Season 1 Episode 11

Double Your Pleasure

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 03, 1984 on NBC
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Double Your Pleasure
Cody and Nick are reluctant when Murray takes them to a singles party, but Cody is soon glad he went when he meets an attractive, pleasant woman named Sheila.

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  • When Murray takes Cody and Nick to a singles party, Cody meets the pleasant Sheila. When she finds that they are PIs, Sheila asks him to find her sister Marcy, who has disappeared. But the case holds an unexpected secret. Not my fave, but interesting...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    'Double Your Pleasure' isn't really one of my favourite first season 'Riptide' stories (though it is far better than those shaky, unsure first couple of episodes after the Pilot), but it has a very interesting tale none-the-less.

    The episode gets off to a bit a slow start. Murray takes Cody and Nick to a singles party; cue lots of "geek" clichés. And that's fine, I can live with that, but it just feels to have been done a lot of times previously in the series (see 'Somebody's Killing the Great Geeks of America' in particular). It isn't done *terribly* here, but I just feel it kinda slowed things down a little, and that they could have come up with something fresher.

    Anyway, the whole purpose of this set-up is for Cody to meet the pleasant, attractive Sheila Howard, played by regular guest role performer Marta DuBois. The intriguing DuBois appeared in many shows of the era (she played 'Magnum, p.i.'s long-lost wife Michelle, in a story arc that spanned most of that show's run; Princess Koji in one-season wonder 'Tales of the Golden Monkey', and various other spots), and I always felt deserved some kind of TV vehicle of her own.

    Naturally there is immediately a spark between Cody and Sheila; and when she finds that he works as a Private Investigator, she asks him to search for her missing sister Marcy.

    I'm trying to remember when, the first time I watched this episode back when Channel 5 broadcast it in the late 1990s, if I cottoned on that Sheila and Marcy were one and the same before Murray and Nick worked it out. I think I kinda got the hint, after the obviously evasive camerawork that never gives us a clear shot of Marcy's face before the big revelation.

    The overall plot is fair, though I did feel the midsections should have been more focused, and the relationship between Cody and Sheila played out in more detail. It does lead to the inevitable plot device of "falling out between old friends", here Cody and Nick, though.

    The episode's several car chases are executed well enough, especially considering the era and the budget. Special guest star Dennis Franz doesn't really get much to do, but "worst acting of the season" nomination goes to the nurse at the hospital, who embarrassingly overacts when she realises who Murray is.

    Early on there are some fun moments, such as the guys posing as arty film makers to check out Marcy's motel room, but after that, things generally take a more serious mood. In that sense, most of this story actually feels like it could have been an episode from the third season, when the show for the most part took a less humorous, more dramatic tone.

    The climax is reasonable, and I love the final scene, between Cody and Sheila in the hospital gardens (which reminded me in some ways of the final scene in the popular third season 'A-Team' episode 'Bounty'. By the way, I wondered if Quinlan's line in this episode, "Well, well, well (...) If it ain't the B-Team!" was a nod to that show, both created by Stephen J. Cannell & Frank Lupo, and which 'Riptide' followed on NBC on Tuesday nights when originally shown in the U.S.). Either way, it was a nice ending, but it is probably the mid-sections of this episode which hold this episode back from ranking higher in my book.

    Here in the U.K., 'Riptide' didn't get much of a run on ITV, with only a few regions showing it (and I don't think any of them showed later episodes), usually either on weekend afternoons or in a various weekday slots in the mid-1980s. Either way, I suspect that the often cautious ITV would have edited various sexual content from this episode, or likely skipped this episode completely.

    Also, I always think of this episode as a first season "left over" – when Channel 5 broadcast the series in the middle of the night at weekends in the late 1990s, they were almost through their second season run when this episode finally popped up (they ran episodes in a very jumbled up order). It was a few months before I had internet access to get an episode list for the show, so it was quite a jolt to suddenly be back in the first season.

    All-in-all, this is a decent 'Riptide' episode, certainly not one of the weakest. But at the same time, it's not really one of my favourites, mainly because I feel much of the plot could have been conducted in a sharper manner. There are still some good moments; I give the overall episode a fair but not outstanding 8/10.moreless
  • A girl with a split-personality and Cody Allen make a deadly combination. Find out why in this episode.

    Cody, Nick and Murray go to a singles club. Cody and Nick are going reluctantly, but they go. Cody finds a girl named Sheila who he becomes involved with. She asks the boys to find her sister, Marcie, who is missing. Nick has bad feelings about this and tells Cody so. These bad feelings are warranted. Cody and Nick get into a yell fest. Cody goes off with Sheila to take her home. They are run off the road and the Jimmy flips over. Cody is knocked out cold and hurt rather badly. The two crooks check Cody's pulse. They tell Sheila he is dead and take her away. This was very sad for me because Cody was my favorite character, and I naturally thought he was dead. In the hospital, we find out that Cody is alive but in bad shape. Nick goes in and tells him the truth about Sheila. Then goes and finds Sheila, who thinks she is her sister Marcie, who is shooting up a bar. He saves her and she says 'Nick, Cody is dead.' He says 'no he isn't he is in the hospital.' At the end of the show we see Sheila sitting on a park bench. Cody with a cane comes up and talks to her. It was a very good episode. I still remember crying when he was supposed to have died.moreless
Joe Penny

Joe Penny

Nicholas 'Nick' Ryder

Perry King

Perry King

Cody Allen

Thom Bray

Thom Bray

Dr. Murray 'The Boz' Bozinsky, PhD

Marta DuBois

Marta DuBois

Sheila / Marcy Hayward

Guest Star

Ron Karabatsos

Ron Karabatsos


Guest Star

Dennis Franz

Dennis Franz

Earl Bertane

Guest Star

Jack Ging

Jack Ging

Lt. Ted Quinlan

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Cody, Nick and Boz are in jail, Lt. Quinlan's line "Well, well, well [...] If it ain't the B-Team" is a possible nod to Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo's series, The A-Team. In the US it was shown in the slot prior to Riptide on Tuesday nights.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Lt. Quinlan on Nick, Cody and Murray being held in jail cell)
      Quinlan: Well, well, well, well, well. If it ain't the B-Team!

    • Murray: Boy, this is really fascinating!
      Nick: Being in jail is fascinating, Murray?
      Murray: No, no, no. The case! Our case is fascinating! I mean on the one hand you have Sheila, a lovely woman any man would like to know. And on the other hand there's her sister, who...
      Nick: She's a hooker, Murray. A woman any man can know.

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