Ripper Street

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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Edmund Reid Did This

      When Drake realizes that Reid intends to look into Dove's ties to the Whitechapel Golem, he grudgingly listens to Miss Castello's evidence. As they put the pieces together, they discover Susan is alive and Jackson is involved in the attempt to free her. Dove anticipates Drake's discoveries and gets Rose to give up the location of Theodore Swift. To get ahead of the game, Dove attempts to have Reid and Drake arrested for Swift's murder but they out fox him and take their evidence on the run. Reid and Drake are determined to expose Nathaniel and show how Dove covered up for him.

    • No Wolves in Whitechapel

      Rose sees Susan at her window and thinks she is intent on returning for her son, but Drake doesn't believe her. Elsewhere, a bite mark on the body of Thomas Gower brings the cause of his death into question. When a another body shows up with the Golem bitemarks, Reid realizes that Drakes's case against Isaac Bloom points to police corruption.

    • Men of Iron, Men of Smoke

      Drake come face to face with Thomas Gower, a person from his past, after the death of a footballer from the Thames Ironworks. With Drake believing in Gower's innocence, Reid works his own theories behind Drake's back. Reid lets Drummond know he's keeping an eye on him as he attempts to woo Mathilda. Susan hatches a plan with Nathaniel and Crocker to steal from the Customs House so she can fund her escape with Jackson. Although Jackson is opposed, Susan plans to take Connor with her when she leaves.

    • A White World Made Red

      Reid, Drake and Jackson investigate when a man is found upside down, drained of his blood, and a women found nearby also exsanguinated. They surmise it to be some sort of scientific experimentation. These new killings threaten Jackson's plan to keep Susan hidden. After a heart-to-heart with Rachel Castello, Mathilda uses the latest novel, Dracula, as a tool to attract Sergeant Drummond.

    • Some Conscience Lost

      Reid finds it difficult fitting back in at Lehman Street, as he battles the new bureaucratic policing system and Drake. Reid helps a wandering Leda Starling look for her lost boy and finds there are other missing boys from the Union Workhouse. As Drake looks into the murder of a Salvation Army captain, Jackson keeps up his pretense of grieving for Susan who is still alive and hidden at the docks with Abel Crocker. Rose has difficulties dealing with Connor.

    • The Strangers' Home

      It's 1897, the year of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubillee. Edmund Reid and Mathilda are living a prosperous new life in the rural seaside town where they moved to from Whitechapel. After Deborah Green requests his help, Reid agrees to return to Whitechapel to secretly re-investigate the Whitechapel Golem case, closed by Drake and Jackson, and prove the man sentenced to hang for murder is innocent. Jackson has plans to help Susan gain the inheritance from her father for their son.

  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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