Ripping Yarns - Season 1

BBC Two (ended 1979)


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Episode Guide

  • 10/25/77
    Kevin Orr, must return the Claw of the Holy Vulture to Burma to stop it from inflicting its curse on his family.
  • 10/18/77
    British sporting events and native superstitions destroy Captain Snetterton's expedition to study frogs as they cross the Andes mountains.
  • Murder at Moorstones Manor
    Murder is on the mind of a member of the Chiddingfold family. The most obvious suspect is Charles; at the end of the day, everyone left alive confesses.
  • 10/4/77
    During WW I, prisoner of war, Major Edwin Phipps continually tries to escape despite his fellow officers lack of interest. Then after they all escape, he is the only one left, watched by 45 guards. That only slows down his plan of escape, even when the Germans ask him for advice on how to escape, then they all leave him totally alone.moreless
  • The Testing of Eric Olthwaite
    An English boy, Eric Olthwaite who is so boring that he causes his parents and sister to run away, gets involved with a bank robber who share his interests. Together they become notorious for stealing things that they're interested in, like shovels and weather records. Suddenly Eric becomes very popular.
  • 9/27/77
    Eric knows that he's boring - so boring, in fact, that his parents run away from home. Eric's dreams come true then, when he is taken hostage by a bank robber who shares his interest in shovels and weather gauges. The two soon transcend the relationship between captor and detainee, and become partners.moreless
  • Tomkinson's Schooldays
    An authentic account of an English boy's, Tomkinson, life at a public school, where he tries to escape and receives help from the school bully.