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  • A Bloody RIpper

    I enjoyed this series very much. In some ways it was similar to the short run Copper series set in NYC at the turn of the century.

    The three main characters were great. I particularly was impressed with the characters Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake and Captain Homer Jackson. The main character, Reid, was up and down in my opinion.

    The first two seasons, I believe, were the best of the three; however the concluding episode in season three was a ripper. Very tightly stitched together with an appropriate ending for all involved. However, this season could have been been written in 4 episodes. It appeared that there were several episodes in season 3 that just acted as filler to complete the season. That was disappointing.

    Other characters that stood out were Fred Best, Long Susan and Chief Inspector Fred Abberline. One person who seemed to get under my skin was Reid's daughter.

    One episode I enjoyed in particular was the penultimate episode of the series. It was cast in the police station with heavy rain coming down in the background all through the episode.

    This was not a bad series and I highly recommend watching it.

  • ripper street

    Love the show, love the people in it. Only thing is having BBC America cannot get to watch if they repeat at 2 am in the morning. Love to see repeats during the weekend. Keep up the great work. Love watching Jerome Flynn in Ripper Street and Game of Thrones.
  • Please update the page

    For cryin' out loud, season 3 premieres on BBC America tonight, and there's nothing about it on this site. What's going on?
  • UPDATE....

    Pls Update the page with latest 3
  • 3rd season missing

    the 3rd season is already running (ep 5) .. where are the infos?
  • I wanted to like this, but its so painfully politically correct its hard to watch.

    Absolutely every episode I watched was an hit-you-ovet-the-head aesop about some current liberal thing. There are apparently no crimes in Victorian London that were not about women being mistreated by men, and then further failed by the system( an anvil over the head about how great feminists are); mistreated gays, also failed by the system( and an anvil about gay rights); then discriminated against Communists and Union Organizers (who innocently gave power to men like Stalin) and an anvil about how great unions are, and how terrible employers are. Too bad, if it was really more about actual Victorian London, and crime it might have been a fun show.
  • Last 2 episodes

    Where the best of this season! This is one of my most favorite shows...

    End now it's ended? Why? Stupid shows stay on and the brilliant ones get canceled.
  • So we are now subjected to more rubbish reality shows and they cancel one of the only decent shows!!!!

    I couldn't believe it when I read that the BBC has cancelled the brilliant show 'Ripper Street'. Night after night we have to sit through reality show after reality show. Believe it or not people are fed up of the endless drivel which is shown on our TV's. Finally, in Ripper Street there was a good series, gripping story-lines and McFadden and the cast could not be more suited to the roles. Finally someone got it right and what did they it!' So now its back to my books again as I will not sit and watch the crap like X-Factor, Strictly, I'm a Celebrity. There is not balance for the people who do not enjoy the low budget reality shows. Bring back Ripper Street!!!
  • Ripper Street

    Well the bbc are wallys,why cancel such a brillent series,gritty believeable and truley mind we'll get some wishy washy drivel as usual well done bbc,maybe if they did'nt give golden handshakes to executives there would enough money for drama such as Ripper sad ,wonderful actors,costumes and again bbc has shot themselves in the foot.
  • Ripper Street

    I would like to ask why, when it seems that funding can be found for the production of a variety of banal programs that follow a staid pattern of writing, production and lets be honest here, pander to an audience who like to be spoon-fed modern culture but none can be found for what has been a wonderfully written, acted and beautifully produced series.

    The research behind the stories has been eye opening and as far as I can see accurate, the set designs are gorgeous and I have nothing but praise for the program.

    It would appear that the BBC has brought about Ripper Streets downfall by poor program scheduling and we now have to pay the price by being denied what is one of the shining lights in a rather dull year of program offerings.

    Come on BBC sort this out and don't disappoint, it would be such a shame to relegate Ripper Street to the archives.

  • Please sign the Ripper Street petition

    Some idiot at the BBC obviously had a sudden blow to the head and decided to cancel this excellent show - only one of the most original on TV at the moment! Still, it doesn't feature a never-has-been eating excrement on live TV, so what can you expect?!

    Please sign the petition to force the BBC to reverse this decision - and find someone new as head of Drama who has at least 2 functioning brain cells (that bit's not part of the petition - just my own POV).

