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  • Here is a show from the past that is somewhat interesting. Two old friends Cody and Nick Hook up with a nerdy geeky computer guy named Murray and take on all kinds of cases. Along the way they run into bad guys and dodge the cops and have fun to at times.

    Riptide I must admit has its moments of fun in the sun. Lets not forget all the women around. This show has got class to it. I cant remember the last time I saw a classic tv show that had bad guys running for there lives with nowhere to go. Those Riptide guys will get ya on land,sea, or air. And its like when was the last time anyone actually saw a pink helicopter on a tv show. I can say I like the way things get done here. With Nick and Cody talking about there broken noses to solving cases with Murrays computer skills. I like this tv show from the past. It kinda reminds me of afew other tv shows but it seems like it has alittle more to offer. I would suggest it to anyone who has alittle downtime or offtime. If that doesnt work look around for another show. The 80s were filled with some pretty decent stuff.
  • This show was shot right in my area, unbeknownst to me at the time. I visit King Harbor quite often, and when I do, I immediately think of Riptide.

    This show accomplished what it was supposed to during this era, and it was all about fun and sun. Mix in a little detective work, a computer genius, and two great looking guys, and you have Riptide. It wasn't a golden globe type of show, but sometimes you just want a television show to plain and simply entertain you for 60 minutes, and this is what I looked forward to from Riptide. I never understood the logic of the helicopter, especially since it seemed to be in deep need of repairs, but I suppose no other show at the time had private detectives that flew around in a beat up helicopter. When you look back, Riptide also ushered in the computer rage. Robots, computer equipment, and a computer geek was only the tip of the iceberg when we look at what we have now. Thanks Riptide for this guilty pleasure of mine, which brings back much nostalgic memories!
  • I was a little young but it was a good show from what I do remember.

    I think I remember a little of this show, there were alot of shows with groups getting together to either solve crimes or do something, this was another one were it was Vietnam vets, just like the A-team were veterans of Vietnam. I really don't remember that much about this show it was similar to alot of 80's shows as I mention so they all kind of blurred together a little bit. I would say from what I remember is that it's worth checking out if they have it on video or DVD or something, which I don't think that they do. It was a decent show anyways.
  • Bleh, all i remember is that they had a robot in one of the episodes.

    There is not a whole lot i can remember about this show and the little things i remember i dont think will give this show the credit it correctly deseres, anyways, here i go. One thing i remember a lot about this show was a helicopter the group of investigators would kindly use in several episodes, it was a very nice helicopter in which all the plans were concted and it was used to capture criminals (actually, this helicopter might have appeared in only one episode)I dont remmember ever watching more than 3 episodes of this series but what i can recollect, it was entertaining.
  • In the 80's private investigators ruled the airwaves.

    Magnum, Remington Steele, Matt Houston and even Knight Rider could be considered a detective show, but this was the best of the era. I was in my mid teens when this show was on, The friendship these guys shared from serving in Vietnam to working together in their own private investigator business was something that everybody wanted, lifelong friendships. The show performed very well in the ratings it's first two seasons Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm following The A-Team, but was killed by Moonligthing in the 85-86 season. To this day I dis-like Bruce Willis for that. I think NBC gave up on Riptide way to early because the re-runs of Riptide ran on The USA network with very good success for three years 86-89, and Riptide's successors on NBC, Crimestory, and JJ Starbuck were not very good Television.
  • Great show.

    this show is a true classic, it's one of the best shows during the 80s. It's a very fun show to watch. The action is fast enough to get your adrenaline running, in 80s style that is. this show had character, the helicopter itself was part of the show. it's got a cool theme music, it's got that 80s feel with it. it was one of the most iconic themes of the 1980s. the producers did a really good job with this show. it was really fun to watch, the whole family can enjoy watching this. i had a great time with it.
  • Terrific buddy buddy show

    The humor and camaraderie between Nick, Cody and Murray were the reasons I tuned in week after week.

    I first saw this show back when Stephen J. Cannell ruled the airwaves. I didn't really get hooked on the A-Team, but I did latch onto Hardcastle & McCormick. Being one who likes to see other shows by the same producer, I tuned into Riptide and got hooked immmediately. The episode was "Be True to Your School". Poor angsty Nick.

    To this day I have an affinity for this show. I think the trio did a fabulous job of conveying their friendship. The plots didn't matter, as they proved in their self-parody "Dead Men Don't Floss", and in their fun jab at Moonlighting in "If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em". What mattered was their friendship, which shone through in each episode.

    Hooray for the DVD release!
  • one corny show

    yet another eighties show from the likes of brandon tarkenton, or steve cannell. it had to be. i know there wasn't much else out there, so networks just copied idea from other shows. i would have to compare this one to simon and simon, maybe a little miami vice. the actors did seem to work well together though.
  • Fun, exciting detective series set in L.A. Revolves around three friends and their trusty boat.

    More dramatic than a sitcom, yet lighter than other mystery shows, Riptide was a brisk and clever series that gave the viewer unique twists on the formulas of private eye stories.

    Two veterans hire an an old friend, a tech-head, and they solve crimes, with the boss' boat as a home base.

    "The Boz" designed electronic gear, including robots, and was handy with any type of machinery. The crew always knew how to get around: a helicopter and cars from the latest roadster to a durable pickup were at their disposal. As usual, renegades like them didn't make friends with the local police department, at least not right away, but the Riptiders produced results, and that was what mattered.

    Always fun to watch.
  • I loved to watch this show as a kid. It's a classic for me!

    This is one of the shows that distiguished my childhood along with MacGyver, the A-Team and Knight Ryder! I will never forget the awesome yacht they lived in, Nick's helicopter with its funny serigraphies, and how that chopter could never take off at the right time. I also have carved in my mind the amazing inventions of Murray Bozinsky, and the hot neighborhood of the gang (do you remember the crew of the vessel, docked next to their boat, composed exclusively by gorgeous women?).
    Maybe the story weren't that original, and i can't really tell how good the actors were, since i watched it as a kid. But it's a classic, a very nice one, perfect for dreaming a life on a boat full of risk and adventure!
    Worth watching...
  • Shows that were writing as good as this and the stars that made it a great show are rare today,I sure wish theyed bring them back.I watched all of the shows

    Great show, Shows that were writing as good as this and the stars that made it a great show are rare today,I sure wish theyed bring them back.I watched all of the shows,I look forward to seeing it again someday please bring it back soon,you can't find shows like this anymore.