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  • This show was shot right in my area, unbeknownst to me at the time. I visit King Harbor quite often, and when I do, I immediately think of Riptide.

    This show accomplished what it was supposed to during this era, and it was all about fun and sun. Mix in a little detective work, a computer genius, and two great looking guys, and you have Riptide. It wasn't a golden globe type of show, but sometimes you just want a television show to plain and simply entertain you for 60 minutes, and this is what I looked forward to from Riptide. I never understood the logic of the helicopter, especially since it seemed to be in deep need of repairs, but I suppose no other show at the time had private detectives that flew around in a beat up helicopter. When you look back, Riptide also ushered in the computer rage. Robots, computer equipment, and a computer geek was only the tip of the iceberg when we look at what we have now. Thanks Riptide for this guilty pleasure of mine, which brings back much nostalgic memories!