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  • Sadly, it'll never happen.

    Joss Whedon has no plans of creating this show whatsoever, and I don't think that there will ever be more released of the Buffy-verse than Buffy Season 8 and ANGEL: After the Fall.
    Joss has had many ideas of creating more, because we fans are eager and we love the Buff-verse. Now with Dollhouse about to be aired, and the many comic books that he is working on, I doubt that this show will ever be more than just a rumour. Joss hasn't said anything about this shows in years, so I doubt it'll ever come to it.
    Sadly, because I would have loved to see it.
  • I can't wait much longer!

    I have been wondering how long it will take Joss to start back to his buffyverse. I have missed it so much since and I bought the comics and it just doenst do it for me. I really need some more. Buffy and Angel by far are a pair of the greatest shows on tv. I know for a fact that if Joss put this on the air that it would do well. Buffy and Angel have such a good following that it won't take long for the fans to find this show as well. If they don't do this show then why now something else just give us something. I mean Angel when it was canceled was supose to give us 2 two hour movies at some point but now it will never happen. Give us some more Buffyverse that doesn't involve Comics!
  • HELP

    help me pleeas i am from denmark and i am so totaly in to buffy spike i whih that they would make more of this i mean we dident get a proper ending i am also ind to girls and i realy would like to se the new show/movie that they have done with him ripper but i cant find it enywhere :( :( :(can enyone help me/ tell my where you se it ore where a can get the movie so that i can add it to my coliktion hope you can read this nuser :) :) :) :)
  • The best new ever! I lover every thing about the buffy & Angel shows Its Perfect is what is it! Shows That are On Now Are Nothing Compared To Buffy Or Angel I Am gonna Watch Dollhouse and I think Its gonna Be Really Good,But i want to see "Ripper" a......

    The best new ever! I lover every thing about the buffy & Angel shows Its Perfect is what is it! Shows That are On Now Are Nothing Compared To Buffy Or Angel I Am gonna Watch Dollhouse and I think Its gonna Be Really Good,But i want to see "Ripper" alot More I Love The Way The Vampire and Demons are on these but much better then any movie vampires Could ever Be I'm hopping that the show well go on for a long time and he should like find a new gang of friends on the show!

    What The World Really Needs Is Like 5 More Buffy spinoffs lol it would so cool I would buy every we thing!

    josh should bring back buffy to tv and if he needs to the get some one els to play buffys part or any one els who cant come back Even If its changed kinda like that i would watch & Buy because the shows are just the best!
  • The guide, the faher like figure warrior is back!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think this is a great idea really.
    Must people would not really go with a Giles main star kind of show but I think it is great really and I hope it will become a great suxcess.
    Giles has been there like all the seven years only not in like a few episodes of season 6 and 7.
    Anyway we have seen him guide Buffy and the rest of the gang.
    Turn into a demon.
    Sing his heart out, battle Willow, get captured by Angel and a hell of alot more adventures.
    I can't wait to see the rest.
    I think sensational and dramatic episode action is in hearing.
    I'm sorry it's just that a new Buffy spin-off really excites me.
    Everyne watch out for this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Giles is back... it's so Cool!!!

    I can't belive this is really happen ... More buffy world ... Giles Is back and for good... well giles is not buffy or angel or spike , but is good too ... i mean they probably will say something about them in the movie ( maybe we will discover if Angel , Spike and the others are alive ) ... i am loving the idea ... Buffy The vampire slayer is back ! ! ! I will definitly see this movie... Absolutely ...

    Buffy the vampire slayer !
    Angel the vampire with a soul !
    Spike the bad guy with a soul ! I love them...

    Bas (buffy, angel spike) 4Ever

  • Spin-off from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

    I'm so happy that there is going to be another spin-off from Buffy. Angel turned out really well and I hope this will be as good. I love Giles, it will be great to see him again. I can't wait until January 1st! I wonder who else they will bring back? I don't know much about what this show is going to be about - I've only just herd about it but hopefully it will be good as I, and everyone else, expects. I love Joss Whedon and I know he will do a good job on this show. I personally can't wait.
  • I want this spin-off!!! !!! !!! That should be so great just to see something reliated to Buffy!!

    great great great great great great great great !!! It's should be so interesting to see Giles again!! Antony Steward Head is a really good actor and I want to see more of him. He teached all what he know to Buffy, so the show can have alot of action and be something really big like Angel. Some girl will say, he's not sexy like Angel lol, but it's could be a really good idea, only because everything reliated to Buffy make something great for the TV. I want this spin-off more then everything on TV !!!!! !! !! !! !!
  • This is ONE spin-off that should be kept! I mean, it has Giles!

