancaniello will submerge himself in a tub with 20,000 leeches!

    Hiccup Horror Believe it or Not, Seth Dowell has had the hiccups for 10 months straight!

    Bouncing Bikes Believe it or Not, these were thought to be the future of bikes in 1933.

    Cheese Whiz House We all remember the cheese artist, Cosimo Cavallaro, who covered a hotel room with dripping cheese. Well, believe it or not, Cosimo will top this by covering an entire house!

    Sheep Legs When this lamb's back hooves fell off he was fitted with prosthetic legs and now he is running around like any other healthy sheep!moreless
  • Episode 303
    Episode 303
    Episode 3
    Cannonball Catch Believe it or not, Ken Richmond will take a cannonball shot to the stomach!

    Helicopter Inline Skater Believe it or not, inline skater Dirk Auer will be pulled by a helicopter at over 75mph!

    The Two Lauras Laura Buxton tied a message to the end of a balloon. It landed 140 miles away in the garden of another girl named Laura Buxton. And Believe it or Not, the similarities don't stop there!

    Soft Fire Truck Believe it or not this 1952 invention allows a ten ton truck to climb vertical walls, cross debris-filled fields, and even run over a person without harm!

    Cow Bath Believe it or not, Hindus in Northern India consider the urine of cows to be sacred, so every morning before leaving for work, they wait for the cow to urinate and apply it to their heads and faces!

    Stunt Man Stuntman Dave Smith gets paid to have his arm blown off because, believe it or not, it's prosthetic!moreless
  • Episode 302
    Episode 302
    Episode 2
    He'll Eat Anything Matthew Biancaniello will eat an entire dinner of the most disgusting food ever assembled!

    Jet Belly Drag Reno Jaton will be dragged behind a jet dragster going up to 200 mph...on his belly!

    Cow Porthole In a minor and painless surgical procedure, believe it or not, scientists install a 4" circular, removable transparent "porthole" right into a cow's side so they can see right into one of the cow's stomachs.

    Designer Car This car was the newest in designer fashions from Paris in 1953.

    Big Wheel Update Kerry Mclean built a new monocycle and recently crashed. Ripley's is there with him when he gets back on for the first time for another run!

    Eye Licker Veronika Veres is known throughout her village for her amazing ability to help people who have gotten particles in their eyes...she licks them out with her tongue!moreless
  • Episode 301
    Episode 301
    Episode 1
    Foot Archer Believe it or not, Claudia Gomez uses her feet to shoot a bullseye with a bow and arrow while doing a handstand.

    World's Biggest Skateboard Tod Swank will ride the skateboard he's created through city streets and pop a wheelie. Believe it or not, his skateboard is the size of a car!

    Prairie Dog Vacuum Believe it or not, Gay Balfour relocates prairie dogs without harming them -- with a giant vacuum cleaner!

    Helium Balloon Flight Mike Howard and Steve Davis will attach hundreds of standard balloons to their body and float thousands of feet into the sky!

    Neck Ring Removal Believe it or not, these Padaung women's neck rings stretch their necks up to eight inches. For the first time before a camera they will take them off!moreless
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