    Here's the link:

  • Can't believe it

    So who at the BBC let the goob who is as dumb as a rock in a sock into the meeting to say hey!! Lets cancel this top notch show. I really liked this series. I thought it was doing pretty good. They probably will replace it with something totally non-digestible. Now if they don't renew White Chapel I am going to be p od.
  • Just heard Ripper Street is cancelled........... - what madness is this BBC?

    What fool at the BBC has cancelled this terrific series? Just read all the comments on this site to see how right I am. So sorry if they don't change their mind as all the actors on this are TOP CLASS. Particularly sorry for the excellent Damien Molony who has just joined "Ripper Street" as he did a wonderful job on "Being Human" to take over from Aiden Turner, then the show was axed. Really sorry about this, Damien. Keep up your spirits - thousands of us are big fans of you and the shows you are in. I totally agree that every cast member in "Ripper Street" should have an individual award - edge of seat stuff. Come on BBC - how can you let "I'm a Celebrity" rubbish end this amazing show.
  • Excellent!

    I love it, which means it will likely get cancelled, just like Copper. I thought BBC had promise by producing two great historical dramas. Now I realize they are just like any other network -- if they don't get a billion viewers for each episode, they dump the show and replace it with mindless garbage instead. I'm hoping season two of Ripper Street comes soon, unless BBC decides to cancel it first.
  • Bloody Blokes Do It Again

    BBC does it again with another great story. Amazing period piece work with great sets, story, acting, and unparalleled production values. A police story taking place int he times surrounding and after the Ripper murders. it has little to do with the Ripper murders more about the police, residents and families of the Whitechapel area or London. Completely enthralling, dangerous and sexy.
  • BBC at its best!

    Ripper street is by far the best show to come from BBC America yet. Dr. Who with David Tennant was the best. Now we have Ripper Street! You sit on the edge of your seat for 75 amazing minutes. Drake, Jackson and Reed all deserve Emmys and or the British equivalent. Copper is a great show but this just goes a bit farther. You feel for every character. My husband and I are very disappointed it is over so soon. We cannot wait for next season! I don't know why it refuses to let me give it a ten that what it deserves!
  • Ripper Street!!!! has exceeded my expectations and i had high hopes

    Ripper Street has exceeded my expectations, and i had high hopes.

    this show is amazing. excellent cast, excellent writing, wardrobe, props, acting, everything.
  • Bloody Good

    Ripper Street has it all,excellent cast,superb scripts,realistic sets(1889)Whitechapel district of London, the same area where jolly Jack did his foul deeds the year before. The emphasis being the year before , so if you . (in his detective writing stage),then you've got it. Sat. at 9pm not Sun. Best new show of the season.
  • very good

    I was a little unsure about this show, but it proved me wrong. The dark and gritty background makes a perfect canvas for the dark times and charactters of thi peticular period. Have to admit I've always had a morbid facination with Jack the Ripper and this show is fast turning into one of my favourites in this genre. Thwe fear of the ripper return that is seeping through in every episode and painfully written on their faces. I really like the writing and the actors in this show,casting did a marvelous job here. Sometimes during the episode I kinda wish I was there, walking down the street in a fancy dress,surrounded by brothels and handsome doctors and policemen. This show easily draws you in and makes you invest time and feeling for Ripper street..
  • Ripper Street if you dare.

    Totally engrossing. The writing, directing and acting are superb. Filled with many twists and turns, a look into turn-of-the century London. From Jewish orphanages to brothels and every other kind of criminal element all bent on one thing money and success, power to rule a changing London from the dark ages into the industrial revolution. Brilliant.
  • Period procedural

    Set soon after the Jack the Ripper murders, Ripper street is a solid crime drama with decent characters. After 3 episodes it seems to be finding its feet. Detective Inspector Reid is a smart, middle class man with a backstory involving his family and events during the war. Sargent Drake is a local police - more of a blunt instrument right now.

    They try to emulate the paranoia of the time - if a woman turns up dead IT COULD BE THE RIPPER!!!. While Inspector Reid is more pragmatic about each case.

    They will probably move away from this paranoia and it should become a solid procedural show.

    Compared to Copper (co produced by the BBC), Ripper Street is a lot better, in every department