    Giles and Andrew. What more can I say oher then I hope they continue this fantastic show. A show that would do tv go! Giles needs to have a spin-off because he is just brilliant! He's witty, funny, smart and has a really sexy accent! Buffy wouldn't be as amazing without him. He brings character and that great British wit! Andrew... well... He is just a geek. That sums him up pretty well I believe. With Andrew the outcast geek and Giles the stuffy Brit, this is bound to be fantastic!! I'm waiting for the fights, laughs, and drama. I say, long live the spin-off!
  • Can't wait for this

    It says it's gonna be aired on january, well too bad it's not even in production so I don't really know how things are gonna work out, but seeing how good Buffy and Angel was it is likely that this show is gonna be aired. Too bad Joss has too many projects developing right now like the wonder woman, goners and the spike movie so he really doesn't have time for a 'Giles' spin off. I personally think a Faith spin off would have been way better but she said that it's not gonna happen. Although it would also be very cool seeing Giles going back to be 'Ripper' which I think has a lot of potential.

    Anyways only time will help us see the future of this, either a 2 hour DVD, mini-series or a full Buffy Spin off!
  • I can´t wait! After seeing Anthony´s performance in Little Britain, kissing another guy and wearing a moustache I just want to see Giles again!

    A great episode and if this show doesn´t get a full first season and the second one I´ll die!
    Actually I´m more of a Willow fan but as long it keeps the world Josh Whedon created through buffy and continued with Angel I´m happy.
    As far as Andrew goes who isn´t happy seeing him again?
    I think it´s great that Giles got his own show after seeing so little of him in season six and seven of buffy, and that Josh set the show in England not California like the other two.
    In the end I am happy that Giles will still live in this new show.
  • Spin off

    ANother undersppreciated spin off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was so sad to see that this project was pretty much abandoned, though I don't know if it still gonna happen. But all the same it's such a shame that it didn't get made when it was originally planned, too. I think it would have found a great audience.
  • Start it already!

    Classifying this show as ahead of it's time is of course a joke; seeing as how I have been waiting for this show for what seems like forever! Come on already, how long are you gonna make us wait here in agony! You know it's gonna be a hit! Anyway, this show hasn't even started filming yet so it's gonna be awhile but rest assured it will be enjoyable to say the least. The "Ripper" has a shady past that was never fully devled into on Buffy. We know he has done some bad things in the past, not to mention killing a god by suffocating him with his bare hands at the end of Buffy Season 5, and whenever any of his old buddies show up he reverts to his old self and which means take no prisoners. I am dying to get a glimpse of the darker side of good old lovable Giles, and you should too.
  • I really hope the UK gets this on terrestrial TV! :)

    (I really don't know why I've given it a 10-it's not even out yet!!! Oh well!)

    This sounds like it could be a pretty darn good show because of Anthony Head being so good as Giles! :)

    There should be some laughs, too, courtesy of Andrew! I really liked that character in Buffy! :)

    I really wish that Joss was still doing Firefly, though! Then again, the majority of Jossverse fans probably do! :)

    Actually, when I think about it, I probably wouldn't be into it if it had been allowed to carry on-I only got properly interested in it when Serenity was nearing release! :)

    And knowing TV stations over here, the UK probably wouldn't have had it on terrestrial, so in an odd way it's a good thing for me that it was cancelled! :)

    People will be throwing things at their computer screens after reading that!!! :)
  • I know it's not out yet but i can not wait i loved both Buffy and Angel so this show can not be bad.

    I hope it comes out soon, Giles was one of my favorite characters on Buffy plus it says Andrew is going to be in it which is cool because he is so funny. I cant wait for it to come out and i hope it does rock on to the Ripper come out soon.
  • from the rumour mill:- Ripper to be released on DVD?

    Ok, obviously not a review because it hasn't been made yet, but I've been trawling the net for referenced to this series to see when it actually *will* be made, and I thought I'd share my (rather sparse) findings.

    It seems that Ripper is no longer to be a series, but a two hour film to be released as part of a series of DVDs with stories based on Buffy characters. Other characters to have stories in this series may include James Marsters character Spike, and Illyria played by Amy Acker (also Fred in Angel).

    My sources include the BBC website and fan sites.

    Personally I can't wait for Mr. Wheadon to get around to doing this project! :-)
  • This show is not even out yet, but I have high expectations for this show. It looks pretty dead right now though, it's not even in pre-production. Joss, you've had more than two years to relax, get up off your ass and revamp the Buffverse.

    Right now, it looks like this project isn't going to happen anytime soon. It was supposed to debut in Britain with 6 episodes a season in September 2002, before the beginning of "Buffy"'s 7th season. Then it was supposed to start in the summer of 2003, and then in 2004. We are now halfway through 2005, I mean, I don't see this happening until 2007/2008 anymore. The supporting cast, Thomas Lenk and Max Perlich are supposed to be major players in this too. Maybe they are trying to get together a staff of writers, producers, and directors, and add more to the cast, but this project, along with "Buffy the Animated Series" look like they won't be happening anytime soon.