Season 1 Episode 10

Long Distance Daddy

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 1984 on NBC

Episode Recap

A member of a gun smuggling racket takes the opportunity to use a flight to bump off the irritating son of the head of the operation.

Nick has a surprise when Chin Lee and Mia, two Cambodian children that he sponsors, unexpectedly arrive in American and at the Riptide when Chin must get urgent heart surgery for his young sister. But unbeknown to them, the pair came into the country by stowing away on the smuggler's aeroplane. The killer plans to get rid of the children along with their friends at the Riptide to stop them from sharing what they saw, but when the bemused detectives investigate who's responsible for trying to kill them, the mobster head of the smuggling operation believes them to be his son's murderers!

The fact that a mean character who Cody and Nick sent to prison while serving as M.P.s in Vietnam has just been released does not help matters...