Season 2 Episode 14

Curse Of The Mary Aberdeen

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

Late one evening during a fierce thunderstorm, Murray is alone on the Riptide when a mysterious character suddenly appears seemingly out of nowhere, and pays $1000 cash for the Riptide Detective Agency to find the Mary Aberdeen, a supposedly cursed boat who's former owners have all been killed, before she "kills again". Finding Murray's story of the incident hard to believe, Cody and Nick are certain that someone – probably Lt. Quinlan – is playing a joke on them, when the phone number on the business card that the man left turns out to be for the local cemetery. They visit the original owner of the Aberdeen, only to have him hire them, with $5000 in cash, to find the boat as well. As they look into the case, they are surprised – and worried – to find that what was the Mary Aberdeen is now the Riptide! What's more, somebody seems determined to stop them investigating, and is the Riptide really cursed and haunted, or is there a more logical explanation...?