Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 1984 on NBC

Episode Recap

At great reluctance, Cody, Nick and Murray accept a job from shady attorney Myron Bell that turns out to be working for an arrogant, rude character named Roger Ramsdale, who wants them to get evidence that his wife Joan is supposedly cheating on him, to help him win a divorce law suit. But as the trio begrudgingly take on their assignment, they find that far from being the harlot Roger claims, the woman is in fact an upstanding, thoroughly nice lady, and what's more, she herself has hired two female private investigators to prove that Roger is actually the one cheating on her.

But when Roger is murdered, Joan is arrested as the prime suspect, and the male and female private investigators are forced to not only join forces to try and find the real killer, but more demandingly to simply manage to get along